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toniasday7 is a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in RN/BSN.

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  1. Hello, I’m currently an FNP at Chamberlain college of nursing, work full time and have a family. I have noticed over the past couple years the curriculum has been all over the place and so many changes (technologically) it’s hard to keep up with changes so frequently. I have learned from previous students that attended and graduated from there have said the program has changed so much since they graduated just two years ago and not for the good. I also know a few people that say it’s almost impossible to work full time and goto school there full time at the same time. I’ve even been encouraged to get out now while I still can and find a better school! Ugh... it has me sooo afraid as I only have 10 classes left. I haven’t started clinical yet. My GPA is 3.8 currently. Does anyone know of any better schools that are online based that are actually worth trying? Any advice, past experiences, feedback etc would be so appreciated. #afraidoffailing
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    Taken seriously?

    I'm almost done with my bacholors from Chamberlain and continuing on with for the NP I am working at a nursing home..i know... I took it bc it's way less stressful and day shift to facilitate with school fulltime as you know how stressful that can be. Anyways my question is since I am working LTC do you think that it will affect me in a negative way when I start the clinical? I mean will they not take me seriously during my hunt for preceptors when I get to that part you think? I am soo afraid i wont be able to find anyone that will precept me!!!I know people look at LTC as a joke... Which is scaring me to death. I hope I'm making sense lol thanks for any feed back or recommendations you may think would help me.
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    Help Me Love My Job again in the ER/ED!

    Thank you stargazer your message makes a lot of sense to me thank you for taki ng the time to respond. Another perspective seems to help
  4. Hello, I just have a quick question and this probably is more of an outlet anyways for me, probably one of my only safe outlets where I can talk to people and (hopefully) not be judged. How can I get my love back for the ER??? It's not like I've been doing it forever! I'm only going on my second year there! (nurse for 4 years)I have no problems with my co-workers for the most part, except the usual difference in personalities (ALL Women) the usual crap that goes with working with too many chiefs and not enough Indians kind of thing. I lately have been dealing with a lot of stress at home with my husbands health and now he's unemployed which isn't helping matters. I used to go to work excited, well ok not excited but it didn't bother me going there in other words until recently...I cringe at the thought of all the bickering amongst the coworkers and disagreements and the people/patients/families that are "abusing the system" and proud of this, and now I find myself mentally and physically exhausted. I've gained 10 lbs. in 2 months! I feel like I'm losing my confidence and self worth. I am constantly thinking I have done something wrong even though I have not! A friend/Coworker had made a mistake and for some reason I was trying to find a reason that it was my fault (It wasn't). My boss is very complimenting and makes me feel appreciated. I feel like I'm literally turning stupid, I go blank! I noticed also that when I would go into work all happy to be there, stupid me...It ****** off my coworkers it seemed. I mean I never went in like a know it all, or a blazing ray of sunshine, just came in being myself.. I started to feel like I was supposed to be sucked into misery, and now that my confidence is down, I think I am there. I really think it's just me being to hard on myself. If anyone would like to share a similar story with me or any words of wisdom I would really appreciate it! Sorry for the rant.
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    Depression, why!

    I am so sorry u are going through this I have only been a nurse for four years and I often find my self feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the other coworkers also.. I am wondering if u are coming off rude bc in reality u get embarrassed and are tired of explaining ur stuttering over and over to people that don't understand it and it makes u feel frustrated and is accidentally projected onto ur coworkers.? I get defensive at times but not on purpose and I do apologize.
  6. Hi Im a fairly new nurse that unfortunatley always allows myslef to be a doormat. I find it very hard to say no, and am often concerned about what people think about me and dont wanna make anyone mad. so in saying that Im often the easy target and doormat for all to use. Id really like some pointers to stop from being walked on before it happens at my new job. I often get from many people saying that "Your too nice" ALL THE TIME. Please help before I dig a hole and climb in it. I want to learn how to be assertive and not passive... This unfortunatley is my personality but if I could at least fake it at work that would be great! lol Thanks!
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    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    Wow that would be awesome and right up my alley! Thanks so much for the reply
  8. toniasday7

    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    I forgot to mention Im 7 mths pregnant..lol maybe this has something to do with thse feelings Im having.
  9. toniasday7

    I Don't Like Nursing. What Else Can I Do With My Degree?

