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  1. I'm from Philippines and planning to apply for state board exam in Arkansas. I just want to ask if, am I choosing the right place to work for my profession? Could any one tell me me if I'm doing the right action, instead of applying to other country? I'm preparing already for my review and I'm procuring my requirements for NCLEX-exam. Is Arkansas the right place to work for nurses? or for foreign nurses like me?
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    AFP medical center RN residency

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    University of Makati

    Hi Mike, I just want to ask if they have MAN in UMAK? I'm willing to enroll there, and about the caregiver course ? About the tuition fees? Thanx in advance.
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    AFP medical center RN residency

    After passing all the steps in AFPMC maybe that's the time you can pass the resignation to your current hospital.. Be thankful that you passed the qualifying exam.. Good luck!!
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    AFP medical center RN residency

    I just want to know if when would be the next qualifying exam and when would be the submission of the requirements?
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    Quezon City General Hospital

    Happy are those who are working in a hospital.
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    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Good luck to us!!!:)
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    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    LOl!! You're also working in a call center? Same here, since 2008 but I'm having my Master's Degree right now at St. Jude.. Good Luck!
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    Facing the World Ahead...

    Very nice experience.. I passed my local board 3 years ago.. But until now I don't have any experience..
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    share your NLE scores

    Lucky are those who got a grade of 80+, but for me those are digits only...We are politically inclined, that's too bad.. Eventhough you got a higher scores that's useless, what we need to do is to give our best in all aspects.. We need to find ways of how we could avail trainings and seminars, that would be a big help..And the most powerful thing is prayer... I could say, I'm the unlucky one..until now I don't have any experience.. Good luck to us!!
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    AFP medical center RN residency

    Hi!! Yes, How may I help you today?
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    Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants

    CHMC- Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center located besides SM Fairview. I went to their office just this week and asked about the status of my application. A guy told me that there were 5,000+ applicants and only 74 would qualify. Their priorities are those who have hospital experiences....They will be choosing applicants this first week of February. Good luck!!
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    The Medical City

    Yupp!! But if you have friends or relatives working there, your papers would be easily processed even though your board rating is below 80%..
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    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    yes!! definitely!! I went to City Hall of Makati yesterday and the one whom I spoke with told me to call the one who handled all the applications.. Take note I submitted my application last August 2010..and until now still on hold..
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    The Medical City

    :) No.1 Requirement..
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    AFP medical center RN residency

    :) You're perfectly Right, Mr. Romulo.. We have to be prepared for the upcoming examination.. Good Luck to us!!
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    Rizal Medical Center

    Perfect!! Take your time.. Good Luck!!
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    Rizal Medical Center

    I went to RTMC yesterday to follow-up my application because they started calling their applicants for the Nurse Residency and I submitted my application last August 2010. Unfortunately, I lost my phone wherein that's my number where they could contact me for the exam. I talked to one of the employees there and I submitted my updated resumes with my new contact number. They will probably call me this February for the exam..So, you need to submit all your requirements... I will send the contact person through your e-mail, thanks and good luck to us!!
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    AFP medical center RN residency

    Hi Jeff: In regard to your query; I went to AFP yesterday and had my query about what are the requirements that needs to be prepared,so they told me that we need to take first the qualifying exam and if you passed the exam that's the time that you need to submit the requirements. I wasn't able to asked about the requirements since my purpose why I was there is to know when would be the next qualifying exam. We could go directly to their office this first week of May for the exam scheduling.. That would be all!! Thanks!!
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    The Medical City

    Hi, what is your board rating, if you don't mind?
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    ATTENTION: Arkansas Board of Nursing Now Requires SSN

    Right! I also received that message, just recently..How sad..
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    fingerprinting cards for Arkansas

    Hi everyone, I just want to know where to find the form for fingerprinting for Arkansas, I do have hard time in finding the form and It's always unavailable. I need it urgently thanks!
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    Yes, I already inquired there, but waiting for them to lower their review fees for both NCLEX and IELTS... There's no harm in trying..since I don't have any hospital experience so I need to grab their opportunity....
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    Just took my Nclex-RN exam.

    Is PVT works also in the Philippines? Just want to know..