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  1. Death of Spouse

    Thank you. I've been a nurse for 27 years and am so taken aback. In shock really. Help me to understand as I'm not an ER nurse, why in the ER would he have been defibrillated multiple times while in asystole? I'm just not processing this well.
  2. Death of Spouse

    I recently lost my husband. He had a strong cardiac history. MI x 2, 5 vessell bypass 7 years ago. Was sitting and talking to me, mid-sentence he arrested. I did CPR while family called 911. I had his pulse back and was doing rescue breathing when EM...
  3. I work in Med-Surg. We also have NBN and Post-partum on our unit. We have patients positive for Mycoplasma, MRSA, C-diff, RSV typically. We keep our L&D nurses and NBN nurses "clean". The other staff can go in to care for isolation patients wear...
  4. Graphing VS

    Email me your mailing address & I'll send you a hard copy of what we use.
  5. Too Much Paperwork!

    I work at a small rural hospital. Most of our nurses complain about the amount of paperwork necessary to admit a patient. I can't help but agree with them. We want to form a committee to help reduce the amount of paperwork needed and still meet all o...
  6. Question regarding AMI Core Measure

    We put the patients in and use our ACS protocol. If you would like, I could share it with you.
  7. Nursing Documentation Forms

    Thank you for replying. I Like the report sheet. I'm interested in seeing other admission history forms and things like that too. We have a good care plan/interdisciplinary education form as well as many protocols- skin care, chest pain, pneumonia, c...
  8. Nursing Documentation Forms

    Hello Everyone! I would like to find colleagues who would like to share their nursing forms. I have PLENTY to share if anyone is interested. I plan on working with the staff to do some paperwork reduction in the near future and am interested in what...
  9. is this what its really like? 2 wks in...

    I feel your pain..with our preceptor program, the preceptor and the preceptee meet weekly with the manager to just check in and see how things are going- are you learning what you need to, how are the two of your getting along etc. to help catch mism...
  10. Help Needed to treat wounds effectively

    We have used Unna boots in the past. Should be no problem getting them stocked again. We currently use Convatec products for wound care and have seen good results with pressure ulcers. Thank you so much for your suggestions :)
  11. Help Needed to treat wounds effectively

    We are seeing more and more venous stasis ulcers and diabetic ulcers at our rural hospital. Unfortunately, we don't have a Wound Care nurse. We have protocols for decubitus ulcer treatments. Does anyone have any wound care protocols that they would s...
  12. Need Policy Help

    Thanks Everyone!
  13. Results Verification/Standing Orders/Protocols

    We have standing orders/protocol approved by the general medical staff. It helps to cover low blood glucose and low potassium levels. We also have implemented sliding scale insulin protocols that many of the physicians use. Hope this helps.
  14. Need Policy Help

    I am looking for a policy for drug testing for obstetrical patients. Does your facility institute testing only when there is an index of suspicion or do you test all OB's? If you have a policy you could share, I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. Customer Satisfaction

    Just curious.... besides the wonderful nursing care, what keeps your patients coming back?? What special perks do you do for your patients to make their stay more comfortable, etc. Thanks!