Mental Health Registry for an American BSN?


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Hi all. I've posted intermittently around here. A few years ago I was researching moving to the UK to work as a nurse. I am now renewing my interest as I am sorely tired of America (I'm American-born, but lived overseas for most of my childhood). I've been poring over multiple sites trying to find help with this whole NMC registration mess. I really want to try and join the Mental Health register, but it looks as if I may have to take another course to accomplish that. I don't mind--it's just I don't qualify for a bursary. And it doesn't seem as if there's much in the way of placements for International nurses? I've been looking at PG Dip courses and the like, and have sent out enquiries, but I'd like a bit more perspective on this. I'm really hesitant to join the Adult registry because I've got a bad ankle from a talus fracture. It's also been a long time since I did direct patient care that wasn't mental health related. I haven't done anything like a Foley for some time, and I've never started an IV in my entire six year nursing career. To be honest, I'm more of a 'cerebral' rather than 'hands-on' nurse and I'm terrified of the OSCE and what might be expected of me later on down the line. I don't mean to sound soft. I did long-term/SNF nursing for a few years--charge nurse over 32 patients for my first nursing job. I'd just rather do things that better suit my abilities and interests. I'd really appreciate any insight/support/advice. Moving to the UK has always been a dream of mine, and I really want to make it happen. I've considered trying to just do a career change and get a Master's in Public Health, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to find a job once I'm done. I also have a boyfriend in London and I'd like to join him sooner than later. Sorry if the post was a bit rambling. I've been trying to delay visiting the forums until I do background reading first, but I needed a tangential vent! Thanks! :p


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I'd suggest looking into the ONS - google it and you should find a few.

Adult nursing and mental health nursing are completely different qualifications in the UK so that shouldnt be a problem.


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You may struggle with undergraduate hours required, however the requirements gave changed recently so NMC is your only route to start at.