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  1. Etana85

    Passed Nclex the 8th time!!!!!!

    congratulations :)
  2. Etana85

    Exam day on Oct 1..

    done.. Good luck guys:)
  3. Etana85

    Is exam cram too easy?

    I graduated back in January 2010 and didn't take my exam till the 22nd of this month..I used it for my studying along with the Kaplan CD Test Strategy (it only had 180 questions) and passed at 85 Questions..I think you will get different opinions on it..Hope u find something that works for you and, Good Luck!! :) -Nina
  4. Etana85

    Exam day on Oct 1..

    I just took my Nclex-PN exam on Sept 22nd, and in my opinion its normal to feel as if you don't know enough..My last Kaplan Assessment i only scored 63% but still passed @ 85 questions. In the last few days before my exam i just did all comprehensive type exams because you never know what you will be asked. I don't wanna overwhelm you all with anything but If any of u guys want i can share my exam cram notes with you..Its only two pages but have all the basic information on it (meds ending, lab values, test strategy, tricks to answering questions, acid base balance, delegation, maternity, antidotes etc) its simply wonderful and i really loved it. Just PM me if you are interested.. Good Luck to you all:) -Nina
  5. Etana85

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    the trick worked for me..took my nclex 9/22/10..tried the pvt and got the "good pop up" that same day..license # was posted up on the bon site yesterday!!:) nurse 2d worldddd:nurse: -whoever figured out this pvt kudos:up: to you..it helped me to sleep that night:yawn:..lol
  6. Etana85


    Good Luck!!..wish you all the best :)
  7. Etana85

    12 hours till nclex-pn

    Lol..yes it was..
  8. Etana85

    Passed 2nd time, graduated 4 years ago

  9. Etana85

    12 hours till nclex-pn

    Just saw my License #.. :)
  10. Etana85

    update. pvt worked.....

    yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy :ancong!: I just saw my licenses number a minute ago...I'm officiall babyyyyyyy....Now i can partayyy n then look for a job!!!!
  11. Etana85

    I PASSEEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you guys, i am still in awe.. Congratulations to all you fellow nurses out there. And to all of you about to take your exam/awaiting your results GOOD LUCK! Question though..When you pass your nclex do the candidates still get a performance report?
  12. Etana85

    I PASSEEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!

    that is sooo true...congratulations to you too:yeah:...
  13. Etana85

    I PASSEEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!

    i hope so as well...idk you but i have a strong feeling that u did pass:yeah:..be sure to keep us updated with your official results..now it's on to the other task: finding a job! lol
  14. Etana85

    I PASSEEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU :)
  15. Etana85

    I PASSEEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!

    I will pray and hope that u passed as well:)