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 Hi, so my role is and isn't a CNA but sometimes considered one. Work as a psych tech been doing it since 2012. Worked at 3 different hospitals over that time frame and a short stint at a residential place.

For the life of me before we moved out of State when I was working full time driving an hour a day for 4 to 5 days a week I started to get burnt out about doing this for the last few years.

Moving and starting new job kind of rejuvenated me. I enjoy my job, my coworkers, and the hospital working at. Lately just dreading the time going in.

IDK if it's because I work nights or the unit is different. Walking in I knew that I was going on to a new unit that was just created. So there is 4 of us and 1 a shift. Then 1 mid shift person. Then you work with the ED. It's different then what I am used to. Not sure if you will be sitting. You are on your toes a lot.

I do miss the structure already being there and sort of knowing what you are walking in to.

Been contemplating looking for an inpatient opening. Applied to few day shift 7 to 7 shifts.

Debating applying to graveyard shift. Been struggling on nights but not sure if it's banging 3 shifts out in a row and work environment that's making adjustment rough. Then Wife worked 8 to 5 Monday through Friday so sleep was nonexistent seemed like during the day with our daughter. Thankfully the MIL was home to help. Now Wife is working 3 12s a week so feel sleep will improve.

This leads to another question I only have been in this position 6 months. Interviewed for 3 jobs offered all 3 but I took this job as it was the first one to offer me a job. So we prepped to move to this area and then the 2nd job offered me the job. I turned it down mainly because current hospital has a big stronghold on the area we were moving to.

Then few months later the other hospital contacted me but seeing as I just got off orientation didn't want to jump ship so turned the offer down.

The other hospital has 2 more openings applied. Do you think turning down a job twice from them will impact me on being interviewed? Do you think I should reach out to the unit manager have her contact information still.

Appreciate the insight and feedback.

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