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I just recently accepted a position for Endoscopy RN position for a tier 1 hospital in Hampton Roads, VA. I was wondering what were great resources to use for this new field I'm getting into. I'm originally a General ICU nurse and have been practicing for 5 years. It was my first profession as a nurse and now this is a big change. Any books or online resources you all recommend? I don't start the job until Nov 14.

p.s. I have gone to the SGNA. org website but it looks like you have to be a member or pay for education.

I appreciate the help!




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I have done part time, floated to, endoscopy for years. I have never used a resource book. I do love to learn and study so I understand your question.

I don't know....once in a while I would try to get some journals but never found one that offered much. Then I just got lazy, ha ha.

I don't know how familiar you are with endoscopy? I don't know what your job will entail?

ONLY moderate sedation?????

ONLY assisting the doctor, tech, and anesthesiologists???

Actually working as the "tech"? Working along side the gastroenterologist, passing the snares, dilators, etc.?

You tube is a good resource for what goes on in an endoscopy unit.

It may be best to get through orientation, work a while, ask a lot of questions...when you are new it is a great time to ask away...tell the doctors, techs, anyone you work with..."I'm new, do you mind if I ask about such and such." Then as you find out what your duties are you will be you can find resources more pertinent to what you are doing or maybe get some good ideas from co-workers about books, journals, etc.



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You can read the ASGE position papers. I found those fairly helpful.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the processors, scopes, etc. you can Google Olympus and ERBE.

Boston Scientific manufactures many endo supplies, they have a YouTube channel that can give you a basic overview of equipment and procedures.

You can Google images of ERCPs which will help you get used to seeing stones and strictures using fluoro.

I read a lot about patho of UC, Crohn's, polyps, Barretts, varices, etc.

Medication wise there is not a ton to learn. Your primary drugs will be whatever is used for sedation (we use fent/versed and propofol). Other than that, zofran, glucagon, Indocin......nothing you're not already very familiar with.

I hope you enjoy your new path!



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The Little GI Book by Douglas G. Adler (~$25) was my bible when I first got into GI over 2 years ago and I still find myself brushing up on topics with it. It's a good size to carry in your purse, is a comprehensive overview of GI pathophysiology and treatments, and is even slightly entertaining.

The SGNA's Gastroenterology A Core Curriculum (~$60) is also great, but it's huge, heavy and, dare I say, too textbook-y. Duh. It's good if you actually want to get certified eventually after a couple of years.

Also of note, SGNA has biannual regional conferences. The ones here in NYC are in the Fall and Spring and run about $125 each. I find they are WORTH EVERY PENNY! Of course there are vendors (some with some decent schwag) and breakfast and lunch, but the lectures I find are phenomenal. There's always something new going on in GI, that's what I love about it. Great networking opportunity as well.

Best of luck!