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tavia_yeung has 2 years experience and specializes in LTC.

*<3* I am a CNA w/ a big heart who love to help & take care of people. *<3* I want to be a nurse not b/c of the money but b/c I love to help the patients & make a different in their lives. My next step is to become a LVN ^_^

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  1. tavia_yeung

    Thank you Lord that I failed my first nclex

    CONGRATULATION for becoming a Nurse!!!! I like to read your post...very helpful!!!
  2. tavia_yeung

    Can I take the skill portion online for AHA BLS?

    But I still want to know... Can I renew my expired BLS CPR card? Anyone?????
  3. tavia_yeung

    Can I take the skill portion online for AHA BLS?

    Thank you mzrainydayz for answered part of my questions. Very helpful!!
  4. i hope someone can answer to my questions. my aha bls card was expired for about11 months already and i forgot to renew it. i just noticed about it and need to renew it right away. but i would like to renew it online since it's more convenient because i don't have a car so it would better this way for me. anyway here are my questions: 1. can i still be able to renew my expired bls card? (expired for 11 months already) 2. do you know of any approved website that let you do both the skill and written portions online? (i know onlineaha.org offered the written portion online but not the skill - because this part only available in-person) 3. when you renew your bls is the written part is good enough to meet the requirement, or you have to take the skill part too in order to renew it? that's all, thank you in advance :) .
  5. tavia_yeung

    What does it mean when the patient said "Your face are soul".

    Oops, I make a typo when typing. The patient statement was "Your face is soul". So does anyone know what does it mean? Just wondering about this comment.
  6. Yesterday, I took care of this lady and she has been on my assignment a few times before. When I was about to transfer her back to bed she look at me and said this in a nice tone "Your face are soul". I just want to know what does that mean. TY!!
  7. tavia_yeung

    How do I apply for benefits at work?

    Can someone pls tell me how do I apply for benefits such as health, dental and vision at work . And how long do we have to work full-time at our job in order to qualify for these benefits. I had working for over two months as FT already so can I apply for it now. If yes, pls tell me how. Thanks in advance!
  8. tavia_yeung

    My paycheck is lost, can I ask for another one?

    What should I do now b/c payroll still didn't reissue me my lost paycheck? My paycheck is worth around $600 and it was lost since last year so about 9 months ago. I talked to her about 4-5 times already but payroll still ignore my request. I know it's my fault for not pick up my check on time that's why it lost. Sometime I feel like I want to keep up hope since to this day I still didnt hear anything from payroll whether I'm gonna recieve a new check or not. But I also feel like it's my hard earning money so I want to get my lost check reissue to me but I cant do anything about it b/c it seem payroll didnt want to printout another check for me. I dont want to go see my higher up the one that hired me to talk to her about my missing paycheck b/c I dont want her to get upset about me for waiting so long to claim my check that's why it lost and maybe they would think I'm give them more work to do like look up if my check was really lost and then reissue another one to me. So go talk to my higher up is not something I want to do. My check is lost around 9 months already so do you think it's possible that they can still reissue me another one? My facility paychecks doesnt have the expired date so I believe it's good for 1 year though. Do you think I should keep up hope about this lost check?
  9. On our employee's handbooks it said that we are required to wear our ID badge. But what I see is that not everyone at work is wearing their ID, especially the people that work PM only a few of them wearing it and Noc about 1-2 ppl have their ID on so the rest just dont bother to wear it at all. When I was still a new cna I wearing them for a few months and then after that I stop wearing my ID b/c I just don't want everyone to know my last name...but it turn out like the whole facility already know it by now. And also b/c I see many CNAs not wearing them so that's why I stop wearing my ID too. My question is, do we get in trouble for not wearing our ID while on duty? And how many of you not wearing your ID and why? Thx!!
  10. tavia_yeung

    My paycheck is lost, can I ask for another one?

    Two weeks ago when I came to talk to the payroll she asked me something like this, why did I waited so long to asked her for the missing check. And I said I didn't know until recently I look back at all of my check stubs that I noticed that one of the check I did not claim it yet. I hope that she did not think that I already cashed out my check and said that I did not have my check yet. Because when I informed her about it she told me that she'll look again in her office to see if it still there, if not she'll give me a new one. But it's about two weeks already but I didn't hear anything so I don't know if I should come to ask her about it or not? I feel shy to go ask her for a replacement b/c I hope she does not think that I'm lying b/c I know I should ask her earlier not wait until now (4 months later) to ask her about it. But I think I should give one more try to come to see her to discuss about it.
  11. tavia_yeung

    My paycheck is lost, can I ask for another one?

    Thanks very much all for the responses. It's very helpful!
  12. My paycheck is lost. Because usually I wait for 2-3 paychecks and pick it up all at once and sometimes I take home 4-5 checks. Because I still live w/ my parents and they support me so I only use some money out of my paychecks and the rest go to saving for nursing school. Whenever I cashed out my checks I would keep all the stubs for record so recently I look back at all of my check stubs and I noticed that one of my check I did not pick up yet b/c I don't have the stub for that pay period. I go to payroll to looking for my check but it not there. My paycheck is about 4 months old and it's now lost b/c I couldn't find it no where and I'm 99% sure that I did not pick it up yet. My question is, is there a way the payroll staff or the employer can look up in their computer or call the bank or something to find out if your check is already cashout or not? I wanna know this so I can ask the payroll staff to reprint another one for me. After this experience I'm planning to switch to direct deposit.
  13. tavia_yeung

    How long does CNAs' paychecks lasted?

    You're so hilarous!!!! People asked me "You don't need money" but actually I'm saving all these money for nursing school, it's expensive you know!!!
  14. tavia_yeung

    How long does CNAs' paychecks lasted?

    Thank you caliotter3 & Dondie for the reply as well!!!
  15. tavia_yeung

    How long does CNAs' paychecks lasted?

    Hmmm... really!!! I never know about this before, if it's true that would be awesome:) I noticed that some checks that I received from other places have the expired date on it but these checks that are issued at our facility didn't say it at all...
  16. tavia_yeung

    How long does CNAs' paychecks lasted?

    Thanks so much semester1kid & thenameismac for the reply.