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  1. I applied to Eisenhower New Grad and JFK memorial Versant programs in the Dessert. Both program start around September. Anyone else here applied? Let's keep each other updated here. I really need a job so I applied to these hospitals though they are 50-60 miles away from me. Anyone knows the pay rate for new grads there? I want to make sure it's worth the drive and gas expense. Also, if you're working at these hospitals, can you tell us how you like it and any advices you may have...
  2. Has anyone be contacted by White Memorial? I had a panel interview with them yesterday...
  3. Hi, I interviewed for RN-I position on SICU and MICU units but forgot to get the contact info from the managers? I just know that the SICU manager is Greg. Anyones know their full names and contact info? I would like to send them a thank you note for the opportunity :-) Also, anyone currently works there? The managers mentioned that I will work nights as RN-I. I found the pay rate on their website to be 27.32-33.46 which is wide range.... Thank you in advance!
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    Critical Care Course in Southern CA?

    Hello, I've been searching for Critical Care Course in Southern CA (Orange, Riverside, and LA counties). I only found one provider in Orange County but their classes are on weekends when I work. I don't mind the $600 fee they requested as I believe in long-term investment but I haven't been able to find any availability. Thanks in advance!
  5. Was anyone else called for the RN New Grad Interview at PIH? Anyone went through their New Grad training? Thanks!
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    Corona Regional Medical Center

    on Indeed.com, Corona Regional Medical Center wanna hire RN New Grad to be Clinical Partner (= CNA). I guess the economy is not getting better anytime soon!
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    Do you really use your books after school?

    I do use the books I like and the books that relating to my work specialty. But it's just me. Now everything is on the internet, hospitals keep extra copy of the floor, and PDA usage so it might not be absolutely necessary to keep your books. I sold most of mine but I keep Med Surge, critical care, and patho. Hope it helps!
  8. NurseVN

    IV starts?

    In CA, RN starts IV and I believe NY has equal/higher scope of practice. You can sign up for IV certification class if u're not confident. This is the skill that comes with practice/ experience. U can also ask another RN to help if it's a hard stick/ rolling vein. At my hospital, we have IV team to start IV of RNs on the unit can't or think it's a hard stick. Hope it helps!
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    Feeling pressure to get off orientation!

    Good luck to OP. I have 18 weeks and I'm on the 9th week now and still overwhelmed sometimes. Please do not feel stupid or anything negative of yourself! Did they discuss anything about orientation length? I would ask for more shifts because you do not want to risk your license ans your patients' lives. Best wishes for you!!!
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    White Memorial New Grad 2011

    WMMC requires 2.5 yrs after the residency, so the total commitment is about 3 years.
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    1st year as an RN, Am I done?

    I think they have that process at hospitals but for private LTC, that usually doesn't exist :-( I work LTC for 6 months before transfering to cardiac stepdown at a well known hospital. My ratio (in CA) max is 4:1 but 80% of the time 3:1 due to pt's acuity. 9 is insane and unsafe!!!! To OP: I think they fired u for other unstated (by them) reasons. You can just call it an "unfit, unsafe experience' at your interview or on your job application :-) good luck!!!!
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    Does sewing scrubs count as RN experience ;) ?

    Haha... I make and hem my own scrubs too. During my interview, I told the manager about this hobby and he was impressed! I'm glad you keep your sense of humor alive :-)
  13. NurseVN

    White Memorial New Grad 2011

    I sent u a PM. Good luck!
  14. NurseVN

    Newbie needs empowerment!

    I sent you a PM. Hope it helps. Best of luck to you. Let me know here if you have any questions and I will either respond here or PM you again. I know how hard it is to land the first RN position so I'm glad to help :-)
  15. NurseVN

    Newbie needs empowerment!

