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My name is Jessica and I am a new graduate nurse of Old Dominion University, August 2010. I'm ready to start my career!!

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  1. Best Resource--new field

    Hello! I just recently accepted a position for Endoscopy RN position for a tier 1 hospital in Hampton Roads, VA. I was wondering what were great resources to use for this new field I'm getting into. I'm originally a General ICU nurse and have been pr...
  2. UVA RN New Grad Program

    My advice is to keep calling back btw 8-430pm and not btw lunch time which varies 1100-1pm until you get actual person on phone. When applying to position at hampton roads bon secour facilities the apps go to HR in Richmond Bon secours and I'm assumi...
  3. ICU to OR, any advice?

    Hello Nursgirl I don't have an answer to your question but is wondering if you can answer long have you worked in the ICU before applying for the OR position? I am currently working in the MICU/SICU for about 8 months now as a new nurse. I...
  4. How to become an OR nurse?

    Thank you for your reply Lisa! I live in VA and I don't think I have any periop programs in my hampton roads area... I did find a list online I think through the AORN website. I guess they recommend nurses to have some sort of educational training be...
  5. How to become an OR nurse?

    Hello All, I am a new grad nurse that was fortunate to start in the MICU. I'm still in that stage of anxiety, dread as a new nurse each day I work but am blessed to have this experience. I want to work for at least a yr in the ICU maybe more. I was ...
  6. New Grad RN 2011

    Hello! I don't know if you already looked at my previous post about the UVA New Grad Program on this forum. I recently found out it's for 2011 grads only. You should take advantage of it! Unless you already have? I'm posting the link anyway hope this...
  7. Sentara Norfolk General 5th floor

    felineRN and diva86 - I was wondering if you ever transferred? Was it easy or did the manager give you a hard time? Is 5RP just as bad as 5A? I was trying to see if there was a difference between 5A, 5RP, and 5K on Sentara's website but they seem th...
  8. UVA RN New Grad Program

    Hey I can't private message you through this website! They have a policy that you have to post 15 + discussions on their forum before private messaging members! Crazy! I hope you don't mind me emailing you. I got it from the private message you sent ...
  9. UVA RN New Grad Program

    She definitely did get back with me. I have a phone interview with her scheduled for the afternoon today! Do you know if it's just basic questions (i.e. strengths & weaknesses) or do they also throw in scenario questions?
  10. UVA RN New Grad Program

    I called the HR building of Mary Immaculate and they gave me a number in order to check the status of my applications for the New Grad positions. I only got the recording machine of the nurse recruiter named Whitney. Is that who you were referring? I...
  11. UVA RN New Grad Program

    jmunsg2010 thank you so much for your reply! It's good thing I didn't apply to the program. Have you applied to any of the RN Clinician 1 positions? If you have, I was wondering if they require you to add letters of recommendation? I'm just asking be...
  12. Am I being realistic? Nursing school at 45?

    You're definitely not too old!!!! My nursing classmate who I met when taking one of our prerequisites at a community college is 53 and we just graduated our accelerated nursing program August 2010. Just like your husband said do what makes you happy!
  13. UVA RN New Grad Program

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has applied for University of Virginia's RN New Grad Program for 2011? I also wanted any input about the program if anyone is or has currently participated in it. I'm interested in applying since the job outlook ...
  14. Thank you all for your help!!!! :) Chickadeepie
  15. Hello, I just recently submitted my application for license as an RN and was reading the section under their application instruction form titled "Practice Pending Results." I just wanted to ask clarification of this section. Does it mean that I can p...