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BrownBoiRN has 14 years experience as a BSN, MSN, DNP, APN and specializes in Primary Care, FNP, AGACNP, Palliative Care.

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  1. FY 2021 Army Nurse Corps

    Congratulations!! Germany is awesome! How long did it take after your scroll and commission for orders?
  2. FY 2021 Army Nurse Corps

    Oh Germany is awesome! I am trying to swing for Korea. I was stationed there in 2012 and it would be nice to go back especially to the brand new base. I am headed to California on ADOS for 6 months in 2 weeks and will try to stay on ADOS while waitin...
  3. FY 2021 Army Nurse Corps

    Hi All, Prior service active duty CPT currently in the Reserves. Boarded as a FNP for active duty and selected in the February board. Awaiting orders and reactivation of active duty scroll. Headed out in a few weeks back on active duty through ...
  4. FY2020 Army Nurse Corps

    Hello All, Prior service Army active duty nurse 66H. I left active duty in 2014 after doing right after completing my BSN. I completed four years on AD and then transferred to the Reserves to attend school. I switched from AD to Reserves withou...
  5. Columbia FNP May 2015 Admissions

    I applied and was accepted to the MSN/DNP for the Family Nurse Practitioner program.
  6. Columbia MSN for RN's may 2015

    I met with the Director of the FNP program, Dr. Hall, last week for my schedule to complete the supplemental financial aid application. Based on my academic plan, tailored to my advisement plan, we will be in class Monday-Wednesday. However, everyo...
  7. Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    My acceptance was from Rutgers, but was not the general application. It was an early acceptance process for active duty military to submit their board packets for early release due to school. The deadline for Rutgers general application is approach...
  8. Columbia University MS/DNP 2015

    I figured I would start a thread for those recently accepted to Columbia's programs and will be starting Columbia's MS or MS/DNP program this summer in May. I am from New York so if anyone relocating needs any assistance or advise please do not hesi...
  9. Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I have answered my question, but it's hard giving up an Ivy League acceptance and education. I just needed reassurance that I am making the right decision. Thank you again.
  10. Rutgers BSN-DNP Program

    Any updates to this question?
  11. Rutgers vs. Columbia DNP-Family

    Struggling to make a decision between Columbia's Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner or Rutgers Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Care. I received my acceptance into Rutgers and waiting to hear back from Columbia. In a normal...
  12. Columbia University DNP 2016

    Yes, I applied for the Post-Bac DNP Family Nurse Practitioner track for the Fall of 2015.
  13. Army Nursing: All Good Things Must Come To An End

    I officially left AD on 31 July, but I have been on leave since 01 June and I must say civilian life has been a great feeling. I HATED bedside nursing and have always been a clinical researcher so the last 4 years in the Army was an experience, but ...
  14. Duty Station Recommendations Army ED RN (66HM5)

    Yes I did survive BOLC and now I am here at Ft. Bragg completing nursing orientation and will finally be on the floor next week. It has been a journey and so far I do not regret taking on this challenge. My suggestion to the future LT's DO NOT GO T...
  15. If you are truly worried about getting school paid for and still have more than 2 years left before you graduate I would suggest the Nursing ROTC program. Your school will be paid, monthly stipend, and a guaranteed job. I am currently in the Army N...