    I'm a new grad myself (5 weeks in orientation, still have 7 weeks to go) on a cardiac step down unit. I'm sorry your coworkers have not been so professional but I agree with previous poster. I made it clear since the beginning that I do not gossip and I do not participate in any. I'm friendly and helpful to EVERYONE, including MDs, RNs, CNAs, housekeepers, etc. I prepare a fruit tray mysef for everyone once a while and people like it. The next thing I know other people start taking turns bringing healthy snacks. But I am also firm that I want to learn and do things correctly. I have 2 preceptors and they both appreciate the way I approach. I thank them for every opportunity but I also show them that I am competent. I advise you to start watching how other RNs plan their day. How about a cheat sheet? Know the drugs you give. Practice charting on a "healthy" person, like yourself- from head to toe. It does get better. If you give pain meds, assess 30 mins or so later to see if they help. Try to group a few things when you enter a patient's room. For example, I tell my CNA that I like to do morning vitals myself so I can introduce myself, plan the shift with my patient (ambulate x times/day, any pain med routine they have, etc.), assess the patients, give meds (I need to check BP and HR before anyways because I'm on a cardiac floor). I chart my meds when I give them. I have 3 patients and work AM so I would finish all that by around 9 AM. I like to pain medicate my patients early so they do not get cranky later. Then I take a 15 min break for breakfast, come back and check on pts. Then I chart my head-to-toe assessment. By around 10 when the MDs and residents coming in, then new orders and stuff. Care plan, education, and other chartings will be done periodically throughout the day. My narrative notes are usually brief, and I finish them before 1800. In my mind, my day ends at 1800. I & O's and chartings and everything else will be anticipated to get done by 1800. This way if anything unusual happens, I still have an hour to deal with. This system has been working for me and I have not leave the floor later than 1930, even when I have 3 discharges and 3 admissions. My preceptors are always there to observe, double check my charting, answer my questions, and assist me when necessary. I usually have 1 discharge and 1 admission. If I know that patient is being discharged, all their chartings and requires paperwork will be done earlier so I do not feel rushed. I hope this helps a little. Every floor and every situation is different but do not let other people stress you out. Also, if you are unsure, do not be afraid to ask. Not because you will lose your license (it's hard to lose your license) but because it is fair and best for you and your patients.
  16. NurseVN

    "OLD" grad

    I say still apply and if they ask for a statement of personal essay, address this fact positively. Some new grad programs (non-Versant) does not have time frame requirement :-) i think it's not your fault that the economy and current budget cannot accomodate every new grad a position. Good luck!
  17. NurseVN

    Jobs are out there...

    Right after I accepted a job offer from a great hospital which is almost 80 miles away from my house, 3 other hospitals within 30 miles from me want to interview and offer me a position. These are jobs that I applied LAST YEAR! I already signed my contract with current hospital and my apartment so I have to keep my words. Anyways, my point is jobs are out there! I applied at smaller hospitals, new grad residency, versant residency, rehab, etc. It took me 8 months to finally land a position in my residency. I was persistent though. I network and I apply, everyday! Please do not give up! Please do not leave Nursing!
  18. NurseVN

    new RN - income questions

    Better offer and commute distance but It is a great hospital! Enjoy :-)
  19. NurseVN

    new RN - income questions

    Is this Whittier Presbyterian? I interviewed there before but now working somewhere else :-)
  20. NurseVN

    Jobs are out there...

    I started this residency in February and moved closer to the hospital with my hubby because the new place would be closer to his workplace too. I love it here: Magnet hospital, great pay, great benefit, great residency, great floor, and great coworkers....so I do not plan to cancel my 18 month contract. In fact, I plan to stay at least 3 years to pay back what they have offered me. The hospitals that called me are smaller. They do not have specific new grad training. They do not have good reputation. I applied because I was so desperate....So, to make story short. I am happy where I am. My point is I would not give up. I worked rehab for 7 months while job searching. I tell myself everyday that I deserve better and I have to make the world believes it! Best Wishes :-)
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    How will I ever handle a 5 pt load?

    I will start my first shift training with a preceptor tomorrow. My floor is Cardiac-thoracic/ tele/ step down floor so max. Pt ratio is 3:1 unless pt Care is light and more than 1 RN call off, then 4:1. The manager and staff seem very open and encouraging so i hope I will be ok. In this residency, they made up a tentative plan and skill checklist for me and preceptor to follow. I also have a nurse educator to fall back to if i need more guidance or advises. I'm excited and nervous at the same time!
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    Cedar... New Grad Program 2011?

    Cedars decided to hire about 20 more poeple from the group they interviewed. Keep your phone on!
  23. NurseVN

    New Grad Med Surg or PACU?

    I'm a new grad from July 2010. I got both offers from 2 different hospital. One is night 12-HR shift (7p-7a) on Med Surg. I have the options of choosing a specialty and interviewed with that manager after 6 months. I need 18 month commitment with the hospital. One is in PACU day 8hr shift (10-630). Im in a master program to eventually become a NP/CNS and working 5 days/week will prevent me from school but the manager here is so nice. I need 30 month commitment with the hospital. What do u think?
  24. NurseVN

    New Grad Med Surg or PACU?

    Thanks Everyone!!! I have decided to go with Med Surge option because of my long term career goal. It was an extremely difficult decision but I am thankful to have the support from my family, friends and people on this site who are so kind to open my eyes with options! Good luck to those who are job searching and if I can be of any help, read my old posts or contact me :-)
  25. NurseVN

    Cedar... New Grad Program 2011?

    From my new location, I'll still be 17 miles away from Cedars (due to spouse's job location) so I have to take the 10. I learned that I can drive on Wilshire Blvd if I want to do side streets. Hopefully night shift will not be too bad....I'm looking forward to meet you!!! I'm insanely busy packing and arranging everything but I'm here still....hehehe...