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  1. krazaygerl

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    hey does anyone have a copy of the Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio dvds ive been tryin to get em but cant afford the 150 from her website
  2. krazaygerl

    moving adventure

    hey I dont have pm yet, but im willing to move anywhere! I just want sunshine, with a place that has a lot of things you can go out and do, where there are friendly ppl, not insanely expensive and a decent place to possibly have a family. The closer to the ocean the better, although I realize I prob cant afford to live right on the ocean.
  3. krazaygerl

    moving adventure

    I am looking to move in 2 years to someplace warmer possibly. I am sick of the crazy winters and snow all the time. By then ill have about 3 years ICU nursing experience. I would love to live somewhere not too crazy expensive and to see the ocean won't take 8 hours. I want to do travel nursing at some point to try and get a feel for where i wanna live and also explore new places, but since this is not feasible for me at this time i was looking for a good place to relocate. Any suggestions?
  4. krazaygerl


    I was a new grad and hired directly into the ICU, we get 6m of orientation( although they took me off early), a floor nurse gets 3months you are also scheduled edu days where you have to do ecco, case studies with other new grads, and days where you learn about sme of the equipment. They do special ACLS classes where there was all new grad ICU ppl in so this way they could explain things more if needed and give us more practice time. I was assigned a primary and secondary preceptor whose schedules i followed and occasionally would get someone else. They gera it so your last 2 weeks you dont really use your preceptor at all and they kinda become a float nurse. They try and give you the sickest pts during your orientation so you are prepared to come off. I can't speak hghly enough of the orientation I got. Most families and pts look at me and think you look like our 16 but you sound so experienced, and really i just had an awesome orientation, with a great preceptor at a teaching hospital. Granted i would go home and study, or study on my days off a little but it was worth it. I know the neighboring hospital who offered me a MICU/CCU job had only a 3month orientation. Each facility is different but ik upstate-western NY hires into the ICU. Goodluck!
  5. where i work it is generally a 2:1 ratio. I have had paired CCVH coming off my orientation and plenty of times where you have to titrate multiple drips at the same time, but you make it work. I had a great preceptor who taught me how to really manage my time and most of the time there is always someone to help ya out whether that be a charge nurse or someone with a less busy assignment. Occasionally we'll have a 1:1 if that person is on multiple drips, pressors, and is being paralyzed or one time i had a pt on the rapid infuser who had many other interventions and meds being pushed and that was a 1:1 but i had the charge nurse and float nurse in my room in order to get everything done. I think the more time goes on the better it gets, and the more you are able to do and see. Goodluck!!
  6. krazaygerl

    How long and which one

    Hey I'm a new grad and work in an icu and love it. I have always wanted to do military and before graduation narrowed it to the navy and airforce but the recruiters were very unresponsive and never answered my questions saying they would get back to me and never did. Anyway I'm just hoping that was a bad experience and would like to possibly join in 2 years once I have some experience under my belt. Can anyone tell me when I should start applying and what swayed their decision for af or navy? I'm 23 with no kids love to travel, would like to live in different counties if possible. I have a bf of 4 years who would be willing to move with me but idk what the job prospect would be for him or if I would make enough to support us both while he went back to school or if we had kids stay home with them. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. Also what is it like workin on an icu in another country and are you guaranteed your specialty? Also what officer level would i enter at with 2 years experience?
  7. krazaygerl

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    the base salary at Strong is 22.50 but they did give out hospital raises this month so that number has gone up, but they pay for you to get your masters after 1 year which is a pretty sweet deal. hope that helps!
  8. krazaygerl

    What is the upstate NY job market like?

    Orange county is not upstate NY I have lived in orange county, albany and now in rochester and the job market for nurses is extremely tough around here. I think nyc has it worse but most ppl who have not landed a job by last month, arent getting one here. I applied for positions in February and most places picked who they wanted by the end of march with a couple exceptions. One of the nurse recruiters at Strong hospital (6th largest employer in New York State) had told me she felt bad for those applying right now because they have more applicants then positions. Rochester General Hospital nurse recuiter stated that unless you worked at their hospital already they was no point in applying because they had nothing open. Highland hospital had no positions opened this year and Unity Hospital might be the only one really hiring at the time(most people know someone who works there if they got a job there but not always the case) There are approximately 6 nursing schools in this area so there is a lot of competition for the jobs. Needless to say I would line up a job before coming to upstate NY, the cost of living is great up here and the real-estate market really gives you a bang for your buck. I think your shot is better up here though then down in nyc...GL!
  9. krazaygerl

    what did you score on kaplan test 7 and pass NCLEX?

    Right now I am freaking out because tomorrow is my last day of kaplan and these are my scores so far diagnostic-62 QT1-64 QT2- 59 QT3- 68 QT4- 63 QT5-59 readiness- 63 my exam is in a little over a week, but barely, should I reschedule it? I plan on taking QT6&7 next week so I'm not sure what to do, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to pass the first time with 75 questions if possible
  10. krazaygerl

    name that hospital and its starting salary

    Thanks, im looking for permanent nights most-likely, not that i mind the day shift, but i think for job security purposes and because Ill be a new nurse there will be more opportunities if i go nights at first. you get to sleep during the day while everyone else is at work, so its not like you are missing out on anything ya know
  11. krazaygerl

    name that hospital and its starting salary

    wow thats an amazing shift differential, do ya know if you do 12 hr days or 12 hour nights does it break it up as all 12 hr shift differential for nights, or is it 4 hr evening and 8 hr night? and same thing with days/evening? I was worried i wouldnt be able to afford to live there but with the differentials i think i could make it work :)
  12. krazaygerl

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    In the Rochester area: RGH is 21.75/hr Unity is 23.00/hr These are for BSN's base pay
  13. So I plan on graduating nursing school in May 2010 in NY (with my BSN and a previous B.S. in Human Biology) and I am looking to possibly move to the washington d.c area, I'm hoping by that time the economy has bounced back and more places are hiring. I was wondering if people could tell me about the hospitals in the city or surrounding area and the starting salary and whatever other fun/useful facts you may know. Thanks!
  14. krazaygerl

    name that hospital and its starting salary

    I will have my BSN in nursing and another B.S. in human biology. I plan on applying for jobs in january, so this way I can secure something before I move down there. If I cant secure anything down there I have received 2 job offers in rochester, and will be forced to stay up here for now. My family and friends all live within an hour of D.C. so it would be more convenient. Thanks for the help!
  15. krazaygerl

    name that hospital and its starting salary

    thanks it seems like there is always something to do or see, and is only an hr drive or so to the beach 28 is def a nice starting rate
  16. Heya everyone, So I plan on graduating nursing school in May 2010 in NY and am looking to possibly move to philadelphia, I'm hoping by that time the economy has bounced back and more places are hiring. I was wondering if people could tell me about the hospitals in the city or surrounding area and the starting salary and whatever other fun/useful facts you may know. Thanks!:heartbeat