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Grad soon, start in Lehigh


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Hey all,

Is anyone out there working at Lehigh that would mind telling me what it's like working there?

I'm graduating soon :eek:from Pittsburgh and I'll be working at the Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network, Cedar Crest Campus. I'm hoping to work either at and ICU or the ED or something along those lines.

What is the campus like? Is the hospital good? What are some of the experiences you can share? Is there something I need to watch out for?

I currently work for UPMC as an aide- how do the two networks compare (if you have an idea)? I know Lehigh is Magnet and UPMC is not, but are there other differences?

Also, what is Allentown like? What is there to do? Where are some nice but relatively cheap places to live?

:typingI have looked online at both Lehigh and Allentown, but I just want some real life stories and advice.

Much love!


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I worked in the MICU/SICU at Lehigh for over a year and loooved it. I now moved to Kansas City because of my boyfriend but was sad to leave. The pay isn't very good...21$ starting salary as a GN...but when I left working night shift I was making 23$. They just opened a brand new part of the hospital where the ICU is now located and it's the greatest. Clean, everything up to date...and medical and surgical residents ALWAYS in the hospital and around the unit. The manager of the unit is also very nice. As far as living in Allentown I can't help you because I lived south more towards Philly, but the few times I was there was nice. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect...it has it's clicks, but you'll get that every hospital you go to. I work agency now and being able to compare it to quite a few other hospitals it really is a great place to work. PM me if you want any more info.


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LVH is great. I am so excited to start there. I haven't met anyone that is unhappy in critical care there. I'm starting in March but in Med/Surg. I should have picked micu/sicu but I didn't apply early enough and there were no spots left for Jan. The pay is equivalent to the other area hospitals as a GN with shift differential.

I live in Allentown and I like it but I'm on the west side. There are lots of places to live but you'll probably want to find a roommmate because the nicer apartments are pretty pricey- $800 or more a month. I'd look out for where you decide to live more than worrying about what LVH unit you pick. PM or email me when you get closer to moving here. :) Look forward to meeting you!

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