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  1. MrsJersey

    Burlington County College Fall 2012

    I'm in the evening class also. I can't register yet until I pass this class...so keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. MrsJersey

    Burlington County College Fall 2012

    Hey, I'm taking Med Admin for the first time next week also. Hope to see you there, maybe we can study together??
  3. MrsJersey

    Burlington County College Fall 2012

    Hey, just wanted to know if you heard anything. I know it's late, but I just received my letter in the mail today for the advanced standing spots. I actually applied last year, was told no because I didn't have med adminstration so I just forgot all about it and was going to go the Excelsior route. So needless to say, when I received my letter today I was pretty surprised.
  4. MrsJersey

    EC Philadelphia PA Area?

    I'm in South Jersey, right near the bridge. I'm one class in so far. The only thing really holding me back is $$$. Let me know if you want or need a study buddy!
  5. MrsJersey

    Mercer County Community College?

    I'm wondering the same thing. I live in Burlington County in NJ and I'm interested in the co-op programs.
  6. MrsJersey

    Criminal Background Check?

    I'm in the proces of filling out my license application and I just want to make sure that I understand the Criminal Background Check. If I don't have a criminal conviction and don't answer yes to the question then I don't need to request a copy of my background check from the state police? If someone has the answer please let me know b/c I want to send my application out as soon as possible and I don't want to waste money on a background check if I don't need it. TIA
  7. MrsJersey

    PA LPN Licensure

    I am about to graduate from LPN school in NJ in July. I want to get my license in PA and not Jersey. My school is really not being of any help at all as far as the process in Philly so I'm pretty much on my own. I've been on PA's board of nursing website for hours and I'm just looking for some clarification on the process. Do I have to wait until I actually graduate to send in my paperwork or can I get it started now? Also, if I can start my paperwork now and does this mean I can start to look for employment now, or should I wait until after my NCLEX? I'm just so confused. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. TIA!
  8. MrsJersey

    Can I be a CNA or CHHA with a LPN?

    I would be careful doing that if I was you. Even if you are working as a CNA you would still be legally held to the standards of a LPN. The lines would begin to get fuzzy and you would hate to do anything to comprimise your liscense before you even get a chance to use it.
  9. I started my LPN program in June and lets just say the cattyness has already started. I try at all odds to ignore it but it still gets frustrating. As far as the actual material goes I have a 96 average so far. The work to me is time consuming but doable. There are a few students in my class that are not passing so far and a lot more that are just tettering on the brink so I guess what one may find easy others not so much. It's great to hear all of you other SPN's speak out...AWESOME!!
  10. MrsJersey

    Burlington County Institute of Technology BCIT Feb 09

    Thanks for the reply Tiff!! I go in next Thursday to pick up my books and get fitted for my uniform. I'm hoping that A&P wont be a problem, I took it at BCC last year so everything is still pretty fresh in my mind. I'm such a nerd though so I know that I will have read most of the book by the time that classes start in June. Our A&P is supposed to last from June to mid August and then we have off until after Labor Day. I want to try and squeeze a little vacation in there because I know it will probably be the last time I'll get to spend some quality time with the baby and hubby. If you don't mind please keep me updated with how everything is going. If you can't tell I am SUPER excited. Best of luck to you and I know you won't have any problem keeping up that 75 average.:heartbeat
  11. MrsJersey

    Burlington County Institute of Technology BCIT Feb 09

    Hi Dee, I just wanted to see how you were liking the program so far??
  12. MrsJersey

    Burlington County Institute of Technology BCIT Feb 09

    Congratulations on getting into BCIT. I'm starting in the day program at Westampton in the summer. I also am super excited!! Best of luck to you!!
  13. MrsJersey

    BCIT LPN Interview

    Hi!! I just received my post card in the mail today giving me a date and time for my admissions interview. First of all I am so excited:redbeathe...but I wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has any experience with how the interviews are. Thanks!
  14. MrsJersey

    Frankford Hospital SoN Interiew

    I have an interview on Friday at Frankford Hospital SoN. I am so nervous!! I requested the interview since my undergrad GPA was only a 2.5. I figured if they could actually talk to me then maybe I could persuade them a little bit. If anyone else has had an interview here or any school for that matter can you give me some advice on what to expect. I've never had an interview for a school before and I want to make sure I'm prepared.
  15. MrsJersey

    Wesley College Info

    There program is a regular BSN program. I never tried calling but the director of the program, Dr. Nancy Rubino is great at responding to emails. She answered all of the questions that I had. I'm not sure if I can post her email address here, but if you look on Wesley College's BSN webpage you can find her email address there. HTH:nurse:
  16. MrsJersey

    St joseph hospital school of nursing.

    My test is on Friday, let me know how it went!!