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  1. I have one instructor who just gave a couple lectures on F&E. She has a tendency to repeat what she says but when she does she will word it just differently enough to throw you off. Then she will repeat it several more times in the same manner until you have no clue what she is talking about anymore. I know I am not the only one in my class that gets lost with this instructor. Anyone else feel like your instructor is trying to confuse you??
  2. newbie08

    Nursing student or student nurse?

    I just like asking random, off-the-wall questions once in a while. I think it lightens the mood:nurse:
  3. newbie08

    RN student assigned to LPN???

    I didn't say that it was based on their title. I just said in my experience it seems that the LPNs are nicer.
  4. I figured since I am in a 2-year program, I would call myself a nursing student the first year then a student nurse the 2nd year since it sounds more official to me. How do you refer to yourself??
  5. newbie08

    RN student assigned to LPN???

    I am also an RN student and have been assigned to both RNs and LPNs and in my experience the LPNs have been much nicer to me, more caring toward the pts and happier to answer questions than the RNs have been. The RNs seem annoyed to have a student assigned to them. It's like they have forgotten that they were in our position before. I wouldn't worry if you are following an RN or an LPN. You'll still learn a lot from the experience:nurse:
  6. newbie08

    Any other ADNs wishing they had done BSN??

    I haven't really looked much into other school's programs because the hospital this RN-BSN program is affiliated with is the hospital I want to work at and (according to the little recruiting party they had for us) they will pay for us to get our BSN after we graduate from this ADN program. I was going to talk to my advisor Tuesday and see if she knew anything about it. Maybe there are ways around some of those other classes??
  7. newbie08

    Any other ADNs wishing they had done BSN??

    That's my plan as well. I want to become a NP. The RN-BSN program I am looking at is supposed to be for the 'working nurse' but when I looked at it today, it was showing that all the regular BSN pre-reqs had to be met before you could apply for the RN-BSN program.
  8. I'm in an ADN program and plan to get my BSN through an RN-to-BSN program. I was looking at the school that I plan on doing that through and you still have to do all the courses that any other BSN student has to go through!! Although I will have a lot of the credits by the time I get to that point, I am really starting to wish I had just gone the BSN route to start with!! Anyone else??
  9. newbie08

    Class sizes

    There are 48 in my Adult Nursing I class. That's including at least 5 who are auditing the course.
  10. newbie08

    Taking two anatomy classes at once

    It depends on how in depth the instructor goes in to A&P. With the instructor I have now, I wouldn't even think about taking A&P I and II at the same time!! Way TMI to absorb at once!!My school doesn't offer it like that anyway. A&PI is a pre-req to A&PII. With the people that are going to a different college for their A&P that does offer them both at the same time, from what I understand it's almost like a high school course. I'm not sure how helpful it would be for nursing practice... Good luck!!
  11. newbie08

    YES!!! Senior practicum in the NICU!!

    That's awesome!! I wish my program did a rotation in the NICU!!
  12. newbie08

    Gearing up for next semester : )

    I'm glad to hear I am not the only one to get up super early for clinicals!! I normally set my alarm for 0400 so I can wake up (I am NOT a morning person), get a shower, get my daughter up, get her ready for daycare and be out the door by 0600 so I can drop her off and be at the hospital by 0645. Thank goodness we only have one clinical day per week this semester!! We had 2 days back-to-back per week last semester. That made for 2 very long days!!
  13. newbie08

    Cheap books online? Textbook website suggestions??

    I am considering buying my textbooks for this semester somewhere other than the college bookstore. Any suggestions for websites?? Thanks!!
  14. newbie08

    Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    The one in my A&P book was : On Occassion Our Trusty Truck Acts Funny, Very Good Vehicle AnyHow. And for if they are motor, sensory or both: Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says it's Bad Business to Marry Money. Hope this helps!!
  15. newbie08

    Gearing up for next semester : )

    This will probably sound dumb but what is a practicuum? I have seen it in other schools' curriculum but I have never heard it at my school. What is it??
  16. newbie08

    Skin to skin contact

    My daughter was born 10 weeks early by emergency caesarian due to severe preeclampsia so I didn't get to touch her at all until 2 days after she was born. The NICU nurses strongly suggested skin-to-skin contact (they called it kangaroo care). I tried it and I will say my daughter's VS did improve and she did take my breastmilk much better when we did the kangaroo care. If we do decide to try for another and I make it to term without any problems, I will definitely have them place the baby on me and wait for the cord to stop pulsating. That was what I wanted the first time before the pre-e came into play...