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  1. Hey hey! So rejected third time from Nursing School. Plan to apply one more time retaking my AP1 and 2 to boost the grade up. GPA is currently a 3.0 and try to boost that up a little as well. If the 4th try fails have to go with Plan B. So LPN school is too expensive ($30,000-$40,000) not sure at that cost it is worth it. Was thinking of going the Medic route or RRT route then eventually come back to Nursing. Which of these 2 jobs/college programs ne beneficial down the road when applying for Nursing School? Thanks a bunch!
  2. WCSU1987

    First Time Doing CPR...

    Hey Hey! Not going in too much details how did you fare and feel during your first code blue? So not a nurse but have been around, lol, in the healthcare realm. Rode the rig for 4 years, worked in the OR for a year, and been doing psych for almost 8 years. For the first time in my close to 10 years working in the healthcare biz was in my first code blue this week. Now I mean seen CPR done about three to four times in my life. One was with a female at the Y (Was working out remember had to pull someone out of the hot tub), other time was during my training as an EMT doing a clinical in the ER, and the other two was where I was a gear runner for REVS/Code Blues for the Hospital. I mean I have seen my share of the deceased before with family and friends love ones. As well as seeing many in the OR when I was down there. Think around twenty individuals. Though this week was my first-time doing CPR on someone. Not going much into details, I don't know if anyone has had similar experiences with their first time. So, I didn't find the whole aspect of CPR to be exhausting, but it was mentally draining through the whole process. I didn't even do much CPR. I don't know if this makes much sense but so much emotions and hormones are pumping through you once you make that switch off you just want to collapse to the freaking ground. I don't know if anyone can agree or disagree? I only did 4 minutes. I mean if I had to, I would have kept going but it was mentally draining. Time is frozen during a code. Literally think I was in there for 10 minutes and it felt like hours. Can anyone relate? Was a learning experience and recognize what I could do different if the situation ever arises again in my life. The patient didn't make it through though unfortunately. For me think it was hard being reminded of it by my coworkers the day after. Though I do appreciate their support; feel like they are a second family. For me I like to just swallow things up and eventually rack my brain for a week to process things then I can move forward. It is hard for me to open up about my emotions lol. I know though there might be some aftershocks from this incident so that adds some additional stress. Think the other thing that eats me up is the patient was younger than 40 with children. On our unit our patients are walkers and talkers was literally interacting with this patient 2 to 3 hours prior. I also have some guilt regarding my CPR. I feel I could of done better and stayed longer. After 4 minutes the shock of doing CPR took over and I needed to switch out. Glad didn't let my pride consume and recognize what was best for the patient. How were you when you performed CPR for the first time?
  3. WCSU1987

    Ct-ccnp 2018-2019 application

    I am applying My wife and I were having a discussion So last year she got a rejection letter for the CCNP and so did I. Her advisor stated that her computer class expired and was the reason she was rejected. Now my computer class is expired over the 10 year mark. Applied 3 times and they never mention anything to me about the class wondering if that's one reason I keep getting rejected. Anyone accepted without a computer science class?
  4. WCSU1987

    Goodwin Nursing Program...

    Hey Hey Finishing up my first semester at Goodwin. Thankfully only online classes. I dread the drive up there. So didn't achieve the grade I wanted to for my advanced healthcare writing class but I passed. Finishing up Statistics if I can obtain 85 to 90 in my last 3 quizzes/final coming up should be able to achieve a 90. Have a online library research class have to finish this week. No grade but gives you 1 point towards nursing admission. For the Spring plan to take Computer Sciences took it eons ago so it lasped and tried CLEPPING but that was a disaster. Then taking Ethics. Possibly over the Summer plan to take Healthcare Spanish or in the Fall. I might take a second class as well in the Summer but that depends on funds as well. Thinking of taking either AP2 over again in case I apply to other schools or just an online Intro no lab human anatomy class. Then take the TEAS late Summer or early Fall. Apply for the Spring of 2020 Nursing Program. Think my prereqs expire Fall of 2020. Do have a Bachelor's Degree.
  5. Hey not to hijack the thread I have taken 3 classes so far when this semester ends and 2 more next semester. Do we need 7? So anxious thinking of applying for Spring 2020. Thinking of retaking AP2.
  6. WCSU1987

    Any Part-time Nursing Programs

    Only Goodwin for CT. However, I heard by the last semester you go full time.
  7. In the midst of an 8 week English class and Stats this semester. Finished prereqs last Fall but hoping of being accepted into this private college nursing program as the acceptance rate seems to be a bit higher than the public options. This English class is kicking my but. Mostly 70s across the board except for discussions. Those discussions are a life saver keeping my grade over an 80. Also taking Statistics so far surviving that class. Curious on how everyone else is doing and hope all is going well.
  8. WCSU1987

    Where are you within nursing school and commute...