    Thanks for the replies :) The only type of nursing I ever wanted to do was Behavioral health nursing but being that I live in very small town with a population of 10,000 and 1 hospital, a gas station and a walmart LOL theres not alot of those nursing jobs available esp in behavioral health bc they shut down that area in the hospital. I loved psych nursing in school and my instructor even said she thought I was great at it! Lots of the students hated that class. I even considered traveling 70 miles just to get to a well known hospital in st louis,mo but they will for some reason only accept new nurses with a BSN go figure....
  10. I am a huge over-achiever and find this very difficult for me to let go of which leads to increased stress levels, no time for myself or family because I am constantly reading or researching nursing articles and doubting myself in my skills and competency. I know I am a good nurse but feel that I chose the wrong profession basically because of family pressure of the to good to be true stigma of nursing....I like home health, I mean it's OK at its best and less stressful than the hospital but definitely the pay sucks and gas at $4.00 a gallon with only .40$ per mileage! I was wondering if my nursing degree could actually be applied to something I may actually enjoy more..I originally wanted to be a social worker but changed degrees because my husband said that it was a dead end job and minimum wage at the best..which I came to find out was mostly true for our area. I feel at odds because I just want to make a decent living without having to deal with the Dr's crap like in a hospital setting. I am very smart but tend to be swayed by what other people want instead of what I want. BIG TIME PEOPLE PLEASER and equals more stress. I considered continuing my education in nursing to become a PA but the more I think about it I just don't think I want that kinda life either. I keep coming back to this same thing that pops in my head....a counselor/psychologist and yes I know they definitely don't make much money either but I think its a better fit possibly...any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. toniasday7

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Pretty new to HH and I love it! I am only working PRN but get plenty of work best job ever!
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    How about some good old fashioned teamwork and less B***hing people! LOL
  13. Yep Yep Yep totally agree with the above :) Its not bad at all. Home health is the best!!
  14. toniasday7

    New RN that has a first job as a HHC

    I originally wrote out a long post for you and my pc lost it!! I dont think Ill do that again lol. Im new to home health too! I love it its the best job ive ever had. I worked LTC and MED/SURG and its not what its cracked up to be. Well not for me anyways..I thought if I was a hospital nurse that that would make me look smarter and be more marketable but its just not soo. Not to mention my ideas of being a nurse that helped heal the sick, teach and be the comforting nurse that i envisioned.. Those were basically fairy tales. Real world hospital nursing= in my situation: terrible team work, nasty attitudes from Dr's and families, neverending shifts, being a doormat, maid, and cook, only getting to see my patients for 5 minutes. and leaving every night feeling like I was a crappy nurse bc I didnt have the time to sit with my patient and help them with their feelings about losing control over their lives. Collaboration from others was a thing of the past. Yea I became a great pill pusher and organizer but big whoop! lol In home health I am the nurse,teacher,comforter,shoulder to cry on, I have respect and autonomy. I dont have to worry about call lights going off in my dreams, worry about if the Dr. is in one of HIS moods today. Bottom line is I am appreciated. Not that I wasnt before, but in a different way. I have more self respect bc I have the time to be the nurse I am supposed to be. Dont be afraid about being new because everyone is new in the begining. Best advice I can give is if you have that little voice in your head saying somethings not right then 9 times outa 10 you better listen to it. :) Also during orientation take many notes and ask lots of questions. GEt preceptors phone number. Dont worry about looking like you dont know something bc you shouldnt be expected to know everything right away. If your not comfortable with a procedure right away ask for a demonstration before trying it. Try not to sound unconfident in front a pt ( fake it until you make it :) ask questions in private if your unsure about something. If you worry about losing your skills in home health, you wont! I do everything a hospital nurse does but in a pt's home. Good Luck! Youll do GREAT!!! I think I got a bit off the subject sorry about that... :))
  15. toniasday7

    Best Way to Prep. 4 NCLEX

    I swear by this book called NCLEX EXAM CRAM!!! I never took that Kaplan course that all of my peers took and some ven still failed it. I had to study only 7 days from this book soley and PASSED my first try :) at first I was going through my pile of NCLEX books and I was geting nowhere and they were so overwhelming I gave them away bought this book and voilia this book had the same format as the actual exam and it had this awesome disk with it which is relly the only thing i studied from bc it i cant remember the word but its like how the NCLEX does it...picks questions individualized for you ( exam taker). It also gave u the probablity if youd pass the exam or not which was great for me and took some nerves away and made it easier for me to concentrate. Overall this book/CD ROCKS!