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  1. Air bubble (~0.5ml) in pre-filled syringes

    I know the small air bubble in pre-filled syringes like clexane should be kept for injection. However, I have seen there is a big air bubble (>0.5ml) in certain pre-filled syringes like NESP, do I need to expel the air after connecting the needle?...
  2. Expel air from pre-filled NESP injection?

    Do I need to expel the air from the pre-filled plastic syringe (NESP) after connecting the needle (as I see the bubble is quite big)? Thanks a lot.
  3. Question about injection of insulin

    I have watched some videos about insulin injection. Some videos showed pinching the skin continuously when doing the injection while some videos showed using the hand to stabilze the needle and release the pinched skin after the needle is injected in...
  4. To prevent Buried Bumper Syndrome, a PEG with internal retention dics should be rotated 360 degree and in/out. But how about the balloon type PEG tube? (as Buried Bumper Syndrome rarely occurs for those balloon type?) The water content in balloon sho...
  5. What to manage a painful dry eschar?

    A dry eschar was found on the area of MTP joint of a bedbound patient. The eschar was dry with no discharge but very painful. Pitting edema was also noted in the whole foot of the patient. Very mild erythema was noted in the surroundary skin. How to ...
  6. What should be the immediate intervention if a Trach tube accientally comes out? THX
  7. What is the difference between AMA & total hip replacement?

    AMA is austin moore arthroplasty THX
  8. I used to work in a medical ward & I just rotate to an orthopedic ward this week however, I have never been to an orthopedic ward before (even when I was a student) and so I have knowledge deficit about orthopedic nursing. I want to ask what the ...
  9. What does renal parenchymal disease mean?

    What does renal parenchymal disease mean? THX
  10. How to use this type of mucus extractor?

    Option 1: connect the "control valve" to the green end & then to the suction force; connect the "suction catheter" to the white end Option 2: connect the "control valve" with the "suction catheter" and then to the green end; connect the suction f...
  11. Why ill patients often have coffee ground?

    Can I amened my question to be: Why ill patients may have GI bleed or even PR bleed? THX
  12. Why ill patients often have coffee ground?

    Why ill patients often have coffee ground? THX:bow:
  13. What is rhabdomyositis?

    What is rhabdomyositis? What is the nursing care for a patient with rhabdomyositis? THX:loveya:
  14. urine for cytology X 3

    How to collect "urine for cytology X 3"? Collect urine from 3 different episodes of urination (can be within a day) or from 3 different days like "AFB of sputum X 3"? If it is collected from 3 episodes of urination, then what should be down if the p...
  15. Question about GCS

    If I apply painful stimulus to a pt, but he cannot withdraw or localize the stimulus & just show some movement of his fingers, what should be the scores of his motor response? thanks a lot:yeah: