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angelkerri specializes in UM,Psych, Military, Substance Abuse, SNF.

Clinical Review Nurse doing Utilization Management for a Health Plan. Part-time at a four bed psychiatric crisis house. Also an Army Reserve Nurse.

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  1. angelkerri

    Resources on becoming UK nurse?

    I have wanted to move to the UK for years and now, after a recent visit, I want to more than ever! I am a Bachelor's Degree educated nurse from the USA. I have over five years of experience in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities as well as psychiatric nursing. Psychiatric nursing is really my preferred work as far as patient care is concerned. I currently work full time as a nurse at the health insurance company doing utilization management. I could theoretically keep that job and work remote from the UK, but would likely get a second job in order to "earn my keep" to stay in the UK as well as supplement my income (I work two other part time jobs now as it is). When I initially researched this five years ago, it seemed much easier to get a nursing license in the UK. Now it seems as if the process might have become complicated? I was also told that the NHS pay schemes aren't very good and I'd be better off trying to find work in private employ, but I'd like to hear other input on this. I'd really love any tips and inside information on how to make this dream of mine come true. I apologize if it's a bit of a broad topic, but it's difficult to know where to start when planning to move country. I appreciate any help in advance :)
  2. angelkerri

    Behavioral Health Nurse- break from floor nursing?

    I just started in psych nursing. I was first on an outpatient substance abuse program (methadone) and now I work on a small (10 bed) voluntary psych unit. The voluntary part of this is what makes it more manageable than maybe some other places...I love it. We do still have some medical issues, but with the nature of our unit, patients have to be medically cleared before we can have them here because we don't have the staff to do monitoring of heavy duty med issues. For me this is a fantastic change because I spent my first two years as a nurse in long-term care and you get the psych AND the crazy medical issues there. So, I suppose the long and short of it is: it depends on what kind of unit you can find. Good luck! I'm glad I made the change!
  3. My first job as an RN was at a SNF. 30 patients but I usually had someone to do meds and then I had everything else. You learn tricks as you go. 20 shouldn't be too bad once you get the hang of it. Re: troubling CNAs. You have to establish authority early on (difficult for me because many were as old as my mother!) but you also want to show that you're fair and there to help support them. Also, it's not quite fair to say they ONLY turn, dress, bathe, etc. That's extremely time consuming crap (esp with certain residents). I told my aides all the time: "Don't ever let anyone tell you you're 'just an aide.' That's ********. You fill a vital role and nurses couldn't do it without you." Its not like you have to get vitals on every resident...unless they're ALL Medicare which is unusual. I finally broke free of the SNF life after 2 1/2 years. That was enough for me. But your facility sounds nice so I wish you luck.
  4. angelkerri

    Opportunities for newer nurse relocating to MA?

    Thanks for the tip! I've been in Mass 3 weeks now and am starting floor orientation for a per diem SNF not too far from my apt. I'm still interested in trying to find something a bit more permanent with a bit more hours so this helps. I will try and get in touch with them.
  5. angelkerri

    Career suicide?

    Thanks for the advice. I really don't know for sure what will happen in 6 months time, but I knew that leaving here might be a possibility...I don't plan on making a habit out of job hopping, but at this point in my life things are very uncertain.
  6. angelkerri

    Career suicide?

    This job isn't at a hospital and I would have a very good reason for leaving if I did leave.
  7. angelkerri

    Career suicide?

    I am a new grad and I JUST received a job offer today. Very excited. However, the thing is, I may have to leave in 6 months in order to move to a new area...is it career suicide to have to leave a position after only 6 months? I know in some places this is looked down upon, but nursing may be different? The normal rules don't seem to apply to us. Tips? Advice?