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  1. karen230

    I'm in!

  2. karen230

    My Wait Is Over!!!!

    Hi All, I haven't posted here in months but I have to post. I just called the NS I applied to b/c I haven't heard anything yet and the woman told me I should have my acceptance letter by the end of next week!!! She said that students that where changing programs (like me) were being processed now. I said my niece got her letter a long time ago and she said that is b/c my niece is a new student and those were sent out a long time ago but existing students get mailed closer to registration and that begins in a few weeks for Fall!!! I now have to make a huge decision, work another year and take one more year at night and knock out micro and sociology or jump right into the nursing program and take micro and sociology along with my nursing classes. The woman said I am listed as extended track which gives me 3 years to complete the program rather than 2 so I have 3 years from the Fall semester to graduate. I guess I wasn't expecting to actually be accepted into the program so I am not prepared for the reality of it . Sometimes I think that even doing this right now may not be the smartest thing for me (I'm 38 and will be 39 when the Fall semester begins). I wasn't scared before but now I'm scared. The "what ifs" going through my head are overwhelming. I think I was better off not knowing anything.............lol.
  3. HOW FUNNY!!!! I love to say STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID as well :smokin:. We did that one last semester in Human Bio but we only did 18 muscles and about 30 or so bones. I just finished printing the powerpoint slides from the instructors website and now 2 days later, it doesn't seem so bad.
  4. if I had just stuck my wet finger into a light socket to make my hair stand on end. I went to my first A&P lecture last night and all I can say is WOW!!! I took 10 pages of notes in a 3 hr 40 minute lecture and last night was the first class, so I'm guessing since we did the whole "hi this is anatomy and physiology 1 and my name is....." thing last night, that a regular lecture will by about 14-16 pages of notes. Writers cramp here I come . But unfortunately, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! My lab starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to going.
  5. I have applied for scholarships and have begun to wonder. Since I am a non-traditional student, is it even worth it for me to apply for scholarships? I haven't seen very many that are geared toward a non-traditional student and so many seem so difficult for a non-traditional student to obtain that I do not even bother applying for them. I know there are so many scholarship opportunities out there, so for any of my fellow "non-traditional" students, have any of received a scholarship? Where did you get it from? A search on the web? Your school?
  6. You are so right, I am a bit bothered that she dropped the course and I know I shouldn't be since I was planning on going to NS anyway. It just seemed nicer with someone I know.......a buddy, KWIM?
  7. karen230

    anyone done with pre-reqs?

    It is different for me, my school didn't require A&P I&II or Micro for a pre-req so I am done with pre-req's. I don't plan to take any nursing courses until fall 09 BUT I am taking A&P I & II this coming academic year so I won't have to take them during NS. I am trying to plan my first semester of the ADN program so all I will have to take is their Nursing I course (which doesn't allow me to be full-time) and then that is all I will need to concentrate on.
  8. My school has this rule that if you didn't have a grade "C" or better in biology or don't feel that you are strong in biology then they "recommend" you take Human Biology before A&P. I took human bio last semester for 2 reasons: 1- I hadn't taken biology in 20 years 2- I barely passed biology in high school I didn't get as much time to study as I had hoped but still managed a "B-" in Human biology. In speaking to someone who already took A&P, she said it was alot like human bio but more in-depth. So I am very glad that I took the human bio, it gave me a general understanding and I expect that A&P will expand my understanding (or at least I am hoping it will). It really depends on how you feel about your ability whether you should take the recommended bio or just jump right in to A&P. Was biology something that you did well in when you were in school? Would you feel better taking a "refresher" course before jumping into the harder course? When was the last time you took a biology class? And remember, just because they are recommending you take the course doesn't necessarily mean that you are required to take it. It may be that your advisor recommends the course to everyone that is going in to nursing to give them a little more background before A&P, or maybe your advisor recommends it to people who haven't taken a course in awhile as a way to try and help them do better in A&P. My advisor recommended human bio but also told me that I could just take A&P if I wanted. I decided that it was better for me to take a refresher course.
  9. karen230


    Wow, I got tired just reading your post. You really do have a full plate in front of you. It may be time for you to slow down just a bit. You said you are having a hard time focusing and keeping late hours. Your body is getting tired of all that it is doing and needs a break. You said you work full-time, who takes care of the kids while you are at work? This is what I do when I need a ME day. DH goes to work, I take the day off from work, and the kids go to daycare. So it is just me and the dog home (and he makes me feel like I'm in HIS way). I spend my day doing NOTHING, no housework, no laundry, no nothing. I watch tv, take a nap, maybe take a walk or go shopping but that is about as active as I get. It really is wonderful to have a ME day and by the time my ME is over, I am ready for DH and kids to come home. Try one, you may like it.
  10. karen230

    Got into LPN program...still apply to Associate RN?

