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Resources on becoming UK nurse?


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I have wanted to move to the UK for years and now, after a recent visit, I want to more than ever! I am a Bachelor's Degree educated nurse from the USA. I have over five years of experience in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities as well as psychiatric nursing. Psychiatric nursing is really my preferred work as far as patient care is concerned. I currently work full time as a nurse at the health insurance company doing utilization management. I could theoretically keep that job and work remote from the UK, but would likely get a second job in order to "earn my keep" to stay in the UK as well as supplement my income (I work two other part time jobs now as it is). When I initially researched this five years ago, it seemed much easier to get a nursing license in the UK. Now it seems as if the process might have become complicated? I was also told that the NHS pay schemes aren't very good and I'd be better off trying to find work in private employ, but I'd like to hear other input on this. I'd really love any tips and inside information on how to make this dream of mine come true. I apologize if it's a bit of a broad topic, but it's difficult to know where to start when planning to move country. I appreciate any help in advance :)


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NMC have done many changes for International Educated Nurses so suggest strongly checking out the NMC website. I would think finding employer willing to go the work permit route it would be easier to go the NHS route and not private. Also if looking to work in psychiatric setting then really NHS is the way to go. Los to be honest I think you would be better looked after in the NHS than private especially if new to the healthcare setting which is a lot different to the US.

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Also you need to check if you can work elsewhere if considering keeping your US job on to supplement UK earnings. The work permit may not allow you to do this. This is also the way if someone moves to the US on a work visa and wants to keep earning income in their home country, they are affected and may not be allowed to work anywhere else