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  1. I want to be a LPN. I stink at math and not very good taking the entrance exam. How do I find information so I score high on the entrance test?
  2. Bruceh

    Did anyone judge you for being a male nurse?

    I personally think its changing. I am a male CNA, but I still find some discrimination.
  3. Bruceh


    When I was in high school, I did not take no science expect the earth science class. I want to be a LPN. I am terrible at grammar and algebra, what can I buy or what links can i get information to study for the LPN entrance exam as I know it very competitive.
  4. Bruceh

    Chromebook or Tablet

    Thanks Purple I thought that too not into tablets anyway going with a chromebook cheaper.
  5. Bruceh

    Chromebook or Tablet

    I am wondering anybody using a tablet for school? Or should I just go with a chromebook?
  6. Bruceh

    Finishing program but very hurt and disappointed

    I think its great that YOU finish the course that is a battle itself. I was in CNA class and had to retake the course because I let my CNA lapsed. Because I worked as a CNA for years and told a few students the instructor was mad and treated me like I should have said anything she had favorites too. Do not let her ruin what you accomplish go to graduation and get that pin there is your award.
  7. Bruceh


    I was wondering is anybody using a chromebook for school.
  8. Bruceh


    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided that yesterday. I am going for COTA
  9. Bruceh


    I know this I just want to be a LPN
  10. Bruceh


    I know what your saying. I was half asleep didn't put much into the comment. I have way better writing skills then the one I posted sorry. Thank you for the suggestions.
  11. Bruceh


    My heart tell go for the lpn degree but I was curious about Occupational therapist asst. But after weighting the pros and cons think I going for the lpn I love being a cna and think the LPN would be a better fit for me plus in this state Oklahoma a little over a year you can graduate and start working. I am not looking to be the boss just looking to be a nurse.
  12. Bruceh


    I want to do nursing think I do part of me wants to do occupational therapy asst. I more toward nursing though either LPN or two nursing programs. anybody have any thoughts?
  13. Bruceh

    LPN career

    I still debating on the LPN or the two year RN program not looking to be a supervisor just looking to work in home care or a nursing home or like you said private duty thanks
  14. Bruceh

    LPN career

    I would love to start school as a LPN, I stink at math. Another concern keep hearing they are phrasing out LPN basically I want to do the LPN and that is it and work in a long term care place, Not looking to be a supervisor just to care about people. Is this a good choice, Living in the OKC area
  15. Bruceh

    All the Things We Carry

    Justme 54 just wanted to say your beautiful love what you wrote
  16. Bruceh

    How to deal with angry doctors

    No matter who it doctor nurse whatever every one deserve respect. I hate doctors they seem to think they are above it all You didn't deserve this and I think you should report it.

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