OB/GYN interview...*gulp*


Hi, I finally landed my first nursing interview since graduating in August and its this Wednesday :yeah:. The interview is for an LPN at a local OB/GYN doctor's office, its so close to my home and would get me an "in" for the hospital it's affiliated with. I'm nervous though, I can handle normal interview questions but I'm afraid that I'll draw a blank when asked any nursing related ones and make myself look bad. I know that my interview will take place in front of one RN and one of the Doctors in the office so there is always a more nerve racking atmosphere when there is more than one person in the room. I've had one non nursing related interview before where there were 5 people in front of me and it felt like execution by firing squad, too many questions being fired at once, having to constantly turn my head to make good eye contact with each person, not my idea of a good time. I ended up not getting the job because I had no experience but it was a good experience when it comes to those types of interviews.

I'm starting today with going over my OB books and notes from class as a refresher but what kinds of questions could I expect from the interview?

What are some good OB points for me definitely review before the interview?

Since its in a doctor's office instead of a hospital does the types of nursing questions asked differ?

When they ask me if I have any questions what are some good ones I should ask?

Any info you guys can provide will be so greatly appreciated. This is a great site for nurses and it has become my "go to" place for info, encouragement and support