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gkvegan has 5 years experience and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. gkvegan

    Current Immunization Research

    Thanks for the recommendation for books by Paul Offit. I just finished Autism False Prophets. It was very informative and does a really good job explaining the research at the time. It was written 10 years ago though. So now I am trying to find something more current.
  2. gkvegan

    Current Immunization Research

    I would also like the facts for myself. Because I would like to be more informed.
  3. gkvegan

    Current Immunization Research

    I am looking for some current reliable immunization research. It seems like there has been a recent resurgence of anti-vaxxers. So I would like to increase my knowledge of the actual facts so I can better discuss the facts.
  4. gkvegan

    Anyone in the DC, MD, VA Area?

    I am looking for someone to shadow for a day, or a few hours. I am considering starting my master in informatics and I wanted to get some more information before taking the plunge. Please PM me. Thank you!
  5. gkvegan

    Free Resources

    Does anyone have, or know where to find, a list of free resources for health rooms? If not let's start one. I am looking for things like posters, handouts, education kits, etc.
  6. gkvegan

    Any Montgomery Country MD Nurses?

    I have a few questions about Montgomery County, MD school nursing. If you work or worked for them please PM me.
  7. gkvegan

    Pennsylvania Certification Question

    I am considering moving to Philly at some point and I have a question. Do all school nurses in PA, regardless of experience, need to be certified? Is it correct that getting certified costs about $15,000? If so that seems ridiculous that someone with several years of school nurse experience would have to do that.
  8. gkvegan

    1:1 School Nursing Questions

    I would ask what kind of training they are going to give you. I would also ask what types of needs are you going to be dealing with. G-tubes, trachs, vents, etc. Personally I would not take a 1:1 position as a new grad unless you are very confident you can do what they are asking of you by yourself.
  9. gkvegan

    What do you wear to work as a school nurse?

    Business casual. We are not allowed to wear scrubs
  10. gkvegan

    Mandated HPV Vaccinations?

    In DC HPV is mandatory for all students over the age of 11. Parents are allowed to opt out. Last year DC decided to require that the opt out forms be sent in every year. I work in a special needs school where most parent choose to opt out. Our students can stay to age 22. So parents now have to resign the same form every year for 11 years. DC will not allow permanent exemptions for special needs students. Trying to get all those forms has proven to be challenging.
  11. I use Moore for basic supplies (gauze, syringes, bandages, etc). But for more expensive supplies I shop around because Moore's prices are very high.
  12. gkvegan

    Who's Left ??

    I think I can win for the latest day off. I get out July 31 and only have two weeks off. My school is an 11 month program. But that's ok, I think I would get board having 3 months off.
  13. gkvegan

    super annoyed

    I am at a special needs school and we have over 100 students with autism. Many of them are nonverbal. We treat them as you would treat a typically developed student in terms of fevers. But when it comes to most other things, we don't have hard and fast rules. Most things are on a case by case basis based on deviations from the students baseline. For example if there is a student that make themselves vomit, we wouldn't send them home for vomiting unless it was more then usual. Or if a student has certain stimming behaviors and stops doing them we know something is probably going on. If I don't know the student that well I depend on classroom staff's observations. It is a different set of skills. My advice is to learn the student's baselines really well.
  14. gkvegan

    It's almost summer! What are your plans?

    Working because we are an 11 month program so we only get two weeks off.
  15. gkvegan

    Interview next week. Nervous

    In addition to the usual skills, etc. the biggest things I look for are a real love for working with kids and a real desire to work at school and not just for the schedule.
  16. gkvegan


    I use the Exergen Temporal Scanner - TAT 5000. It's fast, accurate, and has a lifetime warranty.