    If I do get in (Stuck in limbo with these 4 fluffy classes) have to check it out. Supposedly program doing says its 2 days a week. How that is possible is beyond me. Think I heard 8 hour lecture one day and 8 hour clinical the other. If class and clinical is in the morning around 8 sigh probably have to head out by 5ish. Traffic is brutal! Those YouTube videos might help!
  9. WCSU1987

    Where are you within nursing school and commute...

    Just work schedule. Hoping can work a deal out with them come time school starts. That's a long commute ouch. Can't stand driving but hoping it will all pay off in the end.
  10. Hey hey! So decided to forgo attending a public university for nursing school. Real pain the buttox!!! Super cheap super competitive. Now all bets are on getting into this private university nursing program. Super flexible only meet 2 days a week and it's a 21 month program. Only downside is cost, which isn't to terrible $28 grand total and the drive. About a 80 mile round trip from home but you gotta do what you gotta do right. If I do get in thinking of sticking with 40 hours first semester; 1 8 and 2 16s a week. Then dropping to 24 to 32 the last 3 semesters. Be a beauty if I could work something out with work having weekends off (Doubt it). Probably do 3 8s 2 during the week and one 1 weekend. Could do a 16 during the week and 1 8. Have to see where I am at with money wise when the time comes. So my total mileage won't be devastating think about 400 to 500 miles total for the week. In limbo stage have all the prereqs done, TEAS done, and most of the BSN courses done (So when I get the RN can jump in finish up their RN to BSN program at a faster rate). Program requires 4 to 5 clasees have to be taken at their school. So taking Stats, Healthcare Writing, Healthcare Spanish 1 & 2, and think one other class. I get a freebie class to but doesn't count towards GPA. Where are you currently on your nursing journey and how long is your commute?
  11. WCSU1987

    Feelings of guilt and OT...

    Hi, so since the start of the year we gave lost a few techs. So now I work 40 hrs a week think I am the only 40hr tech. I usually pick up 1 to 2 shifts in a schedule to fill additional holes. Plus we lost techs on all 3 shifts so working variable shifts right now. Since I started out 24 hrs and couldn't burn vacation time acrued 8 weeks of vacation time. Last month and half haven't acrued any because I maxed out. Being summer took 5 vacation days...Worked a double off 2 days a night shift off 2 days then weekend off then 1 extra vacation day Then came back worked a night off for a day then a night shift then a double then 3 eves then off for 2 days Now working 2 nights but picked up 4 extra hours the 2nd night so doing a 7 to 7 shift Then off 2 days then back for eves a night off a day a double off then a double Been getting text left and right lately asking for extra help on shifts and I just don't want to go in. I feel guilty for the patients and staff but I feel I need a break. Then to add on the paranoia with 3 people being let go and reports of back stabbing going on you worry if you don't share the load will you be thrown under the bus. Anyone deal with similiar feelings?
  12. WCSU1987

    Bills and nursing school

    Hoping by Summer or Fall to be accepted into a private College ADN program that's close to $30K. I chose it due to being really the only flexible program in our State. I am hoping when it comes time to start the program cab work full time with fkecibke hours. The program only meets 16 hrs and 2wicw a week from what I know. So with $4200 a year in reimbursement hoping to get a grand in scholarships paying $2K out of pocket...plan to take out $15K to $20K in loans.
  13. WCSU1987

    CNA vs EMT basic

    CNAs, PCTs, and Techs are the Skelton system of the hospital
  14. WCSU1987

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Also few other tidbits. If you do obtain CNA or EMT experience or just get a job in a hospital...There's lots of hospital jobs don't need certs or licensed just a certain degree... Anywho look into Anesthesia Tech...Some States have to licenses or cert up. You build thick skin people will tell at you in crisis mode but you form a tight bond. You do some crazy stuff like set up bronchioscopes, clean cardiac scopes, set up fluid warmers, prep trach tubes, prep IVs, prep Triple A bags, stock meds, calibrate Boyle Machines, and lots of other jazzy stuff. Not to discredit CNAs or MAs. In our State certain places hire EMTs in liue of MAs. Also as an EMT can go on to be a paramedic do a bridge route to RN school. Some critical care RN positions require you to be EMT certed. Can work as an EMT for security or fire department or ambulance company. Now not sure how it is in other State's. The CNA schools here don't offer a very flexible training schedule. EMT training is usually 2 or 3 days/eves a week, a ride along, and maybe depending on the program a few weekends thrown into the mix.
  15. WCSU1987

    CNA vs EMT basic

    Not sure what your bachelor's degree is in Mine was in Criminal Justice counts as a Human Service degree...I work as a Psych Tech. Been doing psych since 2012. It's draining and rewarding. Your role varies from location to location...In Cali think maybe 1 or 2 other States have to be an LVN to do it. Roles include setting care plans up, intake assessments, phlebotomy, glucose checks, vitals, EKGs, charting, group facilitation, and so forth.