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  1. Hello all... I've been a Hospice nurse for a few months now and I am really enjoying the flexibility and life/work balance. I'm a case manager with about 17 patients. Most of them are Alzheimer's patients on slow decline who reside at different assisted living facilities and get excellent care. Most are nonverbal and I feel like there's not much I "need" to do. I do vitals but there's not a lot (if any) interaction... they are all stable so not a lot of "nursing" needed so visits are very short. I get in touch with families over the phone if there's any COC which is not frequent. Anybody with a similar situation? Is this the norm?

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: Southwest Experience: 8 years ADN (but only 2 of those in a hospital type setting) Specialty: SNF/ Hospice Facility :SNF Pay: $35/hour - no benefits - 2 weeks vacation - 5 paid holidays Mortgage with HOA is $2,200 for a 1032 sqft condo. Monthly expenses total around 4K just for bills, not counting food, gas, clothing, fun, etc.

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Ok this literally made me nauseous. Myself and my husband combined don't bring 12K in a MONTH. Gonna cry myself to sleep now.

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    Maybe it's because our salaries haven't kept up with inflation and we are more desperate than ever to make ends meet. Truthfully my "calling" is to be rich and travel the world, since that's not in the cards just yet, being a nurse pays the bills (barely).

    Books for a New Hospice RN

    HI there... I just accepted a position as a hospice nurse. What reading material would you recommend so I can be as prepared as possible? Bonus points if you know of a skills refresher course in the San Diego area. TIA!

    Books for a New Hospice RN

    Hello again :) ... I was hired as an hourly employee so based on what you said its a good thing. Unfortunately they do not pay anything per mile so I hope I don't end up driving all over the place. As far as nursing skills... Most of my background is either working at the well baby nursery or at an outpatient clinic treating plagiocephaly (no nursing skills used there) so I haven't started a IV, done a foley or accessed a VAD since college (2009). That scares me the most. I have tried finding a refresher course around me with no luck. My only hope is that the nurse training me is patient and willing to help me re-learn. The company that hired me is super new so I'm not really sure what to expect of the training. How much time do they allow you for each visit? Once again thank you so much for your insight! :)

    Books for a New Hospice RN

    Hi there... I have made notes and downloaded all the suggested apps. I'm excited and understandably nervous since this is all new to me so THANK YOU so much for your reply and all the helpful tips!

    A day in the life...

    Hello... I've been an RN since 2009 and have worked in a variety of settings... nursery, pediatric plagiocephaly clinic, Remote chart abstraction and most recently at a skilled nursing facility (medpass). I have been offered a Hospice position (where I'll visit 2-4 patients in a day) but with no experience in this field I'm not sure what to expect. I'm somewhat concerned with my limited bedside experience since I've spent time working from home and at an outpatient clinic setting. On a plus side I have spent the past year working in a skilled nursing facility and have really enjoyed. So, can someone offer any advice and/or give me an idea what goes on on a day in the life of a hospice nurse? Thank you in advance for any input!

    A day in the life...

    Thank you so very much for your reply. I want to find a way to refresh my skills, I haven't done a foley since nursing school í ½í¸«
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    New hospice nurse: Burned out!!!

    I'm curious about WHY the "all caps" is such a big deal that you would consider not helping an obviously frustrated fellow nurse. That's no way to show how caring you are.
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    Hedis 2015

    Hello, This will be my first year with Hedis Abstraction and I have a few questions. So far I was offered two jobs, one pays per chart (4.25 + 0.50 bonus) and the other per hour (32.50), both are work from home positions. I have no reference of what is a better deal since I'm not sure how many charts we're able to do in 1 hour. Any input??? TIA!
  12. KYRNCA

    Work from Home RN Jobs???

    Hi there, I am trying to identify what type of jobs a licensed RN can do from home. I am applying to be a Hedis abstractor for the upcoming year but this will be a temporary job. Any ideas of other opportunities that could be more permanent? TIA!
  13. Hello... Its been a long while since I've been here. I gratuated nursing school in May of 2009 and worked for 1 year as a Well Baby Nursery RN. I absolutely loved my job but had to quit because we moved to Florida. Since then I have not worked. I'm finding more and more common that hospitals ask for a BSN. To better my chances of having my dream job again I want to go back to school and get my BSN. Can anybody suggest an affordable, 100% online, accredited program??? Thank you so much for your help!!
  14. Does anybody have any info on this university? They only require 39 credits for the RN-BSN... There are only 2 pre-requirements to the program and they charge $242 per credit hour. Sounds pretty good to me!!! They are also NLN accredited. If you have any input I would love to hear! :)
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    RN to BSN

    Hello all... I graduated in May 2009 with ADN. I've worked for 1 year in a hospital setting and then we moved and I basically have been pout of the field for 18 months. I'm thinking that my best bet in getting the position I want is to to a RN to BSN online program. Can anyone recommend a good, fast and affordable fully online program? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    RN to BSN

    Hello all... I graduated in May 2009 with ADN. I've worked for 1 year in a hospital setting and then we moved and I basically have been pout of the field for 18 months. I'm thinking that my best bet in getting the position I want is to to a RN to BSN online program. Can anyone recommend a good, fast and affordable fully online program? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Online RN-BSN with less prerequisites

    Slippery Rock University in PA only requires 39 credits total for the RN-BSN. The only pre requirements are Statistics and Health Ethics... And is totally online.
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    Navy RN?

    Hello... I'm giving some thought about joining the Navy Reserve and I have some questions... My family is relocating to Jacksonville, FL... Would I be able to be stationed there for example or do Reserve people also gets moved around? If I decide not to join... How do I go about working for the Navy as a civilian nurse? Thank you for your time!
  19. Hello... I'm trying to find a RN-BSN Online program and I see that some are accredited by NLN and some by CCNE. Is one better than the other? Will either of these impact my career one way or another? Thanks!!
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    CCNE or NLN accreditation?

    That's interesting... I got my ADN from a NLN accredited school and the Navy was always there offering joining opportunities. Why would they do that if they don't accept NLN accredited schools?
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    CCNE or NLN accreditation?

    Thank you!!
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    RN with a KY License

    I have a KY RN License and I want to get my FL license since my family is relocating to FL. To get my KY license I passed NCLEX after I graduated. Do I need 2 years of work experience before applying to a FL License??? I'm sooooooo confused!!!! Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hello all... My family is relocating to Jacksonville and I would like to find a 7am-3pm position. Since hospitals do basically the 12 hr shifts does anybody know where I'm more likely to find this kind of shift being offered? (clinics, outpatient surgery centers, etc????) I'd really appreciate ANY help!!! Thanks!!!!
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    Scrub colors at BCTC

    Royal Blue
  25. I graduated from there last may and it is the Royal Blue.