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hi there! i am a new grad rn with a ca license and i am considering applying for jobs out of the state (california sucks for new grads!). of course, all of the job posting require that you to be licensed in their own state. i don't want to pay a bunch of money for another state license before i even get a job! so is it okay if i put "state license pending" on my resume?


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I had the same dilemma when applying out of state. I am a horrible, horrific liar that absolutely gets wracked with guilt over the slightest, meaningless lie, so I really wrestled with what to write.

When I was applying out of state I would write that I was in the process of applying for state licensure. It was technically true....I always went online and checked out the licensing requirements for the state, and usually printed out the application, filled out and filed ready to mail if necessary. Some might have seen it as stretching the truth a little....but it was the best and most truthful option that I could come up with short of actually applying for (and paying for!) licensure in multiple states.

I did get a few calls from recruiters, and I was very upfront (if asked) that I was just beginning seeking licensure in the state but that I was ready to mail in my paperwork (which was true). They still all offered me interviews, though I ultimately decided that I wasn't interested in relocating due to my family situation.


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Good idea BobbKat, I will do just that when I apply out of state...Thank you!


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What I have been doing is stating on some comment area that I currently am licensed in my home state (PA), and that if a job was offered and accepted, I would go through the process of transferring my license to the state that the hospital was in immediately. I would think that any recruiter would understand logic along those lines.


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These recruiters are something else. They don't care if you tell them that.,..I am so disappointed!