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  1. Night shift nurse

    Can anyone give advice on how you make thru your shift. I recently started working night shift and I'm finding it difficult to stay awake even after drinking coffee.
  2. RN license might be revoked

    Who and what are you referring to?🤔
  3. RN license might be revoked

    Thank you. I was wondering how that works. I just don't want to be added to anyone's OIG list I'm not in NYC but I pray my state does this
  4. RN license might be revoked

    Hello I'm in a battle for my life. My RN license is on the line. I have a lawyer working on my behave but the BON is vicious they come to seek and destroy! If the BON take my RN lic. can I fight to keep my Lpn that has been in good standing for...

    This is my first week as well working in psych hospital. The charting is so different. I hope someone post some suggestions 😖
  6. First Day Working in Psych Hospital

    You can say that again! I definitely will be contacting the nurse educator.
  7. First Day Working in Psych Hospital

    Yesterday was very overwhelming. Preceptor didn't know she had to train me, didn't really want to train me so another nurse did..that was horrible as well! I don't know a lot of the psych meds or the I'm meds they use..I hope today is better😢
  8. First Day Working in Psych Hospital

    Thank you for the advice.
  9. First Day Working in Psych Hospital

    Hello everyone I'm a fairly new RN. I just got a new job working in a psych hospital. I'm kinda nervous any tips on doing this job? I'm excited but I don't really know what to expect.
  10. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

  11. New Grad Scared to Start in Med-Surg

    Hi, I'm in the same boat. I will be 55 years old when I finish my bachelor's program in January. I'm trying to figure it out as well. It sure would be nice if we can keep in touch for support.
  12. Searching for a preceptor

    Hi I tried to send private message but I can not. My capstone is not until December but because it takes so long to find someone to be my preceptor my school suggest I start early. Could you by any chance help me in December
  13. Searching for a preceptor

    Hello And Thank you Im.going to inbox you
  14. Searching for a preceptor

    Hello everyone I am a RN in GCU we are required to find a preceptor for the capstone. Requirements are have your BSN for at least 3 years and work in a hospital LTC or dialysis center. It's 10 weeks and I have to do 10 hours a week. Some of this can...
  15. New Nurse at 53

    I have homecare experience, I'm trying to work in another field where I can obtain more experience but it's not easy if no one is willing to except you with just homecare experience