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  1. Chica_bella813

    if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

    Professional Cheerleader--Maybe cheer for the Dallas Cowboys!!! LOL!!! I would look great in that uniform!! LOL!!
  2. Chica_bella813

    Don't think I like Nursing anymore....

    You are soooooooooooo right on!!!! I guess I am unhappy with where I am in life. :crying2:I feel that I have quite a few things that I earnestly and passionately desire but it hasn't manifested yet. I have traveled the world and saved a whole lot of money in my account and I look back and see even then at the Zenith of my life I was not happy deep down because what I have been searching for can't be bought, nor can it be found in an orientation. So yes I agree with having to look introspectly within myself. But some days it is hard to do because I am faced with pain that I have tried to push aside that somehow always resurfaces. I think alot of it has to do with a broken heart and see alot of what you thought would have been disappear right before your eyes....I don't know how one can fix that???:confused:Believe me I have tried. And I think that is why I have tried running from place to place or job to job seeking solace. Even seeking solace through self medicating---and that comes in many forms. So thank you for being candid with me. Those around me think the solution is a new position but I don't think that is it. Yes I desire a full time position for financial reasons, but I do need something deeper than that as well. I will say this if you see another staff member with high absenteeism pull them aside and try to talk to them and find out what may be eating away at them...there usually something that is. Thank you once again:nurse:
  3. Chica_bella813

    Don't think I like Nursing anymore....

    I am appreciative of the fact that I do have a professional degree. I am a RN with a BSN Of 9 years. In my very early 30's and unhappy in nursing. I no longer like shift work, doing the 12 hours. I have done days and nights, ICU areas and no longer want the adrenaline rush of that sector of nursing. I have been seeking full time employment for over a year and to no avail. I feel like my life is just wasting away. I know this sounds depressing, to me living it is. I used to be so robust and proud to be an RN in my earlier years but somehow I have built some resentment towards my situation and the profession. I don't think bedside nursing is for me anymore perhaps that is where most of my frustration comes in....I have sought non clinical positions and they became short lived. I just don't know what to do. I currently have a prn position and feel like calling in as often as I can because my heart isn't into it anymore. I love sitting and talking to the patients but I feel like I am just over it.... I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I do not like the trend of emotions I have developed over the years towards nursing. I have been on the side of mgmt to see how mgmt views staff nurses as just "worker bees" I have also been a staff nurse to see how stafff perceives managment. I am a very dynamic and energetic person. I have lovely personality but I am desperately praying and searching for a full time position that I would feel passionate about. I love public speaking and love computers and interacting with all types of people. Something that would finally work for me. I am tired of running and going from job to job. Tired of agency and call offs..Tired of getting work from agency and resenting the fact of being there....I know that doesn't even make sense....but I really feel like my days are just wasting away. Staying under the covers doesn't help anymore.....Don't know what to do:crying2: Thank you fellow nurses for reading my thread:o
  4. Chica_bella813

    if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

    Definitely a Pop/Rock star....Maybe I would have had my own reality show by now LOL:D
  5. What part of Fl are you in???
  6. Chica_bella813

    Am I alone or has no place in this so-called earth?

    Wow...My heart goes out to you. I know that pain about your ex-boyfriend. Yes, that hurts. Try to remove yourself from that and the thoughts of him. Do not keep in contact, that prolongs the pain. Your focus now must be on your job situation. Be grateful and thankful that you still live with your parents and they may be pressing you to find a job, but they are more than likely doing that for your well being and times are tough. I also agree with the other posters. Take the CNA job, that will give you income. Congrats on graduating, but do not let pride get in the way of meeting your necessary needs now. The CNA position would just be temporary. Not permanent. Also another poster here gave you very good advice about keeping your degree quite, because yes coworkers can be very vicious. Find the time to take care of you. I know you are under alot of pressure but once you adjust your focus and thinking there is some good that will come your way. I will definitely keep you uplifted in prayer and ask that God give you strength and guidance during this time. Email me anytime!!
  7. Chica_bella813

    Can you live a luxury lifestyle as a nurse?

