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I work at a small rural hospital. Most of our nurses complain about the amount of paperwork necessary to admit a patient. I can't help but agree with them. We want to form a committee to help reduce the amount of paperwork needed and still meet all of the JCAHO requirements as well as the CORE Measures. I hear very frequently that they have had members of their families as patients in other hospitals and they don't have nearly the amount of paperwork that we do. I have a GREAT group of nurses and don't want to lose any of them. I realize that they work very hard everyday and we have good patient outcomes. Is there anyone who would be willing to share the paperwork that you do at your facility? If you are looking for something (protocols etc) I would be willing to return the favor. Thank you so much!

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That's a great idea because I just started work as an RN at a new hospital. I have 6 years of experience. I have been there 2 months and I am seriously thinking of quitting because I cannot get my head around all the paperwork. It's terrible! I used to spend 20% of my shift charting and 80% caring for my patients and now it's opposite. And to make things worse half of the nurse on my floor are always "reporting" you for missing 1 form. There is no way to remember it all and I feel like people are always looking over my shoulder. Joint Commission have good intentions, but they are killing the nurse/patient relationship.

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