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Shijo has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Shijo

    Army Reserves FY20

    I’m not sure. Have you tried reaching out to your recruiter? I found out I was selected in November. Just last night my recruiter called and said the scroll has been signed and I can be commissioned. Seems like a quick turn around compared to others on this site.
  2. Shijo

    Army Reserves FY20

    Small world. SFC Thomas your recruiter too?
  3. Shijo

    Army Reserves FY20

    Critical care nurse (66s). I am prior service. You?
  4. Shijo

    Army Reserves FY20

    Wow that is a long wait. My recruiter said January or February but I’m very familiar with government/military time frames lol. And I will be based out of San Diego. Where will you/are you drilling?
  5. Shijo

    Army Reserves FY20

    Hello! I applied for the Army Reserves as a critical care nurse (66s). Just got the call from my recruiter last night that I was selected Anyone else on here recently selected?
  6. I just had an interview with a naval hospital. I was wondering about how long others waited before they found out if they were hired at military hospitals. Thanks :)
  7. Shijo

    gpa question

    I went to ohio state for a couple years straight out of highschool wasn't motivated whatever and ended up with a 2.4 gpa and then joined the army. Well after I got out of the army I went to kaplan for LPN school and got a 3.99. Then went for my adn at chamberlain and have a 3.92 there. I have an opportunity to go back to ohio state for their rn-bsn program. I was hoping to qualify for their "fresh start" program that would reset my old gpa but apparently 2.4 is too "high" for that. so if i go back there the best i can hope is to raise it up to a 2.9 (and maybe take a couple filler classes to make it a 3.0). Or I could just go to another college and truly start fresh. I've been accepted to Ohio University's rn-bsn program too so it's also an option. i don't want to do chamberlain or kaplan's rn-bsn programs because I'm out of gi bill and would rather go to a more affordable place. i like ohio state but i don't want to do it if it would be a nail in the coffin for my future. What should I do?? Go back to osu and try to resurrect my 2.4 or start fresh at ohio university?? do I have no chance at all for future crna because of my old college non nursing history?
  8. Shijo

    The New PVT: Pearson Vue Truth not Trick

    I took my NCLEX yesterday and just tried it today and this is the pop up that it gave me: "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Do you think its okay?
  9. Shijo

    Columbus LPN

    I went online to the Ohio board of nursing. You want to apply for license by endorsement. There's a good deal of paperwork and you have to give money to California for them to send your info to Ohio. (I forget how much but I recommend finding out for when u send it because they sent my paperwork back asking for $). Ohio also requires some fees to be paid. You also have to get fingerprinted and background checked again. It's alot but you don't have to test again.
  10. Shijo

    Columbus LPN

    Hey I just wanted to let you all know that there is hope if your persistant. On the 15th I had two of the places I interviewed for offer jobs. I even got another request for an interview shortly after that. So I've started working and just finished orientation and things are going good So anyone who is looking for a job all I can say is keep your head up! Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and support :redpinkhe
  11. Shijo

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I hope this trick is true! I took my nclex-pn 27 April. I used the trick 30 April and it blocked me then I tried again 4 May and it blocked me from paying again. Same pop-up message as other's on this forum got. So hopefully this is a good sign! I hate all this waiting and it's only been a week! Hopefully the next 3-4 weeks go by fast! Too bad cali makes VNs wait!:grn:
  12. Shijo

    Kaplan College LPN course in Vista

    There really isn't homework. Every lecture there's a test from the previous lecture. So as far as homework it's just to study. Some subjects are harder than others so really how much you study everynight will vary. The test starts right at 8am everyday. If you're late you have to take the test after school and get 5% off. But they usually grade the test immediately so you don't have to worry about the results. The tests really aren't bad, especially because getting the lecture the day before keeps the information fresh. Clinicals there's usually some project or care plan but there's plenty of time to finish those. I think the first five weeks were just lecture but I could be a little off on how long. then you have 6 weeks clinical. with clinical weeks you will have 3 days clinical 2 days classroom. after that clinical you have another 5 weeks classroom only. then the rest of the year you have clinicals. the clinical sites go 6 weeks while you're "freshman", two 8 week clinicals while your "jrs" then two 4 week and one 8 week while you're "srs" All the clinicals are in SNFs with the exception of one 4 week clinical that's with peds. I think a lot of the other LVN programs in the community colleges around here are suppose to be better programs but the wait list was too much for me. Maric/Kaplan got the job done and I did learn a lot there. Especially in clinicals, volunteer and that's where you really learn!
  13. Shijo

    NCLEX...do you tell people before you take it?

    I was so excited to be FINALLY taking the NCLEX (my school sent out our applications late so we all waited 9 weeks before we could register) that I told everyone. :yeah:i took the nclex 27 april in san diego. it shut off at 85 and I had 12 SATA. now it looks like i have a 5-6 week wait to find out my results. so I'm not sure I'm glad I told everyone! i think i did good, but who knows! If i failed it's going to be so embarrassing and disappointing to tell all my friends and family
  14. Shijo

    Kaplan College LPN course in Vista

    hello. I went to Kaplan's LVN class in vista and just finished up this past feb. Everything you said is right except for the hours. when your in lecture it goes from 8-2 usually, never any later than 3. for clinicals it's 7-3. are you going to enroll in the june class?
  15. Shijo

    Anyone else waiting for results in CA?

    I just took my Nclex-pn today. It cut off at 85. I had 12 SATA. I thought I did good at first but who knows So I read thru this forum and I'm trying to figure out how long I can expect to wait. The test center told me 4 weeks but on here I'm seeing 5-6+ How long can I expect and what's the soonest I can find myself on the cali VN webpage assuming I passed? I'm so nervous! ps. i took it in san diego
  16. Shijo

    can't wait much longer, when can I take NCLEX??

    I'm jealous! My last day of class was 12 FEB and they told us they would mail it out within the next week. Well apparently something happened and they didn't mail out our packets on time. I JUST got my ATT today!!! Oh well at least I can FINALLY take my NCLEX!!! :icon_roll It feels like I've stressed out so much over it it doesn't feel like I'm ever going to take it. I don't know how I'll ever manage to wait for the results!!!

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