    I think it is very possible for a single nurse to obtain that. It is isn't too difficult. I see you are from California and I can't see how on a RN's salary that you could get a 5 bedroom home in California. I think that is unheard of especially if single. But yes with careful planning you can buy a nice home--may not be 5 bedrooms(although I do have a friend who is a RN at her 4th yr bought a brand new 2 story 5 bedroom home) she was single, and yes you can buy a mercedes or bmw but it would be the cheaper one, like your 3 series or I am not sure what is the equivalent of your 3 series in a Mercedes. Yes you could travel the world still....maybe not every year, but you can do it every other year with careful planning. I have seen this done without OT. But mind you the individuals that are RN's who have been able to live this lifestyle were singles with no children. I also know RN's married to MD's who are not able to live this life right now because he just finished his fellowship and they are paying $1400/month just on his student loans alone. So with proper planning and saving it is possible. Now is it idea and wise for you to purchase these items not knowing what the next 10 years can bring......only you can decide that.
  8. Chica_bella813

    Why do QA positions pay so low??

    I have been wanting to get away from the bedside for a while. I really like QA/QI, infection control and risk management. I saw a position as a Quality Assurance Review Coordinator with a company. It seems very very interesting and they pay for ALL your benefits 100%!!!! But they pay is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LOW!!! When I was a new grad I may have been offered figures like this. I have been an RN for 9yrs. The benefits are PHENOMENAL!!! :yeah:2 weeks paid vacation, All medical, dental and life insurance, disablity paid 100%. They give you 12% matching toward your retirement. No this isn't a government job. When the manager told me the benefits I had to pick my mouth off the floor. It is 8-5 M-F. And occasional call if something happens. You get paid additional for that. But I just can't get over the amount paid....It requires your BSN but I still can't get over the amount. Someone told me since they are paying your benefits you factor that into salary. Is that true? With this job market and my desire to get away from the bedside and the paid benefits it is a bit alluring. I just know I used to make ALOT more in the hospital or working agency. Thoughts anyone??
  9. Chica_bella813

    Can't find a job in hospitals

    It's not only new grads having a hard time finding..exprienced RN's with BSN's are having a tough time as well. Its the economy and the job market. Many unemployed but not many oppotunities so the hospitals have a field day picking and choosing. They are taking there time as well because they have the upper hand. But I believe things will change for the better.
  10. Chica_bella813

    Disillusioned, Depression, or Both?

    Maybe you can take a vacation soon and decide which direction you want to go in. :nurse:I worked oncology for years and the end of life care did burn me out. :crying2:And seeing young patients be taken so quickly by this dreadful disease cancer, and I also; like you had to step away and care for the patient while the patient was having a reaction to the chemo. As I read your post it brought me back to the days when I felt just like you. Management not appreciative of your efforts and your own unit not really being appreciative. I know how that feels. I had to step away from oncology all together and took some time off to regroup and figure which direction I wanted to go in. Perhaps you may want to try that. Listen to your heart and what area of nursing you think you may enjoy:nurse: Quick question: What state allows an MD to write a DNR order without getting the family or patient involved. I believe I read that from your first post. I have never heard of that.
  11. Chica_bella813

    what now?

    I agree with the above post. Unless a blatant remark was made about your ethnicity than you can't pull out the race card. It could be a personality conflict or the other nurses may have felt it may be easier to train a new nurse with NO experience whatsover, but a new nurse with some experience may have there own recomendations or hesitations because they have been exposed to certain situations a newbie hasn't. I know first hand that you see you have the skills set and the potential and you have more experience than the other candidate and it is very easy to say it is race--I have been there. But just recollect your thoughts, take a deep breath and go where you feel you will be valued and appreciated. Keep your head up and keep on looking!!
  12. Chica_bella813

    White Supremacist patients

    OMG:eek: So sad...wow I never knew that. Thanking for telling me. I truly appreciate it.
  13. Chica_bella813

    Travel vs. Permanent relocation

    Just try traveling. Make life easier:)
  14. Chica_bella813

    West Penn hospital consolidation to cost 1,500 jobs

  15. Chica_bella813

    White Supremacist patients

    What are SS tattoes?? I am not familar with that..someone please enlightent me:confused: