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  1. Born2BAnurse

    Well I failed my RN/NCLEX

    Hello everyone and anyone...I failed my RN NCLEX two days ago and felt.horrible. I used UWorld and Saunders and what I found out it. For me at least if you don't have your core content down and is strong in it you can answer a thousand questions and you still won't pass! I decided to try NCSBN RN review program. That's what my friend nursing school program used. Has anyone tried it?
  2. Born2BAnurse

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    When did it close?
  3. Born2BAnurse

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

  4. Hi do you know anyone who has attended and completed the sienna college of health lpn -rn program?

    1. Born2BAnurse
    2. Nurseevans
    3. Mrugz


      Hi, would you please share some input on the school? what is the cost and how are the clinicals done.  Am in Texas and been an lvn for 10years and looking for a school that does not require prerequisites. TIA

  5. Born2BAnurse

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    no it’s some school called Siena Education center/Siena college
  6. Hello everyone I have been a lpn since 2005. First year after graduating I worked in LTC then I went into homecare and never left 13 years and counting... well I have been ready for change.I have applied to several ltc positions but everyone wants experience. I did sign up with a agency that sends you to different ltc facilities but I will just be thrown in with the wolves. my question is what’s the best way to get back into LTC facilities?
  7. Born2BAnurse

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    Can anyone tell me the name of nursing program in florida its a 6month program and you get a diploma. People go from all over because its short and quick. Does anyone know of this program?
  8. Born2BAnurse

    MedLife Institute

    Hello I just called metlife and they dont send out information but she didnt say nothing about lpn ro rn program. What school are u talking about
  9. Born2BAnurse

    lpn-bsn indiana state

    Hello Im looking into LPN to Rn on line also. Let me know what they tell you I would be intrested in knowing. Thanks
  10. Born2BAnurse

    Moving to GreenVille S.C

    Can anyone tell me what is the going payrate for LPNS in Greenville. Right now Im working in LTC and HOmecare. I was wondering if greenville has a need for homecare? Also is there any parttime lpn to rn programs in the area. Please reply thanks
  11. Born2BAnurse

    How do I become a Pulmonary Nurse?

    Hello Everyone I was wondering in how does one become a nurse in Pulmonary? I have always been intrested and just wanted to know if there is a certain way to go about it.. I live in Philadelphia
  12. Born2BAnurse

    New Nurse being thrown to the wolves IN LTC HELP!

    I have about 20 residents on each side even the heavy side.. The only reason that I was going to stay there was because home care want you to have at least 9 months of ltc or hospital experience. But this one agenct is willing to take me without the 9 months eperience
  13. Born2BAnurse

    New Nurse being thrown to the wolves IN LTC HELP!

    THat is a great suggestion. One other question.. I shouldnt be doing IV's if im not IV certified Right? There are 2 resident with IV's on this side but Im not IV certified..
  14. Hello Im a new Nurse I just got my license on Feb 14, 2005. Im working in a ltc. They put me on a skilled unit. There are 2 sides On side is fairly light with 2 trach residents and 2 tube feeders. The other side is 6 trach patients, sacral wounds stage 4, 2 IV abt, and 6 tube feeders. I have not work this side by myself because I dont feel ready but they want to orient me to this side. The light side I have done by myself with no problem. My question is how do I deal with the extra load. Why would they put I new graduate there. I think because noone else wants to do it... I work 11pm to 7am and a lot of times the relief calls out!! IM stressed already and I havent been there for a month yet!! Please help me.. I have the opportunity to do homecare even though I dont have a years experience in nursing should I take it or stay and the LTC facility...
  15. Born2BAnurse

    I Would Like To Be A Home Care Nurse But

    ARe these Skills Written test a pass or fail?? That sounds scary. I would like to do both. But seeing the experience I have with my son I say Peds. My sons agency say that they would give me a shot and place me with a basic case but it wont be with pediatric clients. Ohh and Im taking a Vent course (Peds on Vents)in a couple of weeks where I would get certification once I finished would this help me?
  16. Im a new LPN. I dont have any experience in Home care. I noticed that a lot of the cases are for Pediatrics, what I want to know will a home care Agency consider me I have a disabled son who is 15 years old. In taking care of him I have gained experience in G-Tubes, Vents, Coughulator, Feeding Pumps, and Some other things. Can I use this experience in hopes of find a job in HomeCare?