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BrownBoiRN has 5 years experience and specializes in NICU, Clinical Research.

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  1. BrownBoiRN

    Columbia FNP May 2015 Admissions

    I applied and was accepted to the MSN/DNP for the Family Nurse Practitioner program.
  2. BrownBoiRN

    Columbia MSN for RN's may 2015

    I met with the Director of the FNP program, Dr. Hall, last week for my schedule to complete the supplemental financial aid application. Based on my academic plan, tailored to my advisement plan, we will be in class Monday-Wednesday. However, everyone's schedule will vary based on accepted credits, any specialty courses or whether you are doing the seamless MSN/DNP. I am in the MSN/DNP seamless program so I take an extra course or two each semester, but for the Summer 2015 I am taking 10 credits and will be in class Mon. - Wed. No clinical the first semester. Clinical starts in the Fall. The course listing for my personal program plan is: N7000 - Introduction to Evidenced-Based Practice Tues. 1-4pm N8102 - Advanced Pharmacology Wed. 4-8pm N8548 - Normal Antepartum for Family Primary Care Mon. 2-4:50pm N7005 - Health and Social Policy Wed. 10-1:50pm I hope this helps. If you are commuting from North Jersey it will be an easy commute into the City especially the first few semesters. My issue right now is the lack of communication from the Financial Aid office regarding our Finciancial Aid packages. A month away from classes starting is nerve wrecking due to the high cost of the school and not knowing how much we will need to come out of pocket as students. Anyone receive their financial aid package yet?
  3. BrownBoiRN

    Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    My acceptance was from Rutgers, but was not the general application. It was an early acceptance process for active duty military to submit their board packets for early release due to school. The deadline for Rutgers general application is approaching so you should hear back soon.
  4. BrownBoiRN

    Columbia University MS/DNP 2015

    I figured I would start a thread for those recently accepted to Columbia's programs and will be starting Columbia's MS or MS/DNP program this summer in May. I am from New York so if anyone relocating needs any assistance or advise please do not hesitate to respond to thread or send me a message. All others respond to this thread with the following: MS or MS/DNP: Specialty: Current Location: Any other information you would like to share or additional questions:
  5. BrownBoiRN

    Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I have answered my question, but it's hard giving up an Ivy League acceptance and education. I just needed reassurance that I am making the right decision. Thank you again.
  6. BrownBoiRN

    Rutgers BSN-DNP Program

    Any updates to this question?
  7. BrownBoiRN

    Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    Struggling to make a decision between Columbia's Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner or Rutgers Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Care. I received my acceptance into Rutgers and waiting to hear back from Columbia. In a normal scenario my decision would be Columbia's Ivy League education. However, Rutgers offers a special Family Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Care DNP program that allows for certification as a FNP and to apply for sub-specialty certification as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner from ANCC via education and portfolio process. An Emergency NP focus is only offered at 5 other schools in the U.S. Otherwise, to obtain this level of education I would need to do an acute care or emergency nurse practitioner residency after DNP graduation. I am almost leaning towards Rutgers, but I do not want to pass up the opportunity of an Ivy League education. Also, I am a veteran and will be utilizing my 9/11 GI Bill so attending Rutgers, a state school, is 100% covered for 36 months vs. Columbia which I will only receive $31K/year of the $62K cost of attendance from my GI Bill. However, I have not received a financial aid award package from Columbia, which may offer a partial scholarship (wishful thinking I know). May, is around the corner and when I have all of my acceptance letters I want to be sure of my decision. Any thoughts on school choice? Would you attend the Ivy league or the program only offered at 5 other schools in the country?
  8. BrownBoiRN

    Columbia University DNP 2016

    Yes, I applied for the Post-Bac DNP Family Nurse Practitioner track for the Fall of 2015.
  9. BrownBoiRN

    Army Nursing: All Good Things Must Come To An End

    I officially left AD on 31 July, but I have been on leave since 01 June and I must say civilian life has been a great feeling. I HATED bedside nursing and have always been a clinical researcher so the last 4 years in the Army was an experience, but wasn't as bad because I never did med surg only Maternal Child Health, NICU and same-day surgery. It could have been a lot worst. I can say that my AD tour was a great 4 years as I was in a different duty station every year (my choice) and met amazing and not so amazing individuals. There will be this sigh of relief when you get that DD214 in your hand because you will know that you control your life, again. No DA-31's to go and see Grandma or 0400 phone calls for mandatory urinalysis. It will be a bit scary at first because of the security, but remember you are normal and free again enjoy the rush!!!
  10. BrownBoiRN

