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  1. blusueNP

    corrections NP

    I have accepted a locums NP in a Shelton WA facility for 3 or more months. I was surprised when medical director told me that they use paper charting! Imagine that! Anyway. I would appreciate any input from corrections NP's, especially those of you who have employment hx with WA state.
  2. blusueNP

    Hard and Soft Skills

    you can dispense with the ***** the term "pussyfoot" refers to treading lightly around something - as something a cat or "puss" (another name for cat as in Puss n Boots) would do.
  3. blusueNP

    Hard and Soft Skills

    Oh, please, give me a MAJOR break! Most nurses start out eager and kind - a few months or years on the floor takes care of THAT. Come on now! A person can only be dumped on by management so many times before it starts to show. Most abusive job I ever had. I'm an NP now, but QUIT 16 yr RN job a l-o-n-g time ago.
  4. blusueNP

    The Florida job market cannot be this bad?!

    I was only a semester into my FNP program and after realizing how hostile the FMA is to ARNP's that I would never in a million years practice in FL. So after living there since the early 1990's - left. I now live in California. So - if there is nothing keeping you there, go west!
  5. blusueNP

    Taking a Break from FNP Program

    I suspect you are giving voice to something that many feel, but are afraid to admit even to themselves, even for a minute..for most high achievers, quitting is not an option...but it is apparent that advanced practice nursing is not for you..do not pursue it any longer - take the general education courses and funnel your energy into a different avenue. The last thing the world needs is a nurse with an advanced degree influencing healthcare who has no heart for it.
  6. You cannot teach at a secondary school of nursing if you don't have your BSN first
  7. blusueNP

    How come we arent considered APN's?

    Excuse me, but what does your age have to do with whether or not "go on to midwifery"...you are going to be 46, 47, 48, etc.. ANYWAY
  8. blusueNP

    Employment problems?

    Hi - I graduated in Dec of 08 from UC (on line) and will sit for the WHNP exam next month. Where did you find a job? I live in FL, but will relocate.
  9. blusueNP

    NCC exam

    Hi - I'm not sure if this is anywhere else, but I am scheduled to take theNCC WHNP exam June 19th. I would appreciate any feed back from former test-takers; how they did, was the exam everything you thought it would be, or was it a big disappointment. Thanks
  10. blusueNP

    Women's Health NP online program

    Hi, I graduate 12/2008 from the same program. There were two things about the program that I didn't care for. Number #1 - You are placed within a group of students and you must work together - not so unreasonable if everyone pulls their academic weight. There were a few times when we were given an assignment where everyone had to contribute an idea and then everyone would vote on whose idea was the best choice. Well the first time my idea was chosen, I was flattered - but then, when the next assignment was given I decided to wait a bit before contributing my idea. I waited until the last day before our ideas were due - no one had contributed anything!! Well, I finally gave in and sent my idea. Guess what? Everyone loved my idea again and chose it (without contributing any of their own ideas) I complained to the instructor and suggested that in the future EVERYONE should be made to submit an idea to the instructor and ONLY then can the group vote on the best choice. #2 - You are not placed in a clinical practicum - you must find your own - It was hard for me in the Seattle area because UW has most of the clinical sites wrapped up - even planned parenthood! I kept getting "You're who? , and from where? and you want what?" I had to find two different places to do gyn and OB because the gyn clinic didn't do OB.
  11. Yeah, I worked for them in Fl and WA (total of 6 yrs)- all was going well until I went to work one day and the staffing office at the hospital told me I was canceled for that shift. I called MSN and they said no one from the hospital called and canceled my shift..so I told the nurse supervisor that I was leaving and that I would gladly come back later in the day if they needed me - the supervisor said "no, you must stay if we are going to pay you for 2 hrs" (required by them because they did not call and cancel my shift) I said no, there is no requirement in my contract with MSN to stay the 2 hrs at the hospital. She was adamant that I stay, I was just as adamant that I was leaving, and leave I did. MSN "fired" me because the hospital claimed I was insubordinate - I figure they did it because in the end - the hospital is MSN's client, not me. Screw them.
  12. blusueNP

    Do most NPs start working after licensure?

    I feel like I am trapped in my current RN staff position - I graduated in Dec with my MSN in women's health and because I have to work full time - I have precious time to study but have decided to sit for the WHNP certification in October - I have written to a few clinics that specialize in women's health and have asked them if they hire new WHNP's, but have not received anything back from any of them. Can anyone out there give me any helpful advice or better yet, contacts? I live in the Tampa bay area of Florida.
  13. blusueNP

    Enough is Enough

    I never did understand the advertising angle of marketing hospitals to the public. Going to the hospital is a lot like going to Denny's at 3am - you don't want to go there, but you end up there because it is the only place to go. I am respectful and kind to my pts, BUT they are not there for me to wait on them as if the were on vacation. Most of them understand this, and quite a few apologize for "taking up my time". I tell them that this is not the case and that they are my responsibility. That being said, I have had it with hospital administration (BIG reason that I turned to agency nursing 9 months into my very first hospital job 15yrs ago..) and their marketing strategies for "customer satisfaction" And I will name names here.. St Peter Hospital in Olympia Washington "prides" itself with advertising a primary nursing model to their prospective "customers". They say that it promotes continuity of care because the nurse is the only caregiver for that pt. The way I see it is that because I am the "license", I can do everyone elses job. On the PCU, you can get up to 6 pts with no help - no one to help with ADL's, VS's and the myrid of other things CNA's do. You cannot really depend on other nurses on the floor because they are too swamped with their own pt load. It makes an already difficult and mostly thankless job totally unbearable - unwilling to do the impossible, I left.
  14. blusueNP

    Ok, again another story about being overwhelmed

    I too have been agency for most of my nursing "career" because as an agency nurse, I choose when and where I work. I personally would never accept an assignment such as the one you describe. One time , I exercised this option when told my assignment would consist of 9 pts on a floor with vent/isolation/tele. The charge said "Well if you don't take 9 pts, that means that another nurse will have 10 - to which I replied "Listen, a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part - I can always leave, your choice" I stayed and took 8 pts and boo hoo, the charge had to take that pt.

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