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Hello all... I graduated in May 2009 with ADN. I've worked for 1 year in a hospital setting and then we moved and I basically have been pout of the field for 18 months. I'm thinking that my best bet in getting the position I want is to to a RN to BSN online program. Can anyone recommend a good, fast and affordable fully online program? Thanks in advance for any help!

akanini, MSN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I'm thinking Western Governors University. I'm thinking about that school myself but there are so many to choose from.

ckh23, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER/ICU/STICU. Has 6 years experience.

I went to the University of Wyoming. They were cheap and I was able to complete it in a year. The only part that is not online is the senior clinical at the health department.

PLEASE HELP!!! I am in desperate need of some help. I am an ADN/ Registered nurse. I am also in the military. The military is offering me the chance to go to school for two years fully paid under a commissioning program. The only catch is, I have to find a school that is RN to BSN, or will let me finish my BSN with them on an advanced track. It also must be in a classroom instead of online. It also must have crosstown agreement, or offer Air Force ROTC capability. Does anyone know of such a school?