    Duty Station Recommendations Army ED RN (66HM5)

    Yes I did survive BOLC and now I am here at Ft. Bragg completing nursing orientation and will finally be on the floor next week. It has been a journey and so far I do not regret taking on this challenge. My suggestion to the future LT's DO NOT GO TO BOLC IN JUNE, JULY, or AUGUST!!! It makes things 100 times harder. The heat is ridiculous which makes your 3 weeks out in the field completely miserable. Everything in San Antonio, Texas is supersized. The bugs are huge and vicious. It was the most fun that I probably would choose to never experience again. It really taught me to truly appreciate the little things that we take for granted. For example the sound of a flushing toilet...using porter potties for 3 weeks in 115 degree weather is not fun. Another small tip is to get in shape now!!! Please do not wait until you get to BOLC to start running. PT is based on ability groups and you want to make sure you are at least in the 20 minute and under 2-mile running group or you will never pass the PT test which means you will not receive credit for BOLC (requirement for incentives) and all of your incentives you will not receive such as loan repayment, bonuses, and course guarantees. Overall you will have good days and bad days just try not to complain to much because it will only make you miserable. At the end of the day you will accomplish your ultimate goal and that is to become a nurse in the Greatest Army in the World!!! Wish you the Best and Hooah!!!
  11. If you are truly worried about getting school paid for and still have more than 2 years left before you graduate I would suggest the Nursing ROTC program. Your school will be paid, monthly stipend, and a guaranteed job. I am currently in the Army Nurse Residency program, but they are talking about really changing the program and lowering their incentives. I would suggest you lock in now and take whatever you can get because the same incentives may not be offered later.
  12. BrownBoiRN

    Duty Station Recommendations Army ED RN (66HM5)

    Just to offer a little help/assistance. The current available assignments listed on HRC for 66HM5 is: Northern Region Fort Knox, CPT / MAJ - NOW Fort Eustis VA- O4 opening Southern Region Fort Polk - MAJOR - NOW BAMC - MAJ/LTC CNS Fort Hood, TX Western Region Fort Bliss, TX - WBAMC OCONUS Hawaii, TAMC Not sure if this will be the list given to you, but these are the areas that are in need of M5 nurses now.
  13. BrownBoiRN

    Army Nurse Corps - Airborne school?

    I am a new nurse leaving for BOLC in July and will be stationed at Bragg. I have the course gurantee in my contract and I would like the 8A identifier (critical care). I am also interested in attending Airborne School. Since I am already going to be stationed at Bragg do my chances of being able to attend Airborne school increase?
  14. BrownBoiRN

    July OBLC & Duty Stations

  15. BrownBoiRN

    military nurse

    Your decision. The question is whether or not you want serve as an enlistee or as an officer first. If you don't mind enlisting first then you can go to school almost free and get your BSN. It's up to you. Officer training in the Army is 9 weeks at Ft. Sam Houston in Texas.
  16. BrownBoiRN

    military nurse

    In order to be a nurse on active duty for any of the branches you must have your BSN. The Army will only allow ADN's in the reserves, not for active duty. Active Duty requires a Bachelors in Nursing. If you want to become a LPN then you will need to enlist. LPN's are not offered a commission as an officer. In the Army an LPN is the combat medic or 68W with a M6 identifier which means you completed the LPN portion of the training. If you decide to become an LPN you can enlist now, attend basic training, and then continue to AIT for the combat medic course at Ft. Sam Houston. If you want to become an officer in the Army you need to attend a 4 year degree program to obtain your Bachelors in Nursing. As for what you should decide to do..... If are young and want to get your career started now then you should enlist in the National Guard or Reserves attend AIT and complete your initial contract as a combat medic. Use your tuition assistance and national guard education benefits to go to school and complete your BSN during this initial contract. At the end of your initial contract most likely you will either be finished or close to finishing your bachelors degree and instead of re-enlisting commission as an officer on active duty. This option gives you the financial means to complete your bachelors while gaining hands on nursing experience as an combat medic/LPN in the Army. This is just one option.

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