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  1. Delirium, RN

    Navy Nursing

    Hey, i don't know if I posted in the right place, but here goes. I'm considering joining the Navy Nursing ROTC. I graduated with a BSN and passed my boards. I'm with a hospital now, but when my contract is out in about 2 years, i was thinking of the navy. I'm also under 25 and in ok condition. I have concerns about joining the "military" however and dont think it's the life for me. (i can be quite lazy when i want to be.) Can anyone offer any insight about what training is like? is it worth it or too late? I would love to do forensic nursing, can i do that with the navy? (NCIS, anyone? lol!) I guess you could say i'm suffering from "young and niave and wants to do everything-itis". Thanks for any and all help/ideas!
  2. Delirium, RN

    Any runners???

    I would have to agree with most posters- find awesome songs that you love and will make you move! For me that's dance, trance, latin/salsa, some rock and rap and others. I mix it up with comedy routines for a quick laugh to keep me in a good mood. Also, for motivation, try to go with a friend if that works for you. I have family history of heart disease and diabetes, so I remind myself to exercise if I don't want to end up a patient at a hospital.
  3. Delirium, RN

    Nurses: Don't believe everything you see on TV

    Scrubs for the win and House comes second with Hugh Laurie. (rn/writer-i agree- Hugh Laurie, RSL... drool... ) lol! I remember the comic "Jumpstart". Joe, a cop, loves to watch ER, but his wife, Marcy, a RN, can't stand it b/c it's so fake. Whereas Marcy wanted to watch Law & Order, but Joe couldn't stand it b/c it, too, was fake. Anyone else catch that one?
  4. Delirium, RN

    Read Labels Carefully on Over the Counter Medications

    Thanks for this! My friend was about to mix a bunch of cold medicines together, but called me first. Thankfully, everything was ok, but imagine the amount of people who may not be as careful...
  5. Delirium, RN

    Read Labels Carefully on Over the Counter Medications

    thanks for this! A friend of mine was about to mix a bunch of cold medicines together, but called me first to see if it was ok. Thankfully it was, but I can imagine the amount of people who aren't as cautious...
  6. Delirium, RN

    What Med-Surg Textbook do you use at your school?

    Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, 11th ed Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins damned heavy book and big, but has lots! :chuckle
  7. Delirium, RN

    Need Ideas!

    Hello, everybody! I need to do an Evidence-Based Practice presentation for Med/Surg about nursing practice. For example: Patient population: Adult patients with non healing wounds Intervention: Using honey based impregnated wound dressings Comparison: traditional dressing changes Outcome: I'm researching whether or not honey based dressing is better dressing for healing pressure sores vs. traditional dressing Yes, I have to use PICO. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can research? Anything you guys are curious about?
  8. Delirium, RN

    Do Cats Reduce the Risk of a Heart Attack?

    OMG, that is one beautiful Siamese! Looks like a younger version of mine... he's at home with my parents and I miss him! Anyway, you're right- pets are very therapeutic.:paw:
  9. Delirium, RN

    Need advice

    Lol! Thanks, and I am cracking down on her, but what would you do if this was a patient? You can't exactly refuse treating them (like holding back their meds), can you?
  10. Okay, so this happened yesterday during my Pediatrics clinicals. My pt was a 9 month old girl who has been in the hospital for 8 months for leukemia. They weren't currently treating her for it d/t bad lungs. Anyway, the whole day she was fine, just giggling and slobbering, only crying once while her mother and I gave her a bath. I go to take noon vitals and again, she was fine and looked fine. I leave after that for lunch. About 10-15mins into lunch a little voice in the back of my head tells me "go to the floor". I ignored it. Big mistake. I come back and found out the girl started crashing. Her mother noticed she was shaking with chills and her skin was mottled. High temp, pulse, BP. They had her somewhat stable when I got back. I don't think people were "mad" mad, but they kept repeating things like "that's what you get for leaving". I reassured them that she was fine when i left but then they said that that's "how quick they can turn". My clinical instructor was upset b/c she thought I had not charted anything for the day (even though I had). I'm not even sure what help I would have been to everyone if I had stayed. The only thing I would know to do was to get the nurse, which the mom did anyway. What do you do in these situations? The nurses and drs were still trying to stabilize her when I had to leave for the day, but I pray that she is ok. My two lessons that i learned is to not leave the floor for more than 30mins and to ALWAYS listen to the little voice in the back of my head. For others out there: ALWAYS trust your instinct!
  11. Delirium, RN

