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  1. brokenroads27


    i recently graduated nursing school and i cant stop crying....at everything and anything. i don't feel relieved, i feel so overwhelmingly sad. i still feel anxious, like i should be doing something even though i dont have anything to do. did anyone else feel this way after they graduated? when will it go away? lol
  2. brokenroads27

    Malpractice insurance

    my school required us to have malpractice insurance all through school. mine expires in about 2 months. i'm no longer a student because i just graduated, so do i renew it but change the "registered nurse student" to just "registered nurse"? i didn't take the nclex yet. or do i wait to obtain malpractice insurance when i get a job? or do they provide it for you?
  3. brokenroads27

    sad to graduate

    i graduate really soon and i'm sad! obviously i'm ready to be done, it was the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. but i will miss these people and i'm scared of what's ahead in my life. anyone else feel this way?
  4. brokenroads27

    Lament of the White Clinical Pants

    LOL we were told to wear granny panties too but a few people in my class still wear thongs. luckily, my shirt is long enough that when its tucked it in covers my entire butt. i still wear nude underwear or nude lace underwear so its virtually invisible other than panty lines, which are unavoidable.
  5. brokenroads27

    mnemonic for remembering heart sounds?

    whats a good way to remember placement of the aortic, pulmonic, erbs point, tricuspid, and mitral areas? all i can think of so far is "all people..." any ideas?
  6. brokenroads27

    help i'm sinking

    my classes/teachers are the same way. i failed and had to retake nursing 101 and i dont regret it at all, not that i wish that on anyone. study as much as you can but dont overdo it and freak out. thats the worst thing you can do. study what you can and go into the test with confidence. if you have no idea what the question is asking or what a word means, break it down. go with your initial answer and dont go back and change anything!
  7. brokenroads27


    what can i actually fill out ahead of time to take the nclex? can i fill out and send the nclex application and background check months before i graduate? also, for the 2 by 2 picture that they want, can i take a picture and send it via computer since i plan on filling out the application online? this whole process leaves me feeling so confused. im not even sure what exactly the whole application requires...
  8. brokenroads27

    Irritating Classmates

    can i just say i read the first few lines of this and went "OH MY GOD" because we have 1 particular person in our class thats the SAME way. im so glad to see its like that in other nursing programs! all the drama and cliques is inevitable especially in a program in school where you move around from class to class with the same group of people for 2+ years.
  9. brokenroads27

    Weather Cancellations

    same here. theres nothing you can do. if the school closes, then you just sit back and wait and see if your instructors assign extra work because of what you missed. we had it happen last year too & it wasnt a big deal.
  10. brokenroads27

    How do you deal with anxiety?

    i'm constantly anxious and nervous in nursing school to the point where i have GI problems and it gets pretty bad. how can i deal with this?
  11. brokenroads27

    This is why you should be careful what you post on facebook

    what exactly is considered inappropriate? i take pictures of nursing school in general, but nothing graphic and no patients are involved. im just curious what would get you expelled because everything is so touchy now.
  12. brokenroads27

    Gift for nursing teacher

    what's a good gift idea for a teacher who meant a lot to you with their support during school? i'm going to give her a card and my other professors a card but i want to give her a little something extra. any ideas?
  13. brokenroads27

    CPR card question

    this is probably a stupid question but there seems to be such a thin line between cpr certification and first aid certification. i took a BLS class for healthcare providers from the american heart association a few months ago. my certification card only says im certified in CPR and AED but it doesn't include first aid on the card. so this means im ONLY certified in CPR not first aid? i just thought it was hard to believe because as student nurses, shouldnt we know first aid too?
  14. brokenroads27

    Working during my second semester

    if you think you can handle it, you can. a lot of people i know work full time, have families, and still go to school full time. i dont know how they handle it. i can only handle school and working per diem, sometimes going a month without working at all. why dont you try working the 20-30 hours a week on top of school and see how it goes? if after a few weeks to a month you feel very overwhelmed, talk to your employer and ask if you can decrease your hours a bit.
  15. brokenroads27

    Just Got Accepted.....Any Advice?

    i wish someone had really drilled into my head how important it is to be ORGANIZED. read ahead of time, i can't stress that enough. i still have a problem with studying the night before a big test and i will graduate in may lolll study in bits and pieces and make sure you have enough down time for yourself. exercise when you can, don't make your life ALL about nursing because it will stress you out if you do so. just relax, take one day at a time. good luck!!