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    Ohio Tech Pre Req ?

    Hi so looking at possibly moving to Ohio We have all the pre reqs completed and then some In our home State are pre reqs are 4-6 years old and expired I can call the program down the road. I am curious the time frame on pre reqs when they expire? Could dig further online combed through one site didn't find the answer Appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Hi my Wife and I are considering a move to NC Big reason is lower rental cost, ample LPN jobs, and lower higher education cost for in & out of State tuition Have a ? pertaining to pre reqs We tried scouring through a few of the local Tech/CC programs to see if there is a time frame on pre reqs Up where we live in CT it's 5 years but know some States have a 10 year shelf life on pre reqs Thanks a bunch for the info or just pointing us in the right direction!!!
  3. My Wife, an LPN, and I are planning a move South. Where not 100% sure. It is too competitive, costly, and the programs are not flexible up North for working student's. The plan is we are moving South. Since we work in the healthcare field finding work won't be too much of a challenge. My question is are there any programs in NC that are point based not lottery based and are a public university or college? Appreciate the feedback! Thanks!
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    Decision: ADN or BSN

    Hi, I know this question must be played out! Quick synopsis tried to go for nursing school few years back little succes. Promised the wife 4 years if no luck let's start a family. So we are on the road to having a family with a little one being born in October. Right now my game plan is to clean my debt up and build my savings. My wife supports me trying again to get accepted into a nursing program. I am planning not this Fall but next Fall to restart prerequisites and take 1 a Semester. Then that leads to my initial initial question regarding ADN or BSN. The BSN has different prerequisites than the ADN program. So the ADN program also is a lot more flexible for working families. You take 1 nursing class/clinical a semester compared to 2 or 3 for the BSN program. I plan on taking a pay cut prior to starting nursing school by finding work closer to home and preferably look into finding a 12 hour night shift. So being a nurse quicker does seem like the best opition. We have about 6 or 8 nursing homes near by where we live and 6 to 8 hospitals in a 30 mile radius. So that you have to add in to the equation. Just hoping I can avoid microbiolgy again! Appreciate the feedback.
  5. My Wife and I have decided next year we are going to leave our home state of CT and move South. Big reason is lower COL, lower taxes, more jobs, and more amenities for our growing family. Also warmer weather! There also seems to be abundance of nursing schools in the South. Many are inexpensive once you receive in State tuition. Many seem to be flexible for working student's. 2 questions: Anyone move out of State to become a Nurse and were you successful? Any recommendations on areas in the South to check out for Nursing school? Appreciate the insight and feedback can give! Have a great day!
  6. My Wife, an LPN, and I are planning a move South. Where not 100% sure. It is too competitive, costly, and the programs are not flexible up North for working student's. The plan is we are moving South. Since we work in the healthcare field finding work won't be too much of a challenge. My question is are there any programs in SC that are point based not lottery based and are a public university or college? Appreciate the feedback! Thanks!
  7. Only 2 or 3 BSN programs in the State. My Wife and I are goal is for us both to get our RN. My Wife looking to do the LPN to RN or advanced placement in a ADN/ASN program. Me to just be accepted into an RN program.
  8. My Wife and I know someone who did that. Couldn't get into a program moved to Florida and came back worked as a Nurse up North. A lot of the nurses at the hospital I work at are just moving to Florida for lower COL. As long as the pay is between $20 to $24 an hour that isn't too terrible. Able to find a 3 to 4 bedroom 2 bath $250,000 or less we would be okay with that. Bit on the fence of moving to Florida. Receive the full on smack of hurricanes. Texas full on smack of tornadoes. IDK. We are looking at 5 States to move to: Virginia (Charlottesville/Richmond/Virginia Beach); North Carolina (Charlotte/Apex/Durham/Wilmington); South Carolina (Conway/Greenville/Columbia); Georgia (Augusta); Florida (Orlando/Tampa/Gainesville). Then rent and go from there.
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    Decision: ADN or BSN

    Lol no I already taken the prerequisite of Micro believe I got a B+ thin it is 2 years since I have taken it.
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    Straight A students..

