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  1. Resources for Pre-procedure Scope Testing

    Thank you so much for the feedback, all! Now I know I'm not crazy :-P I will discuss with Olympus if they could provide documentation on why this is best practice. At this point I have given her a verbal warning for insubordination (that's anothe...
  2. Resources for Pre-procedure Scope Testing

    Maybe you misunderstood. This isn't something you find in an owners manual and it has nothing to do with scope care, it is not even remotely a mandatory step. It is more of a common sense thing - to test all functions of the equipment before using it...
  3. Hi all: I've looked everywhere and cannot find anything on recommendations for testing the function of the scopes before the procedure. We use compliance kits and I insist my technician put sterile water in the basin and test suction, and air/water...
  4. Moderate Sedation and GI

    Closed eyes doesn't mean unconscious necessarily. I get what you're saying though because when I worked in the ED consciously sedated patients were still in pain and much more responsive. I would just remember that these patients aren't in pain bef...
  5. Moderate Sedation and GI

    I'm curious who accredits your facility? AAAASF prohibits RNs (except CRNAs of course) from administering propofol. It is used in the ICU for intubated patients, but for outpatient procedural settings, I didn't think it was allowed so I'm just curi...
  6. Being Managed By Someone Younger

    I applaud your seeking further understanding of your reaction! You seem to be considering every possible connection both on your own and your manager's end. You're right - she could very well be just eager, enthusiastic and even trying to flex her ...
  7. Being Managed By Someone Younger

    I have some insight on the other side of things - I am a younger nurse manager than the people I manage! This was the case in my last job as well. I am 35 but have only been a nurse 4 years actually (career change). I think because I have a backgr...
  8. What was the REAL reason you called off

    haha! Rock on with yo bad self!
  9. What was the REAL reason you called off

  10. I can't do chest compressions (CPR) will I be terminated?

    that's exactly what I was thinking as well! my job requires me to reposition unconscious patients and move stretchers with patients on them. I'm not saying she should give up on nursing but it seems like a very tough career to pursue if you cannot do...
  11. Suspended for a Medication Error

  12. Suspended for a Medication Error

    We effectively learn from failures, not successes. Yes, a medication error, but it's not like it was IV potassium chloride. Some people may say there's no difference but I disagree. For high alert meds I doubt any of us would take a verbal order, ...
  13. I can't do chest compressions (CPR) will I be terminated?

    totally agree - I am also short (5'2") and every clinical area should have a stool for instances such as these... and that's only if the patient is in the bed. It sounds like in the OP's case the patient was on the ground?
  14. Unsure what to do

    Oh my! It sounds like your colleagues were looking out for you but not thinking ahead, and neither were you. The IV fluid thing is something you should probably own up to. You technically stole from the ED and knowingly accepted them without a doc...
  15. From OR nursing to GI Lab

    I never worked in the OR but it seems like the same type of set up only not sterile, and no scrubbing or counting so that sounds like it's a plus for you. TONS of specimens, depending on the patient and procedure. There are a lot of technical skill...