moving to Michigan

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Howdy all!

Long time no write:) So I am moving to the west side of Michigan to live with a cousin and have never practiced there but I see it is a restrictive practice state. I had some experience with this when I did perm and locums work in CA. What I remember unfortunately was being treated very poorly as a provider by the physicians.             The fact that I won't be able to write for chronic pain meds is actually music to my ears!  Been there, done that in OR and WA .  Although we all know that I can take care of a patient from birth to death and never need to write an RX that requires said DEA number, not having it.. somehow decreases my chances of landing a job. I would appreciate some advice on job hunting (perm) and really - what is it like practicing in Michigan?   Please, the good, the bad and the ugly - don't be shy:)

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