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  1. Which DNP Program to Attend?

    • Columbia Post-Bacc DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner
    • Rutgers Post-Bacc DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner Emergency Care
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Struggling to make a decision between Columbia's Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner or Rutgers Post-BSN DNP - Family Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Care. I received my acceptance into Rutgers and waiting to hear back from Columbia. In a normal scenario my decision would be Columbia's Ivy League education. However, Rutgers offers a special Family Nurse Practitioner in Emergency Care DNP program that allows for certification as a FNP and to apply for sub-specialty certification as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner from ANCC via education and portfolio process.

An Emergency NP focus is only offered at 5 other schools in the U.S. Otherwise, to obtain this level of education I would need to do an acute care or emergency nurse practitioner residency after DNP graduation.

I am almost leaning towards Rutgers, but I do not want to pass up the opportunity of an Ivy League education. Also, I am a veteran and will be utilizing my 9/11 GI Bill so attending Rutgers, a state school, is 100% covered for 36 months vs. Columbia which I will only receive $31K/year of the $62K cost of attendance from my GI Bill. However, I have not received a financial aid award package from Columbia, which may offer a partial scholarship (wishful thinking I know). May, is around the corner and when I have all of my acceptance letters I want to be sure of my decision.

Any thoughts on school choice? Would you attend the Ivy league or the program only offered at 5 other schools in the country?


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I think that with all the information provided you've already answered your own question. . . Attending an Ivy league only counts for so much; however, Rutgers is a reputable research institution and is making waves especially in health care in that area. Though Columbia does have the name you will only be getting a FNP versus both FNP and ER training. If you are leaning towards family care and a clinical setting upon graduation then by all means go for Columbia, but if you'd like to diversify your portfolio I would recommend Rutgers. Also, cost is a HUGE consideration with school and if you already have student loans you have to consider the practically and strain of additional loans especially considering you can get your doctorate for FREE courtesy of the GI Bill. All the best to you in whatever you decide. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I have answered my question, but it's hard giving up an Ivy League acceptance and education. I just needed reassurance that I am making the right decision. Thank you again.


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Is your acceptance for Fall 2015 from Rutgers? I applied for the FNP DNP program starting fall 2015 and haven't heard anything yet.


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Hey srodman5, I also applied to rutgers FNP-DNP program for fall 2015. Have you heard anything from them since this post?

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My acceptance was from Rutgers, but was not the general application. It was an early acceptance process for active duty military to submit their board packets for early release due to school. The deadline for Rutgers general application is approaching so you should hear back soon.


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No I haven't heard back yet! I emailed someone and they said they hit started reviewing applications

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I get what you're saying about the Ivy League education; it has a strong pull. But Rutgers also has a great reputation and it sounds like the program is a much better fit for your professional goals. I think there is a high enough demand for nurse practitioners that the prestige of a program doesn't matter so much when you're applying for jobs, as long as applicants have the training, credentials, experience, etc. It sounds like Rutgers checks all of those boxes, and has a bit of prestige itself! Also, if you're feeling stressed about making a decision, keep in mind that you probably can't go wrong here because both programs have a lot of positives! That might help make the decision weight a little less heavy on your shoulders. Congratulations and best wishes to you in your program!

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