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  1. dslite

    Letters of recommendation

    Does anyone know if it is ok to get a letter of recommendation from a professor before you finish the class? Next semester I would like to get some from my professors(if I do well enough) after the second exam? Has anyone done this before?
  2. I took some pre-med science courses at Hunter and it was extremely difficult. The professors aren't that great and they are really hard. Just be prepared before you go to every class and brush up on you study skills.
  3. dslite

    Rad Tech salary

    I know this is a nursing board, but does anyone know the average rad tech salary in NYC? I'm changing my major from nursing to radiologic technology.
  4. dslite

    Chem Pre-Req at BMCC

    I'm taking Chem 121 at BMCC this semester. From what I have read online you have to take either Chem 121 or 118 in order to take A&P 1 or you can get departmental approval. So, if you have taken science classes before and feel you can bypass the chem requirement then I suggest you go the the Bio department and ask for approval. Hope this helped.
  5. dslite

    What to do ? I'm so screwed up

    If you can't get a federal loan you can try sallie mae. They will probably give you one, but you will probably need some to cosign with you.
  6. I'll start nursing prereqs this month at bmcc. I am currently unemployed and I'm wondering if bmcc would be able to help me find full or part time employment. Has anyone who has gone to bmcc found employment though them? I"m looking for just some clerical work.
  7. dslite

    any non traditional students here?

    It seems like most nursing students aren't traditional now a days.
  8. dslite

    Should I volunteer?

    Currently I am unemployed. I have been unemployed since the summer. I would like to become a nurse and I will be taking the prereqs this fall. I have a chance to volunteer at Weill Cornell Medical Center and I wondering if I should do it? I was thinking that volunteering at a hospital would look good on my application to nursing school and I could gain some clerical experience at the hospital that could help me find a job but I don't want to waste my time if it would not help me at all. Would you volunteer in my situation?
  9. I am interested in becoming a nurse, but I'm kind of scared to go foward with it because I have been hearing these horror stories. I'm old enough now to know that there is stress involved in any career but what I've been hearing about nursing is unreal. So is nursing really all that stressful or are some people exaggrating a bit?
  10. dslite

    NYU traditional nursing program

    I already have BA and I want to go to NYU nursing but for the traditional program not the accelerated. Has anyone who already has a BA gotten accepted?? Do they look at your overall GPA or do they focus mostly on your prereqs/science courses? Is it difficult to get accepted? Do most graduates go on to work for NYU Medical center?
  11. dslite

    NY Methodist

    I am thinking about volunteering at this hospital. Has anyone volunteered or worked there before? Did you have a good experience there?
  12. dslite

    Columbia ETP graduates

    I want to apply to Columbia ETP program eventually. Does anyone know what the job prospects are like for new graduates of this program? Do most graduates go on to work at new york presbytarian?
  13. dslite

    BSN vs. MSN

    What is the difference between a BSN and MSN? Do you get paid more because you have an MSN? Is having a MSN more beneficial?
  14. dslite

    Spring 2010 Hopefuls!

    Not sure yet.
  15. dslite

    NYU accelerated BSN. Any hope?

    Yes, I have considered other institutions. NYU is just my number one choice. Do you know if I have to apply to the accelerated program or can I enter as a transfer student in the traditional program even though I already have BA?
  16. dslite

    NYU accelerated BSN. Any hope?

    I have already have a BA but my GPA is very low only a 2.3. I am going back to school to take the nursing prereqs. If I do well in my nursing prereqs and have good recommendations and volunteer at a hospital do you think that I could be admitted to the program? Even if I do well in my prereq classes I know that it won't raise my gpa very high but I hope that they will mostly focus on those classes.