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    Pathway from ADN to Research RN

    Hello, I graduated with an ADN and received my RN license in 2009. Have worked on a variety of fields (Well baby nursery, Coding, Plagiocephaly clinic, Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospice) but mostly away from hospital setting. I am interested in becoming a research nurse and currently trying to decide if I go for my RN-BSN or RN-MSN. Looking for recommendation of a career path that would help achieve my goal in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you in advance!

    Online RN-BSN with less prerequisites

    Slippery Rock University in PA only requires 39 credits total for the RN-BSN. The only pre requirements are Statistics and Health Ethics... And is totally online.

    Navy RN?

    Hello... I'm giving some thought about joining the Navy Reserve and I have some questions... My family is relocating to Jacksonville, FL... Would I be able to be stationed there for example or do Reserve people also gets moved around? If I decide not to join... How do I go about working for the Navy as a civilian nurse? Thank you for your time!

    CCNE or NLN accreditation?

    That's interesting... I got my ADN from a NLN accredited school and the Navy was always there offering joining opportunities. Why would they do that if they don't accept NLN accredited schools?

    CCNE or NLN accreditation?

    Thank you!!
  6. Does anybody have any info on this university? They only require 39 credits for the RN-BSN... There are only 2 pre-requirements to the program and they charge $242 per credit hour. Sounds pretty good to me!!! They are also NLN accredited. If you have any input I would love to hear! :)
  7. Hello... I'm trying to find a RN-BSN Online program and I see that some are accredited by NLN and some by CCNE. Is one better than the other? Will either of these impact my career one way or another? Thanks!!

    RN with a KY License

    I have a KY RN License and I want to get my FL license since my family is relocating to FL. To get my KY license I passed NCLEX after I graduated. Do I need 2 years of work experience before applying to a FL License??? I'm sooooooo confused!!!! Thanks in advance for any help!


    Hello all... My family is relocating to Jacksonville and I would like to find a 7am-3pm position. Since hospitals do basically the 12 hr shifts does anybody know where I'm more likely to find this kind of shift being offered? (clinics, outpatient surgery centers, etc????) I'd really appreciate ANY help!!! Thanks!!!!
  10. KYRNCA

    Scrub colors at BCTC

    Royal Blue
  11. I graduated from there last may and it is the Royal Blue.
  12. KYRNCA

    Pool RN question...

    Hello... I'm currently working as a full time RN but i'm contemplating becoming pool. Can anybody tell me how much on average a pool RN makes?? .... Are they guaranteed any hours at all? Thanks.
  13. KYRNCA

    RN moving to Oahu

    Hello...! My family and I are planning to move to Oahu in about 18 months and I'm starting to look around for a job. I'm currently working with neonates at the nursery and that's where all my experience is. What are the hospitals in the island that have labor & delivery? How do I even start to look for a job from so far away? (We live in KY) ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!!