    At my school, the first year of LPN and RN programs are bacially the same and after that you go into the rest of your particular program. Having said that, there is an option of the LPN students to transfer in to the RN program after the first year and go right for the RN, does your school offer this option to the LPN students? If you are not sure, you may want to call the school and ask anyone in the Nursing division advisement or Nursing division admissions, just tell them it is a general question that anyone could answer.
  11. karen230

    Any older people in pre-nursing?

    I am almost 40 and still get zits, it isn't fair!!! I still crank up the radio when the AC/DC comes on. Color me happy........when the AC/DC hits the radio!!
  12. karen230

    considering nursing, but...

    I think we are all a little terrified once in a while, I know I am. I am not so nervous going in to this semester b/c it is A&P I and I just finished taking a human bio class and my understanding is that A&P is alot like human bio but more in depth. However, I am a bit terrified of actually beginning my program. I'm worried I won't do well or will fail and get removed from the program or even worse that I won't like it at all. I'm terrified of how much information I will have to learn in such a short amount of time and how I will retain it all, so you are not alone when you say you are terrified. The only thing I tell myself when I start feeling nervous is "one class at a time, just get through the class you are taking now and don't worry about future classes". I also feel the more I learn now, the more confident I may feel once I actually get into my program. So in answer to your question, NO being nervous is no way to tell that nursing isn't for you, the only way to truly tell is to go to NS and try it. I'm sure there will be things you will like and dislike and those things will give you an idea as to what type of nursing or even if nursing at all is right for you.
  13. karen230

    Any older people in pre-nursing?

    you will find lots of company on this board. there are so many of us "older" students here and no you won't be the oldest in your night class, probably not even in your nursing classes . btw, i'll be 41 when i finish if all goes well and i start my nursing classes in the fall of 09 but if i have to wait another year, so be it, i'll only be 42 when i graduate, still plenty of years of working left.
  14. karen230

    Taking the LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, OMG, I am so incredibly nervous, I just made the appointment to apply for NS for the fall 2009 semester!! I am going next week and I am excited and nervous all at the same time!!! The woman on the phone said, "you completed all your pre-req's and everything?" I said "pre-reqs? I didn't think there were any?" and she said "You have a usuable biology grade for us?" I said yes, I just completed Human Bio this semester and asked if there was anything I needed to bring. She said everything should be in the computer. I am so stinkin' nervous and now I am scared that I won't get accepted and I'll have to move to plan "B". I wasn't going to apply yet for next fall but when I found out there were 80 people on the waiting list for this fall I figured I better apply. The woman said they are already taking applications for fall 09 but they cannot enter them into the computer yet and they are being kept on a first come, first served basis which makes me more nervous that I won't be accepted. Ugh, I wasn't expecting myself to be this way . I guess I was thinking that it wouldn't be hard for me to transfer into the program and now I'm wondering how hard it will be. I am taking A&P I&II next year so that will be finished before I even start the program and maybe I'll take micro next summer so all of my biologies will be finished before I begin the program. So much running through my head right now, I think I need to go take a nap .
  15. karen230

    Anyone in Niagara /Buffalo, NY ?

    Hey no problem. I have been hoping to find someone going into the program at NCCC and have finally found people so any info that I get I will gladly pass along.
  16. karen230

    Did anyone attend the RN program at NCCC?

    I'm not planning on attending the program until Fall 09. I did wind up getting a spot in Human Bio this semester and am signed up for A&P I for fall 08. I'll knock out A&P I & II next academic year and will hopefully begin the actual nursing program in Fall 09 (at least that is the plan for now). Part of me is wondering if I should try to take Micro before going in to NS or possibly knock out the few other courses I will have to take before I start the program. Part of me is wondering if I should try to take just the core Nursing classes alone so I will not have to think about anything else. Then part of me wants to just get it over with. But for now, I'm sticking to my plan, knock out the A&P's next year and that is as far into the future as I will commit for now.