    Not wanting to be a downer Look into your school requirements. AP1 GPA for the 4 programs I applied to carried a 50% weight overall when it came to acceptance. I received a B- in the class one of the reasons I feel I couldn't get accepted into a program. So an A in AP can go far. Definitely take it alone and research Professors.
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    Straight A students..

    Class can make or break you depending on the Professor. Had a great Professod for Chem and received my highest grade in Chem out of all the Sciences. Don't try to take Science classes together. Take it with a fluffy class. AP2 received a C+ in after taking it with Micro.
  12. Hi, so applied to about 5 different programs over 5 years and have not been accepted into an RN program. Not giving up but taking a year off to replan how to get in and focus on our newborn coming in October. Right now my work schedule would make it a challenge to jump into an RN program. Now if I could find a full time night gig in the ER, or my current job field of psych, or as an EMT next Spring might be able to consider going for my RN degree first. However, if I am not able to within 18 months considering going for my Medic or LPN license. Both programs are part time. The Medic program takes 12 months and cost $10,000. LPN program is 22 months and cost $30,000 total. The plus with the LPN program is you can avoid taking most of your science prerequisites outside of Micro and you can skip a year of the RN program for the Associates Degree. Any thoughts or feedback? Anyone a Medic or LPN going for their RN degree now?
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    Hey how goes it? Quick question are these programs flexible with obtaining a nursing and offer students the opition of completing your RN part time?
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    LPN Programs in CT?

    Hey hey! Good day so looking at the possibility of applying for LPN school. Out of the 3 programs in the State now would you rank them? Leaning towards Lincoln Tech. Anyone know if Lincoln Tech has a part-time program? Some side.questions. I've come to terms that the program is around $35K. Curious does aid cover LPN programs and are their scholarship's? Appreciate the feedback.
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    LPN Programs in CT?

    If the 60% holds true with a $4K reimbursement from work per year. The program would cost me around $8K and around $15K to $20K in Federal aid to owe back. Thanks for the response!
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    LPN Programs in CT question ???

    Hi wondering if someone could help answer a few ?'s regarding LPN prograns in CT. Out of the 3 Stone, Lincoln, and Porter & Chester how would you rank them? Thinking of applying for P&C due to it's location and flexibility of the program. Appreciate the feedback and insight!
  17. Here is the rub I got my own self into a pickle with credit debt paying that off. Starting a family so being close to family is a plus for the next two year's. Could technically move to another State. My line of work in healthcare carries no license or certification. That's why I was looking at the LPN, Medic, RT route as a way to build that first part of the bridge to being an RN. With RN school's applied to 3 to 4 programs. Also was thinking along those lines to of scheduling. As a Medic or RT or LPN working 3 7p to 7a shifts would probably make nursing school a bit smoother ride.
  18. Hey hey! So rejected third time from Nursing School. Plan to apply one more time retaking my AP1 and 2 to boost the grade up. GPA is currently a 3.0 and try to boost that up a little as well. If the 4th try fails have to go with Plan B. So LPN school is too expensive ($30,000-$40,000) not sure at that cost it is worth it. Was thinking of going the Medic route or RRT route then eventually come back to Nursing. Which of these 2 jobs/college programs ne beneficial down the road when applying for Nursing School? Thanks a bunch!
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    Feelings of guilt and OT...

    Hi, so since the start of the year we gave lost a few techs. So now I work 40 hrs a week think I am the only 40hr tech. I usually pick up 1 to 2 shifts in a schedule to fill additional holes. Plus we lost techs on all 3 shifts so working variable shifts right now. Since I started out 24 hrs and couldn't burn vacation time acrued 8 weeks of vacation time. Last month and half haven't acrued any because I maxed out. Being summer took 5 vacation days...Worked a double off 2 days a night shift off 2 days then weekend off then 1 extra vacation day Then came back worked a night off for a day then a night shift then a double then 3 eves then off for 2 days Now working 2 nights but picked up 4 extra hours the 2nd night so doing a 7 to 7 shift Then off 2 days then back for eves a night off a day a double off then a double Been getting text left and right lately asking for extra help on shifts and I just don't want to go in. I feel guilty for the patients and staff but I feel I need a break. Then to add on the paranoia with 3 people being let go and reports of back stabbing going on you worry if you don't share the load will you be thrown under the bus. Anyone deal with similiar feelings?
  20. Hi, curious if anyone has taken an EMT class pre-nursing school. I am debating to or not. Have no more prerequisites to take take outside of Lifespan and Stats. Was thinking of taking an EMT class. Trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing so. I currently don't live in a town with a volunteer ambulance; though I could become an auxiliary member at the EMS location down the road from me. Could open more per diem jobs, but wondering if it is worth obtaining the cert.? The class is pretty expensive cheapest found was $700 without books or equipment. The average price is about $1200 without the exam included. Thoughts? Appreciate the feedback.
  21. Hi, I am debating applying to LPN School. My only hesitation is the $30K cost it's the cheapest LPN program in my State. The Associates degree program seems something not worth considering anymore. Have B+'s/B's in most my prerequisites for nursing school and a Bachelor's, but liytle luck getting into a program. For a BSN have to take more prerequisites and classes to apply; even for accelerated. I was looking into the LPN program. It's $30K I probably try for financial aid of $15K. The program meets only 3 days a week so I still be able to work, which is a plus. My biggest concern is finding a job and advancing myself. I like to skip the ADN route. Are there LPN bridge programs out there? Are there ones online? What your thoughts on being an LPN over a RN? Work with a RN who was an LPN for 10 yrs, but made the RN jump to move out of home care. Co-worker with OT said he made close to 80 grand a year doing the job. I like to be an LPN by time 32/33 and BSN by time 35 then look into a government/military job. How quick are LPN to BSN bridges? Appreciate the insight and feedback.
  22. Hi, so I applied to two school's last year. Applying to 3 more this year. Debating to apply to a BSN program as well. Not eligible for 1 ADN program and 1 ABSN program. Able to apply to another ABSN program, but it take another year of prerequisites. My GPA is 2.75 with my Bachelor's Degree and 3.1 with my science classes at a local community college. Have B- in AP1, C+ in AP2, B in Microbiology, B in Chemistry, and A in College Algebra. Also B+ in Intro to Psych. Taking Lifespan and Stats this coming Spring. I was debating to apply to an LPN program. When I talked to the recruiter for the program was trying to persuade me last year to keep looking into other program's. The LPN program is the cheapest in the State at $30,000 and a 18 to 20 month program. Thoughts and feedback?
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    Goodwin College Point System

    Is Goodwin worth considering if you haven't taken classes at their college? Seems can automatically obtain 7 points if you've taken 7 classes. Think my overall points outside of the TEAS is an 8. GPA is average 2.75 with my Bachelor's Degree and 3.1 with my science classes at NVCC. Have B- in AP1, C+ in AP2, B in Microbiology, B in Chemistry, and A in College Algebra. Also B+ in Intro to Psych. Taking Lifespan and Stats in the Spring. Took the TEAS twice a year ago scoring a 73. Taking it again in January hoping to get an 80 or higher is my goal. Appreciate the feedback.
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    Goodwin College???

    Hi, thinking of applying to Goodwin. Attending an info session next week. Bit hesitant in applying due to the cost. Looking over how flexible the program is and the application process it interested me. Curious and will ask next week; does anyone know if they take the most recent or highest TEAS score? Thinking of taking the TEAS again in January. I know one Spring or one Summer or one Fall is 2 semesters. How does that correlate with classes? If i do apply only have to take the 4 nursing classes? Do you take 1 or 2 in the Spring? Because if you take 2 it would seem be done in 8 month's, but that does sound right ha. Appreciate the insight.
  25. Program of Study The nursing program of study is in the process of revision for students starting in Fall 2018. General education courses will remain at 30 credits. This includes the 11 credits of coursework required for admission: ENG*101, BIO*211 & BIO*212, as well as the following co-requisite courses: BIO*235: Microbiology (4 credits) PSY*111: General Psychology (3 credits) PSY*201: Life Span Development (3 credits) SOC*101: Principles of Sociology (3 credits) ENG*102: English Composition & Literature (3 credits) Elective: differs by CT-CCNP college (3 credits), for a listing of acceptable courses, please see So does all 11 courses need to be done for applying? I have all completed accept Lifespan. Appreciate the feedback.

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