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Hey I'm a new grad and work in an icu and love it. I have always wanted to do military and before graduation narrowed it to the navy and airforce but the recruiters were very unresponsive and never answered my questions saying they would get back to me and never did. Anyway I'm just hoping that was a bad experience and would like to possibly join in 2 years once I have some experience under my belt. Can anyone tell me when I should start applying and what swayed their decision for af or navy? I'm 23 with no kids love to travel, would like to live in different counties if possible. I have a bf of 4 years who would be willing to move with me but idk what the job prospect would be for him or if I would make enough to support us both while he went back to school or if we had kids stay home with them. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. Also what is it like workin on an icu in another country and are you guaranteed your specialty? Also what officer level would i enter at with 2 years experience?

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I'm trying to get into the Air Force so I don't have direct experience yet, but rank is based a lot on education. I think you need a Bachelors degree to enter as an officer (highly recommended). The more you can bring to the table the better.

By the time I started the application process to the time that I actually leave for training it will have taken 18 months. If you are serious about it... Start now. The military gives you half credit for your experience as time served. This goes towards your rank. You must have a bachelors for the air force. If you have a masters degree then they give you an additional years worth of "credit."

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To go on active duty for any of the services you need to have your BSN. Army still states that it takes ADN's in the reserves, but I bet it would be almost impossible at this point to get in with one. Plan on a minumin of 6 months to complete the paperwork before it goes to a selection board. One reason that the recruiters might be slow responding to you is that it appears by other threads that there is only a limited number of boards this year. Once these boards are done then the recruiters will be looking for new applicates.

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I think mine was about 18 months as well. Wow, it seems so much longer. The credit for years worked and graduate degrees is still a little hazy to me and I have yet to hear exactly what my numbers are. I did hear yesterday that I can commission now.

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