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  1. Cat_LPN

    o2 @ 2L

    Labs weren't ABGs- this was from a CMP.
  2. Cat_LPN

    o2 @ 2L

    I am aware that this is probably a REALLY dumb question I have a COPD pt who wears her o2 despite her really 'needing' it as she would be 95% on RA- she says she's always used it at night at home and 'feels SOB' without it. When she thinks she's 'SOB', she really isn't and o2 sats are WNL so I usually just give her something for anxiety. Anyways, she's been wearing her o2 at night and during the day increasingly as well. Her labs are showing an increase in co2, today it was 41cf, last week it was 34H. Doc didn't make any changes to her orders. Maybe this is a long shot, but I'm just wondering, could the 'unnecessary' o2 be a result? I don't know if she's a retainer, I couldn't find anything in her hx about it. COPD seems pretty mild, and pt is a bit of a hypochondriac with a family from hell. Can it be detrimental to a pt to have o2 at 2L with normal sats?
  3. Cat_LPN

    Have you seen this in migraine patients before?

    This is not something I've seen before. I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet but I should think your migraines would be CAUSED by that high of a BP! Or do the migraines come first? Do you take the BP at the onset of symptoms and it's normal but then starts to elevate as the migraine worsens? And then you take the labetelol. Maybe your body is responding severely to the pain causing the severe rise in BP, then when the pain diminishes and [in combination with] taking the labetelol, your BP is tanking. Tis mysterious!
  4. Cat_LPN

    Compassion required???

    This is one of the most disheartening posts I've read in a while. Please never think of coming into nursing again. Judging from what you say, you will hate every minute of it, I promise. And would you want someone like you taking care of yourself or your loved ones? I wouldn't! You're talking about how 'smart' you are, but I can't believe you'd even consider this field given the way you feel about people.
  5. Cat_LPN

    Just a quick question regarding applications..

    Also, should I go in with letters of reference in hand or wait? I haven't told my boss I am thinking of leaving yet.
  6. Cat_LPN

    Just a quick question regarding applications..

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was thinking. My resume doesn't look good on paper having had no acute care experience other than clinicals. However at my SNF we have acute patients, have lots of people on IVFT, IVABX, lots of PICCs, PEGs, trachs, wound changes and wound vacs, etc. Should I speak of this when I apply?
  7. Cat_LPN

    Patient hygiene-How far is too far?

    If not for procedure prep, why would you be shaving their pubic hair?
  8. Which do you think could land better luck in landing a job: Applying online to a job posted online and risk your app and resume getting lost in 'the sea', or going in to apply and possibly getting some face to face interaction with the hiring bodies? A couple of hospitals in my area are finally hiring LPNs and I WANT to land a job! I have 1.5 years experience with the nearby SNF/rehab and have a great rep at my job. Now I want a chance in acute care! What do you think?
  9. Cat_LPN

    offended co worker

    What a baby! I'd have forgotten that comment in less than 5 seconds flat. NO big deal. What is he on is period?
  10. Cat_LPN

    what color is your ink?

    In my facility, everything is used in black. Other colors aren't allowed for any reason.
  11. Cat_LPN

    True ER stories

    MOVING ON with the thread...!
  12. Cat_LPN

    True ER stories

    There is harm when it's misinterpreted and misguided.
  13. Cat_LPN

    True ER stories

    There are far worse things in this world to be concerned with right now than this thread. No one's making you read it.
  14. I am so confused. I was always taught, (and always thought), that it was negligent to withhold CPR on a pt without that signed yellow form. And also that the DNRO isn't valid if it's not yellow. What if a doc writes 'DNR' on the wrong pt? Perhaps he is thinking of one pt while writing DNR in another pt's chart and makes an error? Don't we need documented evidence that the pt or the pt's DPOA also consents to the DNR?