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    Nursing Apps you can't live without!

    Fun thread! My favorites (new and old): - NurseGrid - Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine - Read by QxMD - Medscape - Medline by Unbound Medicine - Figure 1 - EBSCOhost app (painfully awful on iOS but still one of my favorites) - MedCalc (the older version but a new version is available and is free) - Allnurses
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    QCC Nursing Program ... Help Please!

    Greetings! QCC Nursing Alumna here! You have a very very high chance of getting accepted into the nursing program. Your grades are excellent and your PAX score is outstanding. Best of luck to you!
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    Any app suggestions for a new nursing student?

    Congratulations!! Concerning apps that I use during clinicals and for studying for meds, I use the Davis's Drug Guide that comes bundled in with the Nursing Central app that our school provided for us. Now Nursing Central is not free but Davis's Drug Guide 2013 from Unbound Medicine in the app store alone is $39.99. I also have Medscape and Micromedex installed because I really like comparing apps to see what each has to offer. Medscape and Micromedex are both free and I think both work well together - where one may lack a bit of information, the other picks up. I did some screenshots for all three using the drug Famotidine as an example to show the differences which I (hopefully) attached to this response. Main point between all three concerning drugs: Medscape app (free) includes a partial list of Y-site compatibility (8 drugs) and incompatibility (not all are listed but I'm hoping they will add a fuller list in the future) while Micromedex (free) doesn't list any, and the Davis's Drug Guide ($39.99) includes a good amount of drugs that are compatible (186 drugs!) and incompatible at the Y-site. Sometimes Medscape doesn't list the rate that a drug is supposed to be infusing at, but Micromedex does but the reverse sometimes happens. Concerning Davis's Drug Guide, there is only one drug so far that didn't have the rate of infusion listed but for this particular drug, it's not easy to find the rate of infusion. Also with Davis's Drug Guide I felt as if the assessment and patient teaching sections are more geared towards Nursing which I found to be really helpful in the clinical setting. The whole Nursing Central app in general is worth it to me but admittedly it is pricey. The Medscape app does have it's major positives for being a free app: it includes a handful of medical calculators that I use sometimes to check my calculations, it has information on the diagnostic tests, it has lab value data and interpretation of the lab values, normal vital signs data (though it doesn't list the normal respiratory rate values for toddlers and newborns which is odd), and more. The same content but expanded a bit further for some of the topics can also be found on the Medscape website (Medscape: Medscape Access). Another good app that is pretty useful when it comes to having handy review of the nursing clinical skills would be the Taylor's Nursing Skills Handbook app by Unbound Medicine ($34.99 I believe) and it goes through the skill step by step along with pictures to provide a visual aide. Well, that's all for now! I have rambled on for far too long already! Congratulations once again and good luck on your journey!! Before I go (I know - I'm still rambling!), I learned this tip here on allnurses but it's worth mentioning: you can visit this link here: Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version in order to do NCLEX questions on the go using your preferred browser on your phone. I personally click on Review and then Nursing Topics to focus on a particular topic at a time but you can chose to test yourself in anyway. Good luck!
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    Advice for the New Nursing Students: What to Expect

    Thank you very much!
  5. Same to you as well SBEGUM85! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!
  6. Congratulations, SBEGUM85! My buddy and I received the same day(December 14th) but at 2pm instead. Gosh I hope it's a group orientation!
  7. Greetings! Just to add to the conversation: just in case it isn't known - currently at Queensborough Community College, there is a new dual-degree program for Nursing which you can find out more about here: http://www.qcc.cuny.edu/nursing/dualJoint-hunterBellevue.html They are working with Hunter College. Hope it's helpful. Ciao!
  8. Thank you so much for responding! At least I have an idea now. Have a great evening!
  9. Greetings, mo2rn! Hope you are still around to answer some questions! How does the interview process work? Does everyone receive the same date and time usually? My buddy and I have the same time and date for the interview and I was wondering if they just have everyone come at the same time and then take individual candidates in one at a time for the interview? Thank you for your time and hope I made any sort of sense!
  10. Yes it helps tremendously thank you!
  11. I'm in the same boat! I have GRE vocabulary preparation books and I also want to know if I should consult them.
  12. Greetings, all! First post here. I'm a 2007 St. John's University alumni and I obtained a BS in Biology. I want to apply to the Nursing program at Hunter College for the Spring semester-I missed the fall deadline-and I am a bit confused about what I need to do in regards to the pre-nursing exam. Do I need to take it before I apply? I didn't take anatomy and physiology because St. John's didn't allow Bio students to take it(only Pharmacy and PA students) so I was hoping to apply to Hunter and take the rest of the pre-requisites there; is that possible? One more quick questions for the Bio majors taking Nursing: Would my grade for Biostatistics count for Statistics(required for Hunter's nursing program)? Sorry if this has been covered already but I did search for this specific situation in the board but I didn't find it. Thanks to all in advance for your responses!
  13. Sorry one more question: can I use my GRE books to help prep for the vocabulary part of the pre-nursing exam?
  14. Thanks so much guiltysin! I guess I will start studying for the test this summer then.
  15. just bumping to keep it alive..hope anyone can help