    Need advice

    Ok, so my issue is not really a nursing issue, but it is close. I am an Avon representative and one of my customers is impossible. "Alice" is a security guard at my dorm. She gets mad if I am not at her beck and call every second of the day. She orders things, but then getting her to pay for them is like pulling teeth. If I ask her too many times if she has the money, she gets mad and refuses to pay. Or she'll say, "Wait until my paycheck comes." I'm busy with classes, clinicals, and work, which all conflict with her schedule. By the time I can reach her she'll have spent it all. (She doesn't get her products until she pays- period.) Just seeing "Alice" to get into the dorm is terrifying itself. I don't know whether she'll be nice/polite or if she'll ignore me or if she'll throw me daggers with her eyes. I try to be as nice (or at least professional) as possible but nothing calms her. My question is this: I'm sure there are patients out there who are like this and it's probably worse considering they are sick/in pain. How do you handle something like this? Does anyone have any Jedi Mind Tricks I can try? Any magic words other than "please", "thank you", etc?
  12. Delirium, RN

    Tuition/ job help!

    I'm starting my junior year of nursing school this fall and I need help paying for tuition. A lot of hospitals offer to pay tuition for the last two years while you work for them. Also, I'm hoping to move down south to NC, SC, or GA. Any fellow students out there who know of any good, very professional hospitals in those states that have this kind of programs for students and nurses? thanks for any help!
  13. Delirium, RN

    Tuition help!

    I'm starting my junior year this fall and I need help paying for tuition. A lot of hospitals offer to pay tuition for the last two years while you work for them. Also, I'm hoping to move down south to NC, SC, or GA. Any fellow students out there who know of any good, very professional hospitals in those states that have this kind of programs for students and nurses? thanks for any help!
  14. Delirium, RN

    possible rant: the real reason for the nursing shortage

    As an extra note: From the test- I was just really scared. My mistake: I didn't put the right amount of insulin in the syringe. Had this happened in real life, I could have killed the patient. That scared the s*** out of me. I never want to do that!! Here I am making that mistake and i haven't even graduated. I have learned my lesson and when i'm on the floor I'll get someone to check my meds with me.
  15. Delirium, RN

    possible rant: the real reason for the nursing shortage

    Hey everybody- sorry i took so long to reply! Boy, am i embarrassed! I apologize for my rant- it was completely uncalled for and I should have waited and calmed down some to voice my complaints before posting. Everybody who posted is right- nursing school is supposed to be hard, there will always be someone watching, it's not the real reason for the shortage, etc. The instructors are within reason. My lab instructor really shaped up this semester. Last year she treated us like babies. And being ugly is not an excuse- correct. i guess what i didn't explain was if you heard her attitude when she says certain things. Everybody is creeped out by her attitude towards us. MistyDave- don't be discouraged by people like me. if you go in with a good sense of humor (something i lost that day), a positive attitude and a light heart you'll make it. I'm not changing schools- apparently sophomore year is the hardest year and i'm almost done, so i'll stick through. I hate being a quitter and i realized that i came close to quitting which isn't cool. I would do well to remember that with nursing there are the good days and the bad days and i need to take them all in stride. So, again, I'm sorry for the hateful remarks and i hope i didn't make a bad impression on people here on the forum. I'm remembering kindergarten wisdom where if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all and restrict your comments to the weather. lol!
  16. This kinda goes hand in hand with flowery's last thread. The real reason there is a nursing shortage is nursing school. it's hell and no one wants to go through it. I don't know about other schools, but for the one i'm going to- the teachers and administrators make you feel like s#$^ every chance they get. there is so much pressure to be perfect all the time. For example- today i failed a performance exam on parenteral injections. yes, i realize what i did wrong. I realize that i could've killed a patient had it happened in real life. I feel like s*** for making such a stupid mistake. I'm sorry!!!! I always choke under pressure when someone is watching me. but my instructor- she comes up to me - SMILING - and says: "i think i'm going to fail you." OMG I hate bashing people behind their backs- but she's ugly and has a freaking beard (i'm not kidding) and she smiles at the thought of failing students. the two other instructors were ok and passing people (don't get me wrong- they weren't lax, they just don't make you so nervous) but she's the only person failing people. Don't you think someone somewhere would notice that and say "hey, what's going on here?" Another thing is my school- administrative wise- is so disorganized!!! They keep changing people for student advisors (i've had 4 different advisors in the past 1 1/2 years) and don't even try to sign up for classes because they don't know what they're doing. I've heard students from other schools come to the school of nursing and they all say that it's crap when it comes to administration. you don't find out where you'll be for clinicals until the night before. If lots of nursing schools are like this then no wonder nurses aren't well respected and no one wants to be one!!! I understand we have to be put up to these difficult standards because we are dealing with people's lives, but making people hate their lives and themselves isn't going to solve the problem!!! this week is going to be the week from hell for this month (there is one or two every month). Spring Break is not going to be enough to recover, especially if my parents make me travel to see family...... P.S.- sorry for long post and ranting- i'm just uber-stressed!!! does anyone have any suggestions on blowing off teachers without getting into trouble? lol!