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  1. Colonoscopy Without Sedation

    I've assisted with plenty of unsedated colonoscopies. It has always been the patient's choice. Sometimes the patient wants to be able to go to work afterwards or just doesn't like sedation. I've even assisted with a colonoscopy in which a physici...
  2. Moderate Sedation and GI

    At my facility we do both RN propofol sedation and fent/versed sedation. The RN procedures are different for each type of medication, but you seem to do only fent/versed so I will speak only to that. I work at an outpt facility. Our docs typically ...
  3. Move onto new job or stay at current one?

    I am an endo nurse. Started at an ASC then went to hospital. Hated the hospital. Sure, the procedures were more interesting, but being on call was awful!! Dragging my butt out of bed at 2am to drive in to retrieve chicken out of someone's esophag...
  4. From OR nursing to GI Lab

    Re: administering sedation I work in an outpt facility which utilizes anesthesiologists only one or two days per week. The other days of the week the RNs administer fent/versed for one set of providers, and do NAPS for the other. When doing the fen...
  5. Pathology Question

    If tissue is routinely getting stuck on the forceps it could be the doc is taking too many bites. I work with one doc who tries to get 6 bites each pass with standard forceps. We use tweezers to pry off the "hangers-on". Doc just has to be patient...
  6. New RN - Should I take an unappealing Med-Surg offer?

    Really, Nurse Beth, a "death sentence"? Dramatic much? I was an older new grad five years ago. MedSurg is not for me. It would never be for me. I can't even imagine doing it for a day. Just not my thing. Five years ago as a new grad I took three...
  7. Where to place an AER in the Endoscopy suite

    The AER is in the clean room in the hospital I worked at. The scopes are also hung in closets in the clean room.
  8. So what's going to happen to health care now?

  9. Veterinary Nurse

    This is funny to me. "Vet nurse" is fine. Who cares???
  10. Are There Jobs for Inexperienced RNs Besides Floor Nursing?

    OP- I was never a "floor nurse". Part of admission to my nursing school was obtaining CNA certification...and I detested every minute of it. I also knew that I could never take care of the same patient for 12 hours. I have so much respect for the ...
  11. Best Resource--new field

    You can read the ASGE position papers. I found those fairly helpful. If you want to familiarize yourself with the processors, scopes, etc. you can Google Olympus and ERBE. Boston Scientific manufactures many endo supplies, they have a YouTube channe...
  12. Nursing Salaries

    New RNs in Portland,OR metro area hospitals start at about $35 per hour.
  13. Which is the best nursing program for a mom?

    I know people who have graduated from each of those programs. All were satisfied, but totally overwhelmed with student debt. I was in a similar situation as you-kids, already a BS in another field. I went a different route. Earned my associate's ...
  14. Whooping cough in school in New York

    I am a school nurse in WA- where we are having the "epidemic". We are taking it very seriously, although, truthfully it is difficult to do much more than inform people and encourage them to get vaccinated. This particular outbreak also seems to be...
  15. ICU yuck

    Gina- You can totally despise PCT work and still enjoy nursing and be a fantastic nurse!! In order to be accepted into nursing school we had to be CNAs. I took the course and hated every single moment of it. Truly. Got my certification and never ...