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Navy Nursing

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Hey, i don't know if I posted in the right place, but here goes. I'm considering joining the Navy Nursing ROTC. I graduated with a BSN and passed my boards. I'm with a hospital now, but when my contract is out in about 2 years, i was thinking of the navy. I'm also under 25 and in ok condition. I have concerns about joining the "military" however and dont think it's the life for me. (i can be quite lazy when i want to be.) Can anyone offer any insight about what training is like? is it worth it or too late? I would love to do forensic nursing, can i do that with the navy? (NCIS, anyone? lol!)

I guess you could say i'm suffering from "young and niave and wants to do everything-itis". Thanks for any and all help/ideas!


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Talk to a recruiter, and see if you can hook up with any military nurses to talk. I'd love to do that but a) too old, b) too married

Under the nursing specialties, they have a military nursing forum where you can learn all about military nursing.

Not exactly sure what you are trying to do. To be in the Navy ROTC you have to be in college. If you have already graduated then you could join the active Navy or the Navy Reserves. I'm an Army girl so I don't know much about the Navy but if you search the military forum I'm sure you will learn a lot.


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