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  1. StudentNurseElle

    MED SURG book...? Best one?

    med surg reviews and raionales. if your school is subscribed to ATI, the books they give away is extremely helpful. good luck
  2. StudentNurseElle

    Need help with med-surg

    Hi! Im also struggling in med-surg, too. Right now, what is getting me thru the semester is med surg reviews and rationales. I got the book from amazon. I read the textbook, esp, the charts and tables. I create charts of each disease, that includes, the patho, clinical manifestations, diagnostics, meds, teaching, non sx management, sx management. On top of all of that I have a loud and outgoing study group. We are all on the same boat. It is great to surround yourself with people who have the same drive as you do. This is the time to place your pride away and ask help from others. I wish you the best of luck. Tell yourself that youve read it, seen it, and talked about it. So there is no way youll fail! Good luck, again.
  3. StudentNurseElle

    Help!!! with studying for exam...

    Congratulations on making it this far! Definitely agree with the other members. NCLEX books are the way to go. To save money, go to the school and public library and do questions. Just tell yourself that you've seen it, read it, and talked about it. Never doubt yourself. Take 10min breaks every 45 minutes. Exercise and hydrate. To answer your question, practice NCLEX questions. Personally, I feel like all books are the same. If i had to choose...Id pick KAPLAN and SAUNDERS. Good Luck
  4. StudentNurseElle

    I can feel the tension...

    Hi all, Spring semester is almost over. Now that spring break is over, we all know the semester is gonna go by fast in full speed. I can feel the tension!! I came across this video and I thought it was hilarious! I really cant wait to be a nurse! Good luck and study hard! [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE][YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  5. StudentNurseElle

    HELP>> Advice of grades

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. Ive been in the same situation. I couldnt challenge any of the exam questions nor does my school have an option to test out of the course. Does your school have an option to test out of the course? I had to take the class again and I passed with flying colors. I feel more confident with the material now. Since you barely passed, maybe you might need to take the class again to master the material as oppose to just getting by. Id say take the class again if your school doesnt give you any other option. OR you can look for a school that can taking your nursing credits since you are so close to graduating... Good luck and wish the best for you...dont be discourage! You can do it!
  6. StudentNurseElle

    Nursing Externship

    GOOGLE it... I am not from the area you are, however I am sure if you do enough digging in google everyday I am sure you will find something out there. You might want to go to Johnson & Johnson website to see if they have any postings. Johnson & Johnson are big nursing promoters. I advise to do research everyday on nursing externship bc you ll never know when they will post it. Most nursing externship applications for the summer are due in the month of jan. good luck and best wishes, student nurse elle
  7. StudentNurseElle

    Rituals before and after taking an exam...

    Thanks for the tips everyone! Ill try them out next semester. I wish I can go kayaking!!
  8. I am schedule for a nursing externship interview this Wednesday . I wanted to know how these are interviews are like. Any interview tips on how to blow them away and anything else I should keep in mind. As far as attire I already know business casual is preferred. Thanks in advance...
  9. StudentNurseElle

    Looking for Textbooks used or cheaper price

    Oohhh get your money back and sell back your textbook! Some websites actually pay for shipping!
  10. Many of you have either finished taking finals or about to be done with finals. I am curious to know what kind of rituals students do before or after an exam. Listen to music? Watch a movie the night before? Wake up an hr before th exam and cram more information in? Go for a manicure after the exam? Pull an all nighter? Mediate/Pray? Eat certain things? What do you do before and/or after an exam? Personally, I go for a light run before my exam, to get the blood flowing in my body. It has helped my concentration and grades. When I am waiting around for the professor, I usually listen to music (FOO FIGHTERS, YEAA!) I hate hearing my classmates test each other and then argue about certain things, it just heightens my anxiety!
  11. StudentNurseElle

    Looking for Textbooks used or cheaper price

    www.bestbookdeal.com www.bigwords.com Short on cash? split the textbook with friends rent from the library and make copies rent from a website ...Good Luck!
  12. StudentNurseElle

    What is the "BEST" post-operative position in pacu?

    Sims, on their side, so the patient's tongue can fall forward. Never on any other position unless contraindicated
  13. StudentNurseElle

    Difference between battery and assault

    Assault : a threat to cause harm For example : if you odnt eat your breakfast, I ll make you stay in the chair all day. Battery : purposeful, wrongful, touching without consent For example : a client who presents his hand when told it is tim eot test his blood glucose implies consent Relies on implied consent as an agreement inferred by the client's cooperative behavior For example : continuing to give the client an enema even when she says "stop" is battery. Good luck
  14. StudentNurseElle

    Tips for first semester finals?

    I just completed Fundamentals, too! I am studying by working through the book Fundamentals of Nursing Reviews and Rationales by Prentice Hall. It is a great book. The book entails pre test, content, post test in each subject of Fundamentals. If your school is subscribed to a testing service such as ATI study the ATI book, it helps. The ATI books puts in the information in short sweet condensed format. Good luck!
  15. StudentNurseElle

    International editions of textbooks

    They are identical! It is cheaper. However do not rely on your bookstore to resell the book b/c they wont...supposedly its illegal! I dont know how but that is what the store manager said. Definitely purchase them if you can
  16. StudentNurseElle

    Critical Care Question

    What is the difference between Myasthenia Gravis vs Cholinergic Crisis? Thank-you in advance, StudentNurseElle