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  1. lets say if the patient's bp is 180/101 is it ok to give him or her water to drink, it may sound dumb but i know if you are having hypotension you want to drink more water so is it opposite for hypertension ... thanks.
  2. princess007

    emergencies you have taken care of

    can you guys please discuss or share your experiences when you had to take care of emergenices, i am a lpn working in a long term care. not iv certified, just want to get as much information i can, if i ever have to take care of any emergency i will act smart and would know what to do,instead of calling the doctor what we should do i can have some of my own advice sometimes.
  3. california??? i am iv certified in california and just moved to colorado ,i endorsed my lpn license but not sure about iv certification???
  4. princess007

    Nursing Superstitions?

    Yes I hate full moons too.this one is very true. And every time we call 51/50 code on a patient for hitting other patient and when the emt comes to get the patient that patient is like the sweetest and quietest patient in whole facility and they ll look at us like we lied...LOL And don't you just hate it when you are almost done with your shift and looking at the clock with a smile the next second you ll hear one of your resident had a fall or some other kind of emergency.....
  5. princess007

    Did all you Nurses out there feel this way?

    thats normal, and you learn by experience. doesnt matter how you good you are in school but when you are on the floor by yourself you will not remember everything in the books and you have to find your own techniques sometimes.but more you ll work the more experience you will get and more comfortable you will feel.those nurses you have seen must ve been through the same feelings.I had that too. You ll be fine. good luck.
  6. i know we recieve license after we pass nclexpn but is that it. if someone asks for what degree you recieved is that what you would answer?
  7. princess007

    Is Jevity considered "medicine"?

    Talk to the DON there and they can get an order from the doctor and train you , but i m sure they are going to make you sign some papers, after all she is your mom and they cant refuse you.
  8. princess007

    what would be the"perfect med pass"?

    i am a lpn in a ltc in california, can someone please tell me what are the things i would have to do for a perfect med pass..i mean for example knock on patient;s door,check wrist bands, etc etc....i was wondering do we have to give patient meds one by one or can we give lets say 4-5 meds at same time...if patient likes it that way ???can someone please tell me some more things regarding perfect med pass....and perfect paper work if you can..i would really appriciate that..god bless!!!!!
  9. in denver...here i get paid around 25/hr so its gona be less there????
  10. Thank You!!!!
  11. are more patients assigned to one nurse in hospital then LTC??or more patients are assigned to one nurse in LTC???
  12. what is the difference? what would you recommend??where do you think is better to work ???
  13. what is the hourly salary of the lpn's working in colorado??? because i m thinking about moving from ca to co so just curious.. god bless!!!!!
  14. i am a new l.v.n just started working in a long term care facility......i have a question that i forgot to ask the nurse who was giving me training..this might be a dumb question but i want to know the correct answer because i am very new in nursing ...ok so my question is when the doctor calls us and tells us that the patient should have an appointment for regular checkup or something like that..does the doctor make an appointment himself or do we have to call on different number to make an appointment..and after the appointment has been made do we have to call the pro transport people to tell them that this patient has an appointment for regular check up and can you come pick him up???? pleaseeee add some more info if you can ..because i am not sure about all this....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. I am a new L.V.N, just started working, ..so can i get some advice on some situations that are very common in the long term care facility which you think is good to know about and if some thing like that happens what i should do instead of freaking out...because i am going to start working by myself and they put me on call and the first time i am gona be working is going to be at night and i m going to be one and only licensed nurse in the facility at that time so if i have a question i cant really ask anyone at that time...so please tell me some of your stories or situations that you were in and what did you do????anything pleaseeeee......godd bless!!!!
  16. princess007

    is nursing fun for you?

    i am a new l.v.n..i find it sometimes very frustrating..it takes me very long just to pass meds, nothing really looks enjoyable , but i want to enjoy my work, please help me and make me feel better because i paid so much for my school and now i have to work as a nurse...but tell me some ways that i can enjoy my work ..i am feeling very low...please help...!!!! how do you enjoy work ????