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iLovemyJackRT specializes in ICU.

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  1. iLovemyJackRT

    Excela Health Interview

    Actually, your information isn't correct. I interviewed in October and they told me in the interview they will send you a letter in 2-3 weeks whether you've been accepted, denied, or on the waitlist. Other people who I know received the school's decision in 2-3 weeks like they said. However, when I interviewed they called me the next morning to offer me a spot in the program. Since you're interviewing later it might be different for you.
  2. iLovemyJackRT

    Scranton / Wyoming Valley CRNA program

    Thanks, Jazy. Have you been accepted anywhere yet? I hope so!
  3. iLovemyJackRT


    I declined the interview at MHRI because I had already found out from another school I was accepted.
  4. iLovemyJackRT


    Trying to meet some future classmates! Has anyone been accepted to Scranton this year yet? :):)
  5. iLovemyJackRT

    Scranton / Wyoming Valley CRNA program

    Did anyone hear from Scranton? I got the call on Monday from the program director telling me I have been accepted. Has anyone else on hear heard?!?!?!?!? I hope I hear back from some classmates :)
  6. iLovemyJackRT

    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

    I am also considering applying to this program. JOONKA, I'm from Philly as well!! Do you work in the city?
  7. iLovemyJackRT

    Online grad pharm class

    Can anyone reccomend one?? I'm looking to take one this fall Thanks!! Brooke
  8. iLovemyJackRT

    Looking for a grad online Pharmacology class??

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a grad level online Pharm class to take this fall. I searched some old threads and found some that people suggested a few years ago. Has anyone taken one recently, and where?? I know I can find one somewhere, just thought I'd try to get some input from anyone first. Thanks!!!! Brooke
  9. iLovemyJackRT

    University at Buffalo-beginning Fall 2010 class!!!

    Hey to everyone who was accepted to the class and congrats. Would anyone mind sharing what the interview was like? How long was the overall process and whether to expect clinical questions. I will be applying this summer :) Thanks!! Brooke
  10. iLovemyJackRT

    Has anyone taken an online pathopysiology class?

    I took the online patho class. PM me and I'll give you info. Hollyhox, Can you tell me anything about the online pharm. I am looking into taking that class as well, perhaps this summer. I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Brooke
  11. iLovemyJackRT

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    BB, Do you mind sharing your stats? I am applying to Scranton this summer and know quite a few people in the program already? What type of experience do you have, if you don't mind me asking? Anyplace around the Lehigh Valley area?
  12. iLovemyJackRT

    I need some CRNA school advice

    Maybe take a undergrad biochem or organic chem course. But most of the schools, at least the numerous ones I've talked to, would rather see you take a grad level class such as patho or pharm than retake an undergrad class. There are lots and lots of grad level courses you can take at different universities online without being a degree seeking student. You just have to do the research and talk to admissions. That's where the real pain is :)
  13. iLovemyJackRT

    i want to be a crna what fields r there for crna.

    Wow, you need you to seriously, seriously, research this profession much further than you already have.
  14. iLovemyJackRT

    Classes to take before applying...Need some guidance/advice

    I sent you a pm.
  15. iLovemyJackRT

    Classes to take before applying...Need some guidance/advice

    I took the class with ****. Let me know if you want more info. Brooke Edited by traumarus: Please don't include instructor's names. Thanks.
  16. iLovemyJackRT

    I need some CRNA school advice

    I would recommend taking them at a community college. That's what a few people I know are doing. It will save you a ton of money. Also, for the GRE, yeah, you just got buy a book and pretty much start studying. There are Kaplan classes that you can take if you live close to a city, but they normally cost upward of a 1,000 dollars.