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  1. Kelliqua

    New Grad...OLD Grad :(

    i had something similar happen for a corrections position. i had already interviewed previously and did pretty well. the first time around my interview went smooth, i answered all the clinical questions with confidence and ease, and i even cracked a few jokes! unfortunately, because i am a new grad, i was not picked for the position. 2 months later, however, i received an invitation for an informal interview for a non-competitive per-diem position. since it was a 2nd interview i was under the impression that the interview was going to be more of a q&a session, with the investigator, regarding my background check. i was wrong!!! it was just like my first interview, clinical questions and all. i felt so unprepared for the interview and clinical questions, i completely bombed it! needless to say, i am pretty sure i am not getting the job. moral of the story: always be prepared! there is no such thing as a casual interview-don't fall for it! i'm starting to wish my nursing school prepared us better with clinical case scenarios. most of what they focused on was nclex-type questions (which, in my opinion, is way easier than case studies!). i was thinking of buying a nursing book with different clinical case studies and scenarios so i can practice my interviewing skills. can anyone recommend a good book for that?
  2. okay, so i graduated last may 2010 with my adn and still have not found a job. i have applied to every county in california, every new grad program, have called/walked into several snfs to see if they were hiring, and even volunteer 2 days a week (one day at a large hospital, the 2nd day at a skilled nursing facility). yet, no matter how hard i try, i cannot find myself a job that is even remotely close to nursing. since it has been a year now, i am starting to lose my confidence and feel like no one will want to hire me when there are fresh 2011 graduates competing with me. so, what now? i live in california and i feel like i have only have two options left: either move out of state or go back to school for my bsn. does anyone know of old grads still being able to get jobs after that year mark? please, any advice would help!
  3. Kelliqua

    Job as a health screener?

    Hi, I was wondering if any new grads out there are working as health screeners. I have tried like crazy to find a job that is even remotely close to nursing, and so far have found nothing. I did apply for a per diem position as a health screener and recieved an email stating that I was in their data base and would recieve notifications to work future wellness events. This company has workers do basic health screenings that include blood glucose finger sticks, vitals, drawing blood, body fat composition.....ect. I was just wondering if anyone else is working with a company like this. On average, how much does it generally pay and how many shifts/events do you get to work?
  4. Go far and beyond any of your classmates. Join the student body, volunteer, do an externship. I am not sure how it will be in a few years but, in this job market, but you need to stand out! Go to nursing school in the same city you want a job and during clinical make sure to network, network, network! Focus on your grades! The saying C=RN, is now C= unemployed RN! I wish I knew all this when I was in nursing school! Its been 2 months and still no job. The only people, so far, who have jobs from my class are the people who did all of the above. Good luck!
  5. Kelliqua

    3.25 GPA required for new grad position???!!

    the gpa question got me as well! i had a phone interview and one of the first questions she asked me was "why isn't your gpa higher?" seriously?! i was so caught off guard, and i didn't know how to answer that question! here is the truth: i have a 3.16 gpa and i was working about 16-20hrs a week. but still, even without working, i think a 3.16 gpa is damn good! my program was not easy by any means! i am not sure how many other nursing schools do this, but we needed a 75% for a 'c', an 83% for a 'b' and 92% for an 'a'. i studied hard and worked my butt off! unfortunately, because of the grading system, i ended up with two 82% c's and one 91% b. now, how do i explain all that without sounding defensive or like i am making excuses! anyone have any good advice as to how i can answer that question next time?
  6. Kelliqua

    Graduated May2010 and have barely studied for NCLEX!

    Everyone is different. With mostly A's I would think you should be alright. I am one of the few crazy people who didn't really study. I had a trip to Europe planned and wanted to make sure I took the NCLEX before I left. I figured, I have been studying for the past 2 years, so why not give it a shot? And you can always re-take it, right?! I passed with 78 questions and got to enjoy my vacation worry-free! Good luck! I am sure you will be fine!
  7. Kelliqua

    New Grads and Resumes

    Hi, I just wanted to know if there is a recruiter or nursing manager out there who wouldn't mind looking over my resume. I just feel so lost! Any advice would help!
  8. Kelliqua

    Best State for New Grads

    Hi everyone! I am just about to graduate next month-yippie! Only thing is I live in California and the Job market is flooded with new grads. If I can get a job in california (even in a SNF) I will stay here, but if I can't then I want to know my other options. I am young, single, have no kids, and am willing to re-locate for my career. What are some good areas that are taking new grads right now? Also, are these places willing to take an out-of-state graduate or do they pick the home-grown new nurses first?

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