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  1. Hi, planning potential move to Florida this Summer. Looking at Orlando due to job opportunities. Only found 2 programs. Is there any other program can recommend should put on my radar? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Wife and I are planning to possibly move from NC to FL. Looking at Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville, and Jacksonville. Any area hospitals recommend working at??? Appreciate the feedback!
  3. Nursing and AirGuard...

    Evening, Hoping to get some insight. Currently 33 going on 34 this year. I plan to joint the ANG after obtaining my BSN. Should I join before or after? Have heard mixed reviews seeking some additional insight. Thanks.
  4. Appreciate the feedback Currently cone from working a 2 impatient psych unit's that took involv/volv Currently work in the ER that only takes involv So it threw me for a shock
  5. Hi, seeking some feedback. Applied to GTCC program. Calculated have about 32 points. Any ideas on what the minimum points they take from an applicant? Anyone applied or going through the program? What's your thoughts on comparison to R...
  6. Under assumption only 4 states have voluntary admission to inpatient psych facility. If incorrect with my information please correct me.
  7. Hey how's it going? My Wife and I moved down to NC about 8-9 months ago. After some research we settled on NC for jobs and schools. The prequesities here most have a 10 year shelf life so my Wife and I are solid till 2025. We contacted the ...
  8. Recently moved to a State that only has IVC for inpatient admission. Surprised me only 4 states utilize 2 options for inpatient admissions. What are your thoughts on only having IVC as a way for a psychiatric/behavioral patient to be admitted? ...
  9. NA1 and Charlotte???

    Hey ? there. In need of my NA 1 license any programs recommend or to avoid? Also never taken the course before but eligible to test for my NA 1 license. How challenging is the test if you never took the course? Appreciate the insight...
  10. Hi, first I wasn't sure where to ask this question. Figure this could be a start. IHi, hope can ask this here. I have worked as a psych tech since 2012. 3 hospitals and a short stint at a residential. Currently working in the ER for 6 months as ...
  11. Hi, so my role is and isn't a CNA but sometimes considered one. Work as a psych tech been doing it since 2012. Worked at 3 different hospitals over that time frame and a short stint at a residential place. For the life of me before we moved out ...
  12. Hey there! So my Wife and I moved to NC. I asked over on that board about evening programs. I figure I ask here as well. Now that we are down South open to move anywhere in the State or neighboring States for a program. Looking for LPN...
  13. Hi, I couldn't find much information out there on evening LPN to RN programs. Any feedback on the LPN to RN online program at Sampson College????
  14. Atrium Health or Duke Health???

    Hi any advice or feedback to aid decision on which hospital to work at??? Appreciate the feedback! Any pros or cons of these 2 health systems? Thanks!
  15. Tech have question about seeking new employment???

    Just curious think asking for $17-$18 an hour for a tech job too high? Around average? Tried searching wages on Indeed and Glassdoor to no avail.