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I graduated as an LPN in August of 2011 and passed my NCLEX-PN in November 2011. I'm currently searching for nursing employment while still working in law enforcement

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  1. larien37

    New to the Mental Health field

    Hi everyone! I'm an LPN who recently just started in an outpatient behavioral medicine unit at a local hospital and although I'm very excited this is whole new territory for me. I was working in OBGYN for the last 3 years so I'm trying to school myself on as much as I can absorb in mental health to make my transition easier. I don't know any fellow nurses in the field whose brain's I can pick like I had in OBGYN so I wanted to post on here to see if there were any helpful on the job tips, advice, etc that will benefit me. Right now with the change in field I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed lol
  2. Hello fellow nurses, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find nurse to provider ratios for GYN practices in the United States? My department stopped OB care in March and is now GYN only. Our patient load is extreme, we have 3 providers and each of them see 30-40 patients a day with only one nurse per provider. Needless to say this is killing us. We have been pushing for more staff but no one has yet been able to provide us with what our ratio should be, the hospital of course always says we don't need more staff, we have too much staff, in fact they laid off 3 of our staff members yesterday. Now we're down to 4 lpn's, 4 ma's and 3 med sec's. Our average patient wait time from check in to check out is 2-3 hours (INSANE), we book solid 6 months out and can hardly fit acute patients in when needed. I tried calling ACOG to see if they knew anything about the ratio and the lady I spoke with didn't have a clue.
  3. Hi everyone, took me a while but finally enrolled in TCN to obtain my RN/BSN. I like the whole work at my own pace kind of thing esp right now working 10 hour days. Was wondering for those that have used the program about the exams for the general ed. I've asked a couple of the advisers when I call that I swore the adviser that came to my house and told me initially about the program mentioned something about needing a webcam for the general ed exams does this seem right? I don't own a webcam as of yet and was wondering do I really need to have one?
  4. Hi, I finally landed my first nursing interview and its next week . The interview is for an LPN at a local OBGYN doctor's office, its so close to my home and would get me an "in" for the hospital it's affiliated with. I'm nervous though, I can handle normal interview questions but I'm afraid that I'll draw a blank when asked any nursing related ones and make myself look bad. I know that my interview will take place in front of one RN and one of the Doctors in the office so there is always a more nerve racking atmosphere when there is more than one person in the room. I've had one non nursing related interview before where there were 5 people in front of me and it felt like execution by firing squad, too many questions being fired at once, having to constantly turn my head to make good eye contact with each person, not my idea of a good time. I ended up not getting the job because I had no experience but it was a good experience when it comes to those types of interviews. I'm starting today with going over my OB books and notes from class as a refresher but what kinds of questions could I expect from the interview? What are some good OB points for me definitely review before the interview? Since its in a doctor's office instead of a hospital does the types of nursing questions asked differ? When they ask me if I have any questions what are some good ones I should ask? Any info you guys can provide will be so greatly appreciated. This is a great site for nurses and it has become my "go to" place for info, encouragement and support
  5. larien37

    To List a Master's or Not To List? That Is The Question

    Hi, I also was debating this since I have a MS and BS in different fields other than nursing. I ended up leaving my full educational history on my resume but have yet to hear back from any of the potential employers I've applied to. I sent an email to the career services office from my former university and they stated to list my education as is. Guess only time will tell if any of the HR departments that review my information find it to be a good thing or a bad. If you wouldn't mind could you keep me posted on here and I can do the same on any results you find from listing your Masters? It could be very helpful for us in the future and also be helpful to others in similar situations.
  6. larien37

    Good Nursing Resume examples

    :ancong!: I'm excited to apply. I think I have my resume almost finished :)
  7. I would like to get some suggestions on professional liability insurance and recommended companies for nursing? I'm interested in joining some nursing associations, others thoughts and opinions on that as well
  8. larien37

    Good Nursing Resume examples

    I just recently graduated from nursing school and I passed my NCLEX last week (YEAAAA ME ), does anyone out there know of any good websites that have resume layouts specific to nursing/new nursing grads? I have found a lot of resumes online to look at but I'm coming from a background in criminal justice (law enforcement) so my resume is tailored to that field and I would like to get some insight on a good nursing resume so I can better edit mine to fit. Some things I'm curious about: *Should I add a summary of skills *In listing my certifications my first aid/cpr/aed expired in August and I know I can obtain recertification once hired but how should I list this on my resume or should I try and obtain it on my own (with Christmas around the corner I dont really have the extra cash to pay for this myself esp when employers can pay for it) *List volunteer work (unrelated to nursing), I was also a Who Who's Amount College and University Students years ago when I obtained my BS should I list this also even though it was so long ago. *How much education is too much education to list these days? I have a BS, Minor and Masters plus my nursing certification along with a police academy certification. It used to be bad news to list too much education when applying for certain jobs since it could make you look over qualified but nowadays with the bad economy is listing it all now acceptable. Sorry if I've asked too many questions. I've learned so much from allnurses that I figured I would get some good advice from others
  9. larien37

    Interview experiences from others

    I graduated in August 2011 as an LPN and my license was posted this week to the PA State Boards site I was wondering what types of interview questions to expect in the nursing field? I'm coming from a background in criminal justice so I'm not sure if basic interview questions are asked or if more medically related questions are asked. I would like to hear about the experiences of other nurses
  10. larien37

    Good Pop PVT

    Pa board of nurses posted all of our licenses today, PVT works!!!!! So happy, its truly going to be a Thankful Thanksgiving!!!! :dncgcpd::clpty:
  11. larien37

    Good Pop PVT

    She actually texted me not long after we got home (1 1/2 hr drive) and she said the PVT showed the good pop up. I know they pull random exams for almost like a check of the computer testing system so it's not out of the norm to see that your exam is on hold. She didn't give much info as to what her last question was, she said she kept getting a lot of place in the right order questions and drugs. I'm not sure how long they keep an exam on hold for.
  12. larien37

    NCLEX -Passed

    :ancong!: :anpom:
  13. larien37

    Good Pop PVT

    I took my NCLEX-PN this morning at 8am, the computer shut off at 85 questions and my heart sank immediately. The exam felt so alien like, I only recognized a few things so when the screen turned blue I felt like omg thats it, its over I had to of failed. I was the first person out of the testing room and just sat there in the waiting area like a lump on a log. I immediately pulled up the Pearson Vue site on my iPhone and logged in. I kept my page up and just keep hitting the refresh button every so often waiting for my "ready for delivery" status to change over to "delivery successful". I took my exam with 3 other classmates of mine and boy am I glad these girls were there with me. It felt so good to not only know somewhere there but just to have the wonderful support. The first of my three classmates came out and we both just had the look of all the energy being drained from our bodies look. We both stopped at 85 questions so I was beginning to feel a little better. She was in the same position where she felt she didn't recognize anything on the exam and felt there was no way she could of passed. We waited for our other two classmates in the building's reception lounge when I clicked refresh and TA-DA "delivery successful" appeared (this was about 30-40 minutes after finishing my exam). I asked my friend well should I do it, soooo scared in case it showed something I didn't want to see. From inside my status screen I clicked register and followed the prompts, I only made it to the select your school and grad year page when upon hitting the "next" button a pop up appeared on my iPhone screen. "This candidate has previously passed this exam. A new appointment cannot be scheduled". At that moment tears began flowing down my cheeks . I couldnt believe it, my friend then decided ok my turn and again the same pop up !! Our third friend got the same pop up (she had 120 questions), we were over joyed but we were still waiting on our forth friend to come downstairs. She finally emerged after 3.5 hours (all 205 questions). We were eager for her to try the PVT but alas she forgot what her username and password was, so we all waiting word from her but in the meantime I cant wait for my license to appear on the BON for Pa site. I hope it shows soon!!! For all the hopefuls it can be done and in the end you may never be able to fully prepare yourself for this exam but practice questions definitely help you get into the mind set of taking it :) I can't believe it, I'm a
  14. larien37

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took my exam this morning t 8am my status changed to delivery confirmed about an hour after my exam was done. Once it said delivery confirmed I hit the register button so I could try the Pearson trick, it never asked me to choose credit card, I made it to the choose your school and grad year and then it stopped me with the "this individual has previously passed this exam and this exam cannot be rescheduled". Is this correct, there's a good chance I passed?
  15. larien37

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    i and 3 of my classmates are taking our nclex pn tomorrow morning. i would like to add all our names to the prayer chain. although we made it through nursing school, the studying, the clinicals, passing each exam as we went, the nclex in itself is a beast of its own and we will support each other and give support to those waiting to take the exam. as my classmates and myself keep repeating to ourselves: we made it through school, we studied, we prayed, we made it in the end and we can do this :)
  16. larien37

    nclex pn exam format question

    i have been going over everything. doing 100-120 practices a day, giving myself a couple days off from material to rest my brain. from doing the questions ive gotten the chance to really see what areas im weaker in and which ones im confident in. pharm is a weaker subject for me so ive been doing some work in it lately.