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Tech have question about seeking new employment???


Hi, seeking some feedback on thoughts about applying to another hospital during this pandemic.

Think it's in poor taste and selfish? A smart move?

Appreciate the feedback.

Hi there! So I recently did a phone screening for the job and completed submitting my references to HR. I am on the fence of going for the job. So I currently work in psych as a tech. Been doing that for 8+ year's. Have worked in other areas of the hospital as well through the year's been working in the healthcare field since 2010. So my concerns with the job is pay. If I get through the references they offer me the job I'll ask about pay then. I tried looking online but had little luck. Minimum wage in our State will eventually be $15 an hour and this hospital bumped their minimum pay to $15 an hour. It's in a less expensive area of the State. For my job my starting rate was $20 an hour but elsewhere in the State it varies. The average is $18 an hour. Now the tech job I be working could be $15 an hour or more. It's an ICU tech job wondering anyone know if they pay more usually or usually same as techs on other floors? I was looking at $17-$18 an hour be open to taking the job. Any less think it would hurt me financially. Any idea what techs do on an ICU floor? I am EMT certified. I draw blood, do EKGs, and so forth. I not doing lots of turning patients or tending to ADLS a lot due to our patients being more ambulatory & independent. Also with the pandemic going on am concern if I contract COVID at the new job would I be let go. It's something have to ask about. The pros with the job it's 3 12's, it's closer to home, 150-160 miles less of driving a week, and in an inexpensive area of the State. Also in proximity to a lot of nursing schools. Any feedback or insight??? Thanks!

Ask questions during the interview stage. If wages offered do not meet your criteria and can not be negotiated upwards, then you simply decline an offer. It is up to you to decide what you want, what you are willing to settle for, and what will be a deal breaker for you. Since we are not the person responsible for hiring for the position you are seeking, we can not provide details of the new position.

Just curious think asking for $17-$18 an hour for a tech job too high? Around average?

Tried searching wages on Indeed and Glassdoor to no avail.


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@WCSU1987 if that tech position requires union membership, they'll use a wage schedule that typically pays depending on years of experience - I was a tech before nursing school and my wage was dependent on the union's pay schedule.

If not, then I think that wage range is realistic. I made slightly more starting out as a tech (five years ago